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  1. (Before we begin. This RP is aimed towards RPers who enjoy complex plots and posting replies with AT LEAST three paragraphs with decent spelling. No offense to those who can't, but that is the general goal for this RP xD. This idea is inspired by books such as Warrior Cats, Guardians of Ga'hoole, The Sight, and other animal fantasy works in literature. If you are also interested in such worlds, Continue on <3)

    Welcome to Guardians, a play-by-post roleplaying experience set in a high animal fantasy world. Unlike other RPs with similar settings and limitations, Guardians is a complete and dynamic sandbox—players have the power to change the world in meaningful ways so long as the lore and basic plot is followed. So what can you do in Guardians? The better question is: what CAN’T you do? With our incredibly flexible system, you can become anyone, a bounty hunter (Yes a bounty hunter on a animal fantasy RP, awesome right?), a adventurer, a teacher, a war vet, a deity, a wanted criminal, etc. Have the freedom to claim land land, raise clans and kingdoms or even destroy them, command an army, siege other claimed lands, players can set out on perilous journeys, delving into menacing new and unexplored lands, and participating in clan quest, progressing their character to great height. change the world; the limit is up to you. Players may play as canines, felines, or any other species they can think off. Welcome to the game.


    History & Plot (open)


    In the beginning of time, when all was still dark, there stood only one being. Lux...the mother goddess and embodiment of light itself. And with his celestial power, Lux sought to chase away the darkness with her holy light. However, the darkness then began to take a form of its was then Umbra was born. Father of darkness, and to protect his existence clashed with Lux.

    And as the two entities fought for dominance, eventually the two began to realize that the two of them were meant to co exist. For without light, there could be no shadow...and without shadow, there could be no light. With this new union the two entities became one, bringing fourth ten children...ten gods. Facets of Lux & Umbra themselves, each taking a form of their own. Lux loved her children dearly and created a plain of existence known as paradise for them to live and play. Lux taught them of love and compassion.

    In envy of what Lux had created, Umbra attempted to create life of his own. He created demons and unholy spirits that manifested feelings of hatred for the Children of Light. And as they made their way into the world, they sought the blood of the Etherians, and the destruction of Lux's offspring...his own children. But Lux would not let that happen; And so she stood protectively over her creations. Umbra, also moving in front of his own protectively, sparking a battle between the two forces once again for neither of them would yield.

    Realizing that Umbra would much rather kill her than give up, Lux had no choice but to kill her husband. And without darkness, light could not exist. And soon Lux's light flickered...and died.

    But instead of her body vanishing into the void, her body formed a new plain. Her flesh became the earth, her tears became rain, feeding the oceans and rivers. Her breath became the air, her eyes the sun and the moon. Her glistening fur became the sky and starlight. Out of her light a new world had been created. A world of radiant beauty and among the stars. Elysium, the mortal plain.


    For a very long time, the Children of Lux mourned for their fallen parents. After an eternity of grieving they decided to let the legacy of their mother live on. Every one of the Etherians gave apart of themselves and together created new life in their image on the plain of their mothers body. Beings they could teach what Lux had taught them. Centuries passed, and the Etherians lived side by side with their creations on the land of their mother. The Etherians taught them of love and compassion, language and magic, and educated them about the world they lived in. Caring for them and enjoying not only watching them grow, but watching their devotion and worship to the Etherians.

    Time passed, and the world grew into a place of rich culture and history...but still seemed to lack order. And so, as a way to divide among themselves, each Etherian was allowed to create a bloodline that was based off the element they represented...each Etherian embodying an element all their own. And from this, several lines were created. Every creature that was born would be born into a bloodline, and thus have a specific elemental affinity. After these lines were established, each bloodline had a tribe. Those born in each tribe would live in their own territories around the world, keeping balance to the land. Each Tribe was tasked with protecting a sacred temple holding a holy relic that could grant the holder immense power...the power of an Etherian.


    After each tribe settled into its own expansive territory, the main kingdom of Etheria was created in the richest land in the world. Serving as the capital and the first kingdom that possessed Fauna from all tribes. Governed by Cesar, the Etherian of Light who was head of the Lux Tribe. Each Etherian led their own tribe, serving as their symbol. However, one of the lesser tribes were that of the Umbra. The one tribe everyone disrespected and shunned because of the history of the tribe. It's leader, Lunestra was always looked down upon by her Etherian kin, leaving her outcasted in the badlands with her clan. And after years of living this way while all the other tribes lived in peace and harmony...something snapped within her. Lunestra then began to gather other outcast of the land such as the Pirate Clan known as El Dorado, and bandits...outsiders from society.

    And after careful planning, Lunestra plans to lay siege to Etheria...content with destroying the very other to obtain what she desires. Will the queen get what she wants...or will the tribes come together to stop her?


    Depends on you!


    There are only three clans to choose from for this RP since The Queen has wiped out all the others. There are the good guys, the bad guys...and the even worse guys, lol. I will try to add in as much detail about these clans as possible, so please bare with me. As the RP continues members will be able to create their own clans if they have enough followers to do so.

    Etherian Empire (open)

    The Empire

    "The strong shall devour the weak."

    Main Color:
    Secondary Color:


    Red Flag with gold insignia

    The Kings Realm

    Overview: When a single nation spreads it's influence so widely and with such a strong effect, that the era seems to be utterly controlled by a single nation. In the world of Gaia, The Etherian Empire is without a doubt the single most far reaching and influential power in the world. The current insignia, the three triangles, bird underneath it, marks a new emblem for the all reaching nation, and is the emblem of what's been officially termed 'The First Empire'. Etheria never considered itself an empire until recent times, and has come to recognize two prior incarnations of itself. The first being the period of colonialism, who's insignia was the triangle. This was a time when the descendants of domestic felines distinguished themselves from others by making war with their neighbors until they had established the nation of Etheria under their rule. The second being the period when the nation is torn apart by the Crusade between The ‘Valorians’ Or commonly known as The Umbra, it's outraged supporters, and their opponents, the temporary ruling organization known as The Valorian Dictatorship, who's insignia was two connected triangles.

    The third period, the 'era of light' is considered as having officially begun when the crusade ended, showing them the error of their ways. This third era is marked by Etheria’s withdrawal from foreign affairs, pulling their people out of foreign territories and declaring peace among other clans, forming of a national military force, forming utter dominance and forming a monarchy. It's a nation that made it through it's ages of attempting to police the world, periods of massive social and economic upheavals, and most of all, the bloody crusade that left it virtually obliterated. It's last act of international aggression was towards the end days of crusade, when it was decided by the new king, and Etherian Military to avert a potential war with Valoria by destroying it's capital with its massive army and enchanted weapons. War with Valoria was successfully avoided as the loss of it's leaders left the country in chaos, but when it came to light that king and the army were willing to use war against a foreign power while they themselves were already at war with the other lands led to massive hostilities between Etheria and Valoria. After crushing Valoria the empire chased them to the corner of the north, and as a way to keep them from ever causing problems again. Sealed them by creating a gigantic wall made of ice that touched the clouds, and put a curse on the land behind it. Forever encasing it in snow and from then on out. The Valorians lived one month in cold that was somewhat bearable, and eleven months of an unfathomable winter that killed off many pups, elders, and weak ones. And it is like this they have lived for decades. Today Etheria has a monarchy, the top of the hierarchy being the king and his family, and below that being the nobles, then the kings advisers of Etheria who keeps the power of Etheria alive. And then there are The Royal Guard, who are the face of the empire. It has withdrawn from the field of international politics, though it remains open to talks within it's borders with foreign leaders, as literally millions of Etheria citizens live outside of Etheria in either the wilds or (mostly) the east. The creation of cities led to many new goals in achieving combat enlightenment. For starters, The Royal Guard are largely skilled in all forms of combat.. Child labor laws were repealed as being unconstitutional due to the grant of Basic Rights to the spirits, and denial of employment due to age discrimination made a crime. As a result some children were not permitted into the military.

    Citizens who live in Etheria are protected by the military's best, and live a relatively carefree life. Etheria is the wealthiest nation on the planet when it comes to land, food, and resources and are absolutely ruthless to anyone who stands against them or so much of speaks illy of them in any way. Etheira has been known to have a very strict rule with its citizens. School must be attended by cubs by the age of five to ten, and once school is finished they move onto military training to join a aspect of military. Females mostly hunt, and elders are typically teachers for younglings, and several others aspects of the kingdoms. Males are almost constantly a form of soldier or guard. If a female joins the military it is considered very odd and thus will be discriminated by other males and females. Within the main capital of Etheria lies wolves of many many bloodlines, and outside the land of Etheria remains the twelve clans that they govern. However, since the takeover by The Queen, the nation has been shaped into a dark nation who seeks to conquest the remaining land. Going as far as to destroy the clans and enslave those who disobey.


    The Royal Family of Etheria and their ranks are listed here. Royal Family members include those within the royal guard.


    The 'Crown’ of Etheria are serve as the royal family with the power of absolute choice. They make the decisions, they enforce the rules, they’re the ultimate word of law and keep the kingdom running. Though this position is filled by only the queen at the moment.


    Otherwise known as 'The Order' Guardians are the members of the pack who have reached enlightenment. Now capable of representing the three virtues power, wisdom, and courage. They are often tasked with keeping the pack up and running and representing EV and everything they truly stand for. While the Crown oversee's them, The Guardians are the ones who maintain pack events, happenings, and the inner workings of the pack. Most decisions go through them and almost all debates are settled by them. Mostly consisting of elders or experienced adults who are familiar with the way of the pack are the only ones who qualify to be a Guardian. Without them, the pack would be all over the place with no sense direction. While Guardians mostly govern the happenings of the pack. Ranging from new members, to declarations of war, they are also the strongest fighters in the pack,
    selfless and righteous, brave and true, and strong. One must complete the nine trials to gain this rank.

    ~ Apprenticeship Council is a collection of ‘heirs’, their purpose is to be built up and trained to take over should The Crown are assigned to retire or die. When and if a crown is absent the apprentice under them act as The Crown until their return. In the meantime they act as the personal assistant to The Crown, becoming their advisors, appointment makers, and secret keepers.


    The final branch of government are known as The Royal Guard, the highest honor and given by the king himself. Members of The Royal Guard are highly skilled, and highly dangerous elite guards of the Royal Etherian Family. They are tasked with servicing the king in any way shape or form as well as protecting him from any threat. They have been known to be sent out as assassins to hunt down and capture or kill mortal enemies of the royal family who are too powerful for the recon corps or peacekeepers to handle. They are highly respected, and very notorious warriors. Members are chosen according to attitude, skill, and what they have done in the other corps. Before joining The Royal Guard members must undergo an initiation test. The only members who join the guard almost automatically are the children of the existing members.


    The next branch of military is known as The Shield of The People, one of the more popular forms of military. Males who join this branch are responsible for protecting the people within the cities of Etheria. They are tasked with stopping ill minded citizens and outsiders and patrolling the borders/lands, making sure nothing bad happens in the cities and tribes of Etheria. They are respected by citizens and often take advantage of that Though they are not considered very brave seeing as nothing ever really happens in the walls of the cities they mostly settle disputes and keep the peace in the lands of Etheria, upholding order. They are nicknamed Peacekeepers by the citizens. Many guards operate within prison camps and manage the enemies of the crown.


    Etheria’s military is the best in the world. Known for mastering several forms of advanced combat and mastering wearing heavy armor they have the largest army and a powerful influence on others. From the age of five when young males leave school they are taken to military corps, where they train under their superiors for several years. However, if a family does not wish for their child to join the military they may come up with some kind of deal to get out of it. Or if a young male has a disability they are exempt from it but are expected to train in combat in case of invasion. Military have three branches, each representing a triangle of the insignia. The first, represents the sword of the nation. And essentially the most dangerous. The Recon Corp, known for handling affairs outside the lands of Etheria and on the borders. Most exposed to invasion and attack they are considered the bravest among the military, those who volunteer for it are blessed by the royal family. They are very often tasked with keeping the twelve clans in check.

    Eternal Valor (open)

    Eternal Valor

    "The shield that guards the innocent."

    Main Color:

    Secondary Color:

    Silver shield with a sword crossed through

    Eastern Forest

    Overview: Legend tells of a band of noble guardians, sworn to vanquish the evil, make strong the weak, and mend the broken. But they remain lost in the mist of time...hidden to all...but those who believe. Eternal Valor is a pack of elite warriors who's aim is to eradicate evil for what they deem is the good of all the lands. They answer to no-one and show no discrimination against a certain race of wolves. The knights will only fight against people or packs who they believe will cause harm to the world. Their members are generally known for their courage, skill and views of equality. They do not tolerate any form of injustice and will retaliate against it, domestic or non-domestic. But beneath the masquerade of saints, Eternal Valor are not knights in shining armor...they are monsters who destroy evil by committing minor acts of evil. Living by a small code of honor & morals, they are necessary evil.

    A soul once oppressed by the heavy weight of war crawls out from the darkness into blinding light. Born from the blood of the strong and virtuous one beast shook off the chains of slavery to build life among the ashes. This being took on the mantle of responsibility to become a shepherd among the lost and downtrodden. Shining down upon the licentious they scattered the sinful like maggots and took on the burden that became the rebirth of a worthless nation.

    That being was known as The Guardians and with Their glorious fortitude They banished the darkness to make way for cleansing light, carving out a place among traitorous garbage for Their precious children. Pride shattered for glory, but above all beyond the thick and towering canopy of the trees that protect and seal in one might say Eternal Valor has bred a vicious collection of disciplined and well-mannered Guardians.


    Guardian: These members serve as the leaders of the clan, there can be any amount of guardians but basically they serve as the main council who debate on the moves made in the clan. Each guardian is qualified by their abilities in combat and politics, and are generally within the first order of magic.

    Grand Templar: The head of the military specialization of The Arms. They recruit, demote, and promote within The Vanguard and the Knights. It’s a position often envied due to it’s connection to the military, that particular bulk of ranks devoted to those who want to protect the land and country. The Grand Templar are the pack's elite guard and their frontal force. The Templar act as the enforcers of the pack as well as it's first line of defense. While the Templar mainly serve the king, they serve as the sword and shield of the pack. It is this rank that most aspire to become, known as the fang and claw of the pack the Templar are tasked with defending the pack, guarding it's secrets and way of life, as well as teaching the younger generation of knights. Templars are often trusted with highly sensitive missions that lower ranked members are not qualified for taking on. They also serve as advisers to the Guardians and are hand picked by alphas. These soldiers report directly to the alpha and do whatever it is they are requested to do. Be is a assassination, a errand, or any other task the alpha may need done. Other Templars are often given highly important assignments by the Guardians. The apprentice of a Templar is known as a knight.

    Knight: What a wonderful day to be apart of the working class, especially if that class is apart of the military career track. It’s a great honor to be apart of the Knights, which utilizes a collection of athletic and healthy well-minded individuals to keep EV safe from invading forces and those that would attempt it’s destruction. They are the pride of EV, the force that comes to the call of those who cry out for justice. Mostly known for tearing apart those who would threaten their ideals & society apart they also double as the first line sent out to destroy and scout when threats are identified. Though not allowed to leave without permission they do often go on missions beyond the metaphorical walls of EV if need be (ie: to get food should EV appear in short supply) and can roam the borders in order to assist Outriders that need help. And in special cases, assist Templars as apprentices on ridding the world of corrupt filth.

    Squire: The basic starting class for newly recruited citizens. It’s where a wolf can prove they want to remain in EV and give it their all. They can be drafted into Middle Class ranks or attend recruiting for ranks. They have no voice, no privilege and cannot vote. Just nameless worthless faces until proven otherwise.

    El Dorado (open)

    El Dorado

    "All that glitters isin't gold."

    Main Color:

    Secondary Color:

    Gold wolf skull on a black flag

    Western Desert


    El Dorado, a pack built upon the foundation of taking what they want, when they want it. They are not guided by a moral compass such honor, religion, or liberty. They are pirates, Plain and simple. El Dorado is an empire that believe they have no limits on ‘what’s theirs’. What they want is what they get and if it matters not how it is done whether through bargaining, alliances, raids, or invasion. If no one can stop them, who is to say we cannot rule the world? Known for their ruthlessness and brutality El Dorado want one thing and that’s everything. Within this pack, ranks and titles mean almost nothing. The strong feed and devour upon the weak and unless you make a respectable name for yourself, your only place is a slave for someone else stronger than you. Ranks are not given, they are earned; And they must be maintained otherwise your name is worthless unless personally appointed so by the captain. The truth and respect of the captain is key in this pack, it is best to have him/her on your good side. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer swabbies. In this way of life, you've got to constantly be atop your game. Weakness is frowned upon here and if you go soft what use are you to us? Your conscious and heart must sometimes be cast aside to survive in this empire. All members are expected to follow orders to the letter; survival of the pack depends on this. You must be willing to contribute all that you have and all that you can into strengthening the pack.

    If you can rub shoulders with the right people; you could probably get away with deeps that would otherwise be deemed punishable. As greed and ambition drive them forward, they will not hesitate to burn anything or anyone in their path.


    Captain: The alpha class

    First Mate: Second in command

    Scallywags: Working Class

    The simplest social order that dosen't even need explanation.



    Magic is the life and blood of the world of Guardians. It has been around since the beginning and is a rather complex thing to tap into. Most Fauna have a natural affinity to one type of Element, or 'Magic' but they have the capacity to manipulate an element apart from their own affinity. Elements is the source of almost all magic that is universally used, There are nine elements, each stronger and weaker to another, but their relations, weaknesses, and strengths to each other are all explored. There is also the dealing of Yin and Yang and the balance of mental and physical energies. In addition to these nine elements, certain Fauna can master more than one element and even combine them to form new natures, for example it is possible to mix fire and earth into lava. While many can use more than one type of element, very few are able to use them simultaneously. The elements consist of Nature, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water, Ice, and Air. With the two rarest elemental affinities being Light & Shadow. The divine elements.

    When a fauna is born, they are born into an elemental affinity. Some might be born with a natural affinity for fire, or another earth. Fauna are unable to really use their magic until they reach the age of ten years old. It should also be mentioned, what while a Fauna can learn to harness an element aside from their affinity, and while it takes years to do so. A fauna cannot learn an element 'Opposite' to their affinity. If a Fauna is born with a fire affinity, they cannot learn water magic. Earth cannot learn ice, Lightning cannot learn air, and Nature cannot learn poison.

    It should also be noted, that once a Fauna reaches the 'THIRD ORDER' of magic, they are capable of forming their own unique style of magic with the elemental affinities they have learned. Fourth and Fifth Orders are incapable of pulling off any really amazing feats with their magic since its all standard element usage. Those of you joining with a custom ability, make it fair and reasonable. Overpowered abilities will be declined such as Time related abilities or anything that can instantly resolve any issue with minimal effort.

    Fifth Order
    Weak and often unsuccessful, these spells have very little effect. Physical damage is usually temporary and not hindering. Mental spells are faintly effective and usually detected or blocked by the target. The spell can last for up to 10 seconds. Range is usually close and the target must be within sight.

    Fourth Order
    Average with mild success, These spells are a bit more focused and causes a slightly more damaging effect. Users of this order are able to tap into their abilities more naturally but attacks are not as damaging as they could be. The range of these spells are normally within close range, and the target must be in peripheral sight.

    Third Order
    Average with mild success, these spells have notice-able effect. Physical damage is painful and moderately hindering. Mental spells are clearer but are still easily detected or blocked by the target. The spell can last for a maximum of 30 seconds. Range is usually several yards and target may temporarily pass out of view.

    Second Order
    Strong and successful, these spells have a powerful effect. Physical damage is intense and can hinder a target for several minutes. Mental spells are very clear and are more difficult to be detected or blocked by the target. The spell can last for a maximum of 3 minutes. Range is usually fairly distant and target may be out of sight.

    First Order
    Devastating and highly successful, these spells have an extreme effect. Physical damage is extremely painful and can hinder a target for more than several minutes, hours, or possibly become deadly. Mental spells are clear and are rarely detected or fully blocked by the target. The spell can last for a maximum of 5 minutes. Range is usually within the sphere of awareness (the caster must sense where to cast the spell) and the target may pass out of sight.


    Magic Affinity:
    Magic Order:
    Custom Magic: (Only for Characters of the Third Order and up)


    Empire Slots:

    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here

    Eternal Valor Slots:

    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here

    El Dorado Slots:

    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here
    Name & Rank Here

    (Probably missed a bunch of crab but this is the basic jist. The Empire is on a conquest and its up to the surviving members of each clan to stop them...with pirates thrown in the mix cause pirates are cool as fak LOL. Also, if someone wants a leader position, PM me first so we can discuss it...don't want just anyone playing a leader do we? And if anyone wants to play The Queen of the Empire, let me know cause she is a canon character and is a major part of the plot. Also, for those of you joining with custom magic, i ask that you be as detailed as possible and list down its weaknesses, strengths, and other details clearly. Cheers mates =D)
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