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  1. The year is 5485 and humanity is reaching its peak as a species, they control most of the galaxies, the most advanced technology, largest military. Yep things are finally looking up for the humans...this would mean good news if there wasn't a disease spreading, aliens building their armies to stand against them. The guardian is nearing his end so there isn't much time to stop the single greatest catastrophe in the known universe, this isn't just for the assuring human ascendency. The guardian in his final years save every species so that not one more single genocide has to happen...again. His only question is how? What will he do to stop the coming war and death from the disease? His current disguise is as a super soldier in the marines special forces so that he can be his true height and form without anyone seeing him due to his body and face covered in armor. This final entry into the guardians journal begins with him being dropped into a gang war in the contaminated zones to save civilians along with eliminating threats.
  2. Being such a young girl, people would expect her to be hiding away from all the dangers that were currently happening in the world, but not Amy Moore, being only eighteen years of age, Amy was one of the smartest scientists in the world. Other top scientists discovered her when she was only 14, she had come up with a cure for a previously incurable disease, this made her wanted by many other large corporations in the medical business.

    It didn't take Amy long to decide that she wanted to be a part of everything going on around the world. So when she heard about this unknown disease she wanted to know all about it.

    Breathing in, Amy rounded another corner of the desolate terrain, that was meant to be a town of some sort. She held the gun in front of her ready to shoot if she needed. She wore tight suit with a high neck, heavy boots, long gloves her lab coat and a mask on her face to protect herself from any gases or chemicals that might be in the air. She wanted to know about the unknown disease, what caused it, what the effects were, how to cure it, if that was possible and there was only one way to find out these things, go directly to it and take a sample or two.

    She looked on the floating hologram that she had in her hand, it showed her where strong radio, magnetic or physical activity was, this way she would find her specimens mush easier. Stopping for a moment as the screen made a green light she turned into the direction it was showing her, the only thing that was weird was that the reading kept on moving, with a jerk of her head she realized that it might be a living creature ahead of her. Quickly putting herself into a run, she had to see what it was.
  3. The transport flew over the town heading to the drop point while the squad got their briefing in the back. "So what is that we are doing? I find it hard to believe that Marines are needed to contain a gang war." walking down between the rows of seats the squad lead captain mason spoke up "now we all know there is more to this but our main objective is to find a few scientists that dove in once the disease started and their security is out. So we are going in to provide them and any other civilians with assistance."

    Looking over to abraxas corporal alverez said "okay but why the super? These guys make me nervous they are faceless killers."
    turning back to face the captain with a nervous look on his face ready for a lashing.

    shaking his head the captain said "look I understand not being completely okay with working on an op with a super but we may need him." walking to the window the captain put his helmet on. (voice inside the helmet on come) "helmets on ladies and gents we have 20 seconds to the drop!"

    The doors opened and the men stood behind abraxas/17 waiting for the jump until a private spoke "go already!" but then abraxas spoke in an even tone "12 hostiles down bellow and they see us coming. Drop will be hot follow my lead or you will parish." the moment the sentence was finished he jumped out falling 150 feet until he landed on a hostile crushing him while the men fired their ziplines to deploy on the surrounding rooftops guns already firing and abraxas returning fire until the squad was deployed.
  4. "This is strange" she spoke as she bent down to pick up another small object that had toxic traces on it. Amy dropped the small piece of metal into a tube of blue liquid, shaking it a bit then put it back in her bag. So far, her day out was a waste she could find no strange activity or a trace of the disease.

    Walking into an empty building she started to look through stuff, scan for traces and put a few things in her bag for analysis back at the lab. She had long since put her gun away when she got too busy with other things, therefore she was not at all prepared when she heard guns firing not too far away. She let out a yell as she fell forward. Wasting no time to get back on her feet, grab her gun and strap everything tight to her body.

    Running out of the building, trying to keep as low as possible she realized that she had strayed far from the craft she came with and the gun sounds were in her way "Damn it!" She cursed as she continued to run in the opposite direction, she had to either find a way around what ever was firing or be brave and run straight into it. But for the time being she was going to stick to the second option.

    After a while of running she got tired and had to stop, she ran into a dark place that was most probably an old house, she found a place to crouch behind a door. Turning a button on her mask it made her see with infrared vision, she put her gun so it rested on an fallen object ready to fire at anything that came.
  5. The last gang member fell and the squad started sounding off the all clear as abraxas started walking up as they regrouped on the captain.

    Mason: Alright good job team on the drop but we have a shit ton of ground to cover and three scientists to extract. They are the only people that will look like a doctor but armed in this area.

    Pvt. Alverez: What's the plan on getting all three if they are split?

    Mason thinks for a moment then nods at the idea of his own plan: We split into two groups of four and search for two of the scientists while 17 here searches on his own since he is an expert on that.

    Nodding in agreement abraxas stands up and looks northwest of their location: Sir, I will cover the northern zones the rest is up to your two teams. I will be at the extraction in 3 hours. (As he finished the statement abraxas stood up and began running to the north as he could hear mason give out the orders to the rest of the men.)

    Sneaking down an alley abraxas noticed a hostile looking down the street smoking clearly not paying attention to the gunfire since it is a regular accurence. Walking up behind him he snapped his neck quietly, thinking to himself "now time to find one of the scientists...not great at the people thing anymore but hey we need to fix this." Sneaking through the streets he noticed human female foot prints that are in council issued research boots. "Still fresh she must have been running from the gun fire."
  6. Turning her head in the dark room, she listened, the gun fire had ended she tried to make out anymore sounds but there were none to be heard. She relaxed slightly and tried to peer out of the small crack in wall, she had to make sure it was save before she got up and went further.

    Suddenly a peeping noise filled the room, Amy almost jumped out of her skin and in the process managed to knock over some empty jars that stood behind her. She bit her lip as she prayed that no one or noting heard the noises, as the echoing finally stopped she let out the breath she didn't even know she was holding and looked down to the small communicator on her him "uh funny" she softly spoke, one of the other scientists in the further areas must be trying to contact her. But she couldn't answer it right now she wasn't sure if it was completely save yet.

    She looked towards a broken door on her left side, it wasn't the same door she came into so it might be saver to try just in case something was following her. Slowly she got up from her crouching position, she could feel a drop of sweat roll down her face as she tried her hardest not to make a sound. Once finally up and away from anything she could step on or knock over she walked closer to the door. She pulled on it once, twice. Locked. "Oh come on, of all the doors why you?" She sighed in frustration. Crouching down aging she reached into her bag and took out a small device, it looked like a small case where you would put a nice necklace in, but it wasn't that sort of box. She got up and classed the device onto the lock of the door, in no time, without any sound the lock was picked. And she slid it open.

    She peered out of the door to make sure it was save, she held her gun ready to fire. She walked paying close attention to her surroundings she tried to move in the shadows and through buildings as much as she could that way it would make it much harder for something to spot or track her. She hadn't been moving too long, when she saw a building she would recognize anywhere, a lab, she ran over and slid the heavy metal door open, closing it behind her there was not much light, but she could see. Amy waisted no time to walk to the recourse room, maybe this was her chance to get a lead on the disease.
  7. As he was slowly making his way down the street on the rooftops he heard something fall down in an abodoned house and shortly after tugging on a door but to his luck some other men heard it and began moving towards it. "Now is not the time for such mistakes civilian but lucky for you I'm on your tail so these thugs will not reach you." Making his way down abraxas followed until he was following the foot prints in the dirt until he saw an old lab "so predictable." But the area was not to play in their favor the local thugs were searching everywhere for them it was only a matter of time until the found their way into the secure building.

    Climbing up the building abraxas had decided to use a hole in the rooftop, slide through the vents until they collapsed and he landed in a room full of abandoned test subjects "oops.." Looking at him the hideous diformed creatures roared and ran at him tackling him down but using the momentum flipped it off. Standing back up abraxas activated the two plasma blades that came out of the suits forearms and the AI in his head of course informed him. "Plasma activated power from shields moved to blades I'm not sure its a good idea with the new enemy 17." Growling back at the creatures he mumbled "Thank you for your input." Abraxas charged the hostiles and made short work of them with the plasma blades but had some new claw marks on his armor. "Well that scientist knows we are here now." As he finished the sentence one last monster jumped onto him but grabbing its arm throwing it against the wall he kicked it in the chest so hard it went through the wall causing a portion to collapse right in the room the doctor was in.
  8. Amy was just about to drip the last bit of one of these strange fluids into a tube when a crash was heard to far from her, she froze for a moment to listen to the sounds, roars could be heard and for once she was glad she decided against looking for any living creatures.

    Another loud roar ripped her from her frozen position, "You have work to do" she said to herself, deciding to make quick work, get as much as she can, the make to get out of danger's way. Looking around her she rushed all around the room there was not a second to waste. She grabbed as mush as she could.

    For a moment everything was silent, then there was a crash that shuddered the room, Amy fell backwards knocking over a table with acid, as she fell to the floor a small drop dripped on her upper leg. Letting out a loud scream, she looked at the wound "What is this" she gritted out, her suit was supposed to be able to withstand most any chemical. Slowly she tried to ignore the pain and get up, she limped her way to a huge table and crawled under it so she could look at the burn.

    Taking a small tube of salve from her pack she made ready to apply it, but dropped everything as a piece of what she had no idea what landed not to far from her, deciding that then would be the best time to try and contact one of her fellow scientists, she took the small contact device from her hip and tried the previous signal that they had tries to contact her with.
  9. Walking through the hole he stepped on the monsters head crushing it "good riddance abomination." Then the AI spoke once again "17 I am picking up an acid spill along with an ellexctronic beacon in this room." Taking slow strides he turned on his head flashlights looking around for the scientist, raising an eyebrow under his helmet curious as to what the hell they were doing in this lab that such creatures dwelled in them. "Sir or madame I am with a council task force sent by the human ambassador to secure safe passage back to the safe zone. I urge you to respond or I will leave you behind." Speaking in an even tone as always he turned around grabbing some of the test tubes and old files sticking them in storage compartments.
  10. She flinched as the thing that entered crushed the monsters head, sure seeing these things was not new to her, but at least the scientists cut things open in a decent way. Slowly she tried to move towards an opening in the wall so she could get away, but she grit her teeth in pain as her leg protested against the movement.

    The communication device in her hand wasn't picking up any signal, she didn't have much of a choice but to put it back in place by her hip. She knew that the soldier in the room meant her no harm, but that gave her no reason to trust it. She still believed that it was because of one of these supers that her father was killed. Ever since she got the news of her father being dead 5 years ago, she hated these soldiers, killers, monsters is what she thought of them. Machines with no emotion.

    Even so, she also knew that she now had no chance out there on her own, not with her leg in such a bad condition. She could barely move what was there to say about running or even standing. Letting out a sigh, she sat for a moment running everything over in her head, before finally deciding that trusting the soldier was her only option. Slowly she stuck her one hand out from under the table she was hiding "I-I can't move" she spoke her voice laced with pain "The acid, it burnt my leg" she hated sounding so needy.
  11. As he put the last memory drive in his storage he heard a woman's voice mutter that acid had burnt her leg. Turning around so that the lights showed a the table walking up quickly with no words spoken Abraxas grabbed her leg softly inspecting it until finally he spoke in a concerned tone "the terrain will not be kind to this wound doctor, I may have something that will help." Standing up for a moment he spoke into the comms "slayer this is reaper, I have one of the doctors secure but wounded. Will prep for transport and meet you at the extraction zone."

    Coming back down to her Abraxas brought out a gel in a small tube showing it to her with an open hand. " Dr. Moore, I am sure you know what this is and what I am so then you know this will help you." Dimming his tac lights so it wasn't blinding to her anymore and she could see his dark read visor covering his eyes. The gel was a part of the underlayer beneath the armor plating in a supers gear meant to numb pain along with giving a shots of adrenaline if needed. "If you think it is too much I am more than able to transport you myself to safety."
  12. Amy let her eyes follow the soldier all the way where he crouched down to her, she had her hand ready on her gun just in case he is not as friendly as he would like to look.
    She jumped a bit at hearing his voice she looked at him with a strange look, he actually sounded concerned. For a moment she felt bad about her earlier thoughts, but reminded herself where trusting too early got you.

    She watched him get up and listened to what he said "extraction zone" she said to herself softly, "why would there be an extraction zone." She asked softly. She gripped her gun again when he crouched back down and stuck out his hand, she looked at the tube that the soldier offered to her, she knew exactly what it was, it was an ointment especially made for these soldiers and her as a scientist had some input in it. "Thank you" she softly said as she took the tube, at first it was painful when she touched the wound, but soon the numbing sensation started. "Wait" she said before giving back the tube "Did you just say Dr. Moore, how do you know who I am?" she asked as she slowly stated to crawl from under the table. It was strange she knew she had no tag or Id with her.

    When she stood up she looked at the super "Why are you here...and what extraction zone" she asked, she had no idea what was going on, and why they would need the help of a super.
  13. standing up grabbing his rifle off of his back "Moore has been acquired slayer what of the others?" he was listening and then said back sharply "why? You couldn't acquire them? We will not leave them behind I will assume command if I must found one? What of the other?....well if he is Kia then we move to extraction."

    Turning off his comms abraxas leaned down grabbing the doctors side lifting her up "you are getting out of here the disease is spreading and all hands need to be on deck for it. Keep your head down and stick behind me, as of now I am your only chance of survival." walking up to the steel door where the hostile gang was trying to get in he grabbed a table and put it in front of the door walking through the hole looking for weak points until he found one "stand back dr. Moore" once she did he punched the wall making it collapse, checking the area abraxas looked for signs of hostiles until he motioned her to follow.
  14. KIA was all she could hear at that moment, it rang over in her head like a bell, there were only three of them in this area if one was KIA she wanted to know who. "KIA? Who was KIA?" She asked the super a bit frantically, all these scientists were dear friends to her.

    "Hey" she almost yelled as the soldier lifted her up, but it was true once again, if the disease was spreading he was the only one fast and strong enough to get her out, alone and with her leg like that she would not stand a chance. She sighed and decided that being grateful and doing as the soldier said is best. She might still have a shot at getting a lead on this disease but her chances were now smaller.

    Amy covered her eyes as the soldier made the wall collapse, for a moment her heart was beating at light speed the hostile gang was not far away from them and they might get caught. When he motioned for her to follow she let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding. She followed the soldier and stuck very close to him. At that moment she realized she was indeed scared and very much depended on the super. "Do you think I'll be able to get some sort of lead on this disease" she asked him not sure if her chances were as big as she thought a few minutes ago.
  15. motioning for her to climb the wall to the next alley he replied "at this point in time dr. We are looking to just contain it we do not know what happened to where it escaped the quarantine we do not know. For now we are gathering field researchers to see if you can give us an edge." jumping over the wall onto the other side help he down until two men ran around the corner and shot at him, the shields taking the blow he grabbed out a knife grabbing the gun from one with almost break neck speeds hitting the other gunman with with it while his knife found the right ones chest. The other one was against the building groaning until abraxas's foot kicked his chest crushing it. "there were sure to hear those gun shots we need to move faster."
  16. Being careful of her leg she climbed the wall he motioned to. His answer more than told her what she wanted to know. Perched on the wall she reached for him to help her down but two shot at him, she starred wide eyed at them and before she could find herself she hit the ground with a thud "oef!" She let out as it was suddenly very hard to breath. She pulled a face as the sicking crack of the man's chest reached her ears. "Faster" she thought, she couldn't move faster. Slowly she pushed herself to her feet gasping a bit "alright I'll try to move faster" she said still trying to get her lungs to work normally, she knew she could not go faster but didn't want to sound weak.
  17. lifting her up he grabbed a syringe "you will move faster after this...dr. Moore...youre gonna feel this." with that he plunged the syringe in her arm, the shot being nothing but adrenaline would be sure to make her ignore any pain and move good as new until it wore off. With that the two ran down the street towards controlled gunfire and frantic fire. "the team is at the extraction already so we need to move before they decide its to hot and leave."
  18. She couldn't really fully register what was going on only that she was being lifted off her feet, still breathing a bit hard her vision slowly returned to normal. She looked up at the soldier as he spoke, her eyes then went down to the syringe by her arm "feel it-Aaaaahhh" she let out not at all prepared for the sting, she gave him a bit of a glare but soon she could feel the effects overwhelm her "must be an adrenaline shot" she thought almost out loud.
    Picking herself up she was now able to run alongside the super no problem. The sounds of gunfire was loud she assumed it was near.
    She gave a nod at the soldiers words and willed her legs to go faster "But if you came to find me, will we go find the others...the other scientists?v" she asked over all the sounds very concerned about her friends safety.
  19. "The team has one of your colleagues with them now the other is mia as far as I know." Running up some stairs in a building right outside the gunfire they reached the rooftop with three enemies with heavy weapons firing down on the team. The Dr. Could hear screaming on the comms and Abraxas said calmly walking up to the three gang members "17 in position heavy fire will cease in 5 seconds." Tossing to of them off the building and punched the last one in the chest so hard it caved it in.

    Turning to her he simply said "come now Dr. Our ride awaits us." Holding out his hand as the drop ship came over the team below.
  20. Running up the stairs and making a flinch at every gun sound, she still kept by the soldiers side. Once at the top she halted at the sight of the enemies, it wasn't even ten seconds and the soldier killed them all. She lifted her head at the sound of the ship coming over the team. It was much larger than the ship she and the scientist came with.

    She looked at the soldier and his earlier words played in her head "The team has one of your colleagues with them now the other is mia as far as I know." He had said "mia" she repeated in her head. Then she snapped out of it "Let's hurry then" she said looking at the soldier, she wanted so bad to meet back with her friends, especially Marr, he was one of her father's old friends and her caretaker.
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