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  1. The age of industry has struck the world, magic is now considered taboo due to the guardians efforts but all that has done is make it an underground organization with secrets along with power. Industry is everywhere with all types of new gadgets and technology ready for everyone to use but there is something off to it, it is advancing alarmingly fast and doesn't even appear to be earthly technology anymore. Something is also going on in the humans capital city but everybody turns a blind eye to it.
  2. Abraxas walked down the street smoking his cigarette looking at the new electricity shaking his head "this isn't right what is going on around here every week its something new it is not possible." He walked until he found his favorite dive bar downtown.
  3. Just moving into the city with her cat as she sighs. "This is crazy. Nothing is the same. Where has the world gone?" Air a waa the fifth generation of powerful witches. Not many of them are still around. They were either killed or underground. Her family stopped using their powers in public. But not Aira. She uses her powers to open the door. A few people across from her start to talk and point. "Lord I got to deal with stupid people and the pointing." She screams out. "Is there a problem? Could you mind your own business?"
  4. As he was standing by the entrance he heard mumbles and people talking about a witch being in town, sighing Abraxas flicked his smoke into a puddle and walked down the road thinking "why can't these people give me a break these days?" Putting his hat and mask on he quickened his pace to meet the rumors of this happening until he saw a woman walking down the street and a few people following her clearly harassing.
  5. Rolling her eyes she just continues to unpack her belongs. Her tabby car standing right behind her, hissing, as if to dare someone to step to Aira. She laughs. "Calm down Titus. They know better. They have seen what people of my kind are capable of, just sadly I am not like those before me." Aira pets Titus to calm him. As a Little girl ran up to her. She had to be no more then five. "Oooo kitty!" She screams with excitement. Titus walks over to the child and rubs up and down her legs as he purrs. The little girl giggles. Aira laughs at them both. "Come on Titus. Let's get you some food." The cat darts in the house. "Oh no! Kitty! Come back!" The little girl says. Aira walks upto her and kneels down. "He can come out tomorrow. OK? Then you two can play." The child nods and runs home giggling. The women had watched everything as Aira looked over to them. "Have a nice day ladies." Aira steps up her stairs and heads inside. "Be prepared for any and everything." She spoke to Titus.
  6. Watching, Abraxas decides to let the events fall into play watching the little girl and smiling for a second. "The innocence, it is so touching but sad in a way because it will fade into hate and evil." Shaking his had Abraxas walked past the ladies getting a feel for the area and the aura of the air around the house, passing by he nodded to the individuals until one of the ladies jumped at him. "You are not a witch too are you!?" Calmly he replies "ma'am I insist you calm yourself in front of the young one here, I am not a witch but perhaps you should be weary of what you do not understand?" She scoffed at his remark and walked away, considering he might see if the lady of the house was okay he decided against it knowing that she was he simply said to the house "be weary of the night, there are far worse evils now than ever before witch." With that Abraxas walked away heading back to his bar.
  7. Night falls and she had just placed the last cup she owned in the cabinet. "There we are Titus. We are all moved in and ready to start anew." Titus meows as he had is box of toys strung all over the living room floor. "Titus! You silly cat. You have everything everywhere." Aira decides to move some chairs outside on the front porch. "What in the hell is this aura in this town? Feels like death." A breeze blew and she made a face. "What is the world is that god awful smell?" Titus comes outside and he hisses like mad. He picked up on something or someone outside the house. "I suggest who or whatever is outside my home needs leave. I am not bothering anyone. So please leave." With that Aira picked up Titus and went inside fast, locking all the doors and windows with a snap of a finger.
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  8. Sitting in his spot Abraxas took a drink pondering his notes he had scribbled on paper from the behavior of the country since the "banning" of magic happened. He was lost in thought when a familiar face approached "head always in the clouds still eh?" Shaking his head smiling he retorted "it makes for a clearer head and heart jerod." Talking the rest of his drink he and his friend continued to converse.
  9. Aira stayed at home with Titus as she cooked them dinner. Looking out the kitchen window every so often she would see people stop and look at her house, then start to talk and whisper as they walked off. "Well Titus I guess we should have stayed back home in Organ. Seems we are the talk of the town." Once done with dinner she takes her dinner outside to sit on the front porch to eat. Moments later more people came and she just waved and then ran off. She laughed. "Wow people are so dumb."
  10. Jerod wouldn't stop talking about the new witch in town "I heard she can operate her house with her mind, that's freaky plus it is illegal now!" Taking a drink scanning the room Abraxas said "jerod your mind is clouded with to many voices, focus on your own and the voice of reason and you could see that she is of no harm to the people here." Jerod couldn't shake his shock off and stood up "you know given what you are I'd think you would already be sending her to hell! Why are you not taking this seriously!?" Standing up Abraxas towered over him calmly stated "calm yourself my friend, you know we have more pressing issues to deal with right now. Tell me what you found about the night stalkers around here." Jerod sighed and sat back down "they are in the industrial factories here" pointoing to the map Abraxas had drawn up "so they are moving around then?" Jerod rubbed his eyes clearly exhausted "it seems that way maybe something has them scared?" Abraxas stood up and paid for a room "get some rest, I will return again once I have looked around and found out enough to make a move." Walking out he had to push a drunk gentleman out of the way and he stepped out into the cloud covered night with lightning and thunder.
  11. "Awe. So love the bad weather. The rain and how it feels on my skin." She walks out into her yard as it rains and she splashes in the water puddles as the lighting crackles and then the thunder rolls. Aira was laughing like a child as she plays in the bad weather. Her cat Titus just sits on the front pourch. A huge lighting bolt hits a tree on the other ride of the street. "Holy crap! Titus did you see that?" By this time the Lil girl who had played with Titus comes up to her. The child shook from the cold of the rain. Her lip busted and a black eye. Aira ran to her. "Oh my god! What happened to you? Who did this Sweetheart?" The Lil girl said her Mom and Das beat her all the time and she ran away. Aira smiles. "Wow ! For a young Lil lady you are very smart. Come inside with me and Titus. We will get you all fixed up, food in your belly and then you can sleep with me and Titus." The lil girl giggles and nods. Both Aira, Titus and the Lil girl go inside.
  12. Abraxas walked into the old factories full of noise and active machinery. "I hate this unholy noise." He thought to himself looking around he saw a worker eyeballing him until he flashed his eyes to the poor sod. Trying to find these little stalkers is not an easy task out here in this environment, Th rain does help though giving that they hate it. An old woman walked up slowly holding her hand out and he dropped a gold piece, crouching he put his hand to the floor feeling for any abnormal vibrations in the area. After around three minutes he felt them and sprinted up the pipes to the home jumping through a window, rolling into one of them he stabbed its leg then shoulder. Looking and seeing a female one no more than six feet away wounded. "Family spat I take it?" The moment he said that he stabbed the one he was on top of in the eye, standing up he walked over putting his hand to its stomach. "Wait, how could you have a child that isn't supposed to be possible." Weasing the stalker grabbed his collar speaking in a hushed tone "she ran..find her before the others find her." Abraxas narrowed his eyes and snapped her neck "I truly am sorry it has to be this way I do not enjoy it." Turning he took the mothers scent and began following it.
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