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  1. Looking at Kingdom Hearts from a different perspective...What would happen if Riku, Sora and Kairi were not simply wielders of the keyblade? What if their purpose was of a more refined nature? They don't have to travel from world to world combatting the darkness. Their main enemy was at home waiting in the shadows. While they trained to become keyblade masters, and great law enforcement agents, the darkness is growing stronger. Will they be able to fight it or will it consume them?
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    "This is stupid," Riku grunted, his voice dropping to a low venomous note of disapproval as he glared at his section leader. He understood that he was an entry level trainee, and that he was only allowed to take the low level missions until he proved he was competent enough for more rigorous tasks. He also understood the need to work with a partner, which is why Sora was standing next to him with an easy going smile, arms thrown back behind his head. What he didn't understand was why they were giving another pointless assignment, that involved working with another person. He didn't mind putting in the extra effort himself, but the thought of working with a stranger made his stomach churn uncomfortably. "Haven't you ever heard the saying three is a crowd?" He asked quietly, crystal blue eyes boring into his Section leader's placid gaze. They studied each other, silently measuring each other for a weakness, before Cloud Strife looked away boredly. Deeming Riku unworthy of the staring contest he sometimes engaged in with Leon.

    "You're complaints are duly noted...We think your teamwork is...lacking." Cloud concluded with a short jerk of his head. Splaying his palms out on the table, so he could be seen as the epitome of calm, he captured both boys attention with a glare. "Your assignment is to deliver this package to the assigned address...With your partner. I suggest you go pick her up now." He suggested in a tone that was anything but kind.

    Next to him, Sora's cheery facade never cracked, the brunette simply chuckled. "Whatever you say Boss." The spry young man acquiesced easily enough for the both of them before lightly tapping Riku on the shoulder and ushering him out of the office before a fight could ensue. Despite having mellowed over the years, Riku still maintained his stubborn pride, and was known to butt heads with their section leader whenever the opportunity arose. It was some weird masculine ritual they kept alive to entertain themselves.

    Sora didn't want to encourage it by lingering too long in Cloud's office.

    "You know you can't get upset every time they suggest we work in a three man team." Sora's ocean blue eyes studied Riku intently, knowing intuitively without words why he was so opposed to the idea. "Kairi wouldn't like to see you getting all...prickly again." Sora made a sour face as the words left him and he lightly shook his head. Kairi was a sore topic because she was supposed to be the third person in their squad, but...unforseeable complications were preventing her from training with them. For some reason she couldn't garnish control of her magic, and so far she had not been able to summon a keyblade. No keyblade. No magic. No squad. It was too dangerous for normal people to be doing field work. So she was stuck in the office most days filing paper work. And Sora and Riku would never risk her life by sneaking her out with them in the World that never Was."We gonna meet up for training after the mission?"

    Riku blinked at the question, his brow wrinkling in confusion.

    Didn't they always meet up for training after their missions? "Why wouldn't we?"

    Sora shrugged. "You never know." He responded enigmatically as they rounded the corner. They were entering the mess hall where all manner of questionable food was served to the starving trainees. Today the smell of chicken broth greeted them as they entered the room, and they were given a few smiles that Sora returned in earnest while Riku glanced to the side to hide his discomfort. He didn't like being the center of attention. Sometimes it felt like they were analyzing him too closely, and while Sora flourished in the spot light, Riku didn't want anyone privy to his secrets or his fears. Fingers clenching into fists, he walked passed Sora, barely dodging the crowd of hungry trainees milling about, and made his way to the recreation room where he was sure their third partner was.

    Glancing sporadically left and right, he didn't see her till Sora pointed her out. "Hey, hey, over here!" the brunette waved enthusiastically, nearly bouncing on his toes as he heralded her towards them.

    Riku resisted the urge to roll his eyes

    His best friend sometimes reminded him of a puppy. Loud. Overly excited, and bursting with optimism for no apparent reason. No one should be that happy to see a complete stranger. Sighing heavily, he combed callous fingers through his silver mane and the corner of his mouth twitched upwards as he locked gazes with the girl they were supposed to partner up with. She wasn't Kairi but she didn't look incompetent either.

    Not that it mattered what she looked like.

    After all, this was the /only/ mission they would be working together.
  3. "This is a bad idea~"


    "You know this is a bad idea."

    Cerulean eyes lifted from the book they were sweeping with rapt interest in order to gaze, with slight exasperation, to the young female sitting to the left of him in the moving car, meeting with her own molten-red gaze, her eyes like a strange mix of fire and lava, the colors of orange, red, and yellow dancing together to create the pretty hues she owned. Said young woman, with hair as dark and red as freshly spilled blood and pulled over her left shoulder with a few bangs 'attempting' to cover the three claw marks that scared vertically down her lower left cheek, gave the man beside her an amused and knowing look, her sing-song voice fading before she shook her head a little, running an ebony hand through her long, wavy hair. Genesis Rhapsodos sighed and closed the book he had been reading, turning to give the woman named Semira his undivided attention.

    "Tell me, my dear Semira, what else do I know?" he asked her sarcastically, drawing her attention away from the window again as the pretty, dark-skinned female turned to look at him.

    "Well, you should also know that I shouldn't even be working with people...let alone a whole group of them. Just sayin'," she answered, her calm exterior only giving hint to her nervousness from the way she kept picking at her fingernails on her left hand.

    Genesis gazed at her for a moment; "...I know you're scared, Semira," she started, watching as she froze, her gaze downcast for a moment, "but you need to have more faith in yourself just as I have faith in you. You're going to do just will take them some time, but the more they get to know you, the more they'll like you."

    "...And if I hurt them before that?" she challenged, lifting her gaze to him again, "If they don't accept me because of my ability?"

    "Then you do what you're good at," he responded as the car traveling through the World that Never Was pulled to the curb of the Twilight Town PD building, a knowing smirk on his face, "Prove them wrong."

    Semira stared at Genesis, a man that had been a family friend for years and the one who persuaded her to join law enforcement- albeit in a sneaky way-, before she gave him a smile and nodded, "Thanks for the encouragement, Genesis...just know that if this goes badly, it's your fault."

    Before the man could think of a comeback, Semira's sarcastically smiling face was already climbing out of the car and strolling onto the sidewalk. Dressed in a pair of form fitting jeans, a black tank top underneath a quarter-sleeve, maroon zip up jacket and a pair of black, low heeled ankle boots, she stared up at the TTPD building, inhaling slowly, attempting to calm her anxious nerves. Genesis rolled down his window from behind her.

    "Remember, the partners you're looking for are named Sora and Riku."

    "Do you know what they look like? At least an idea?"

    Genesis smirked, "One has a goofy smile almost all the time and the other one looks like a brooding old man despite his young face."

    "...How does that even make sense?"

    "Good luck, Semira," was Genesis last words to her before he rolled up the window and the driver pulled away from the curb, merging with the flow of traffic and leaving her to her destiny.

    The young woman sighed to herself, her molten-gold eyes watching the car disappear from sight before she turned to enter the building, her heart obnoxiously pounding nervously at the prospect of working with people on a mission. She was an entry-level trainee and these kinds of things were to be expected when one was an entry-level trainee- working with partners in order to get the hang of things. Semira wasn't big on the idea, though; in fact, she wasn't really big on being part of law enforcement, but Genesis insisted that she had the power to actually make a difference, to do good, and...well, as stubborn as she was, the man had a way with words and convincing her to do just about anything. She cursed him for that ability, following the instructions she was given to the recreational room where she would meet her partners, Sora and Riku.

    She had to wait for all of ten minutes, pacing slowly back and forth in order to give herself something to do, when she heard someone shouting for her attention, her head whipping to the right to with a goofy smile and the other a young brooding old man; 'Wow, Genesis wasn't really kidding,' she thought to herself as she saw the brunette waving her down, beside him a larger male with short silver hair and what looked to be a permanent frown on his face. Taking a deep breath, she forced her legs to move towards them, approaching the duo with a polite smile on her face.

    "Hi, I'm Semira. You're Sora and Riku, I take it?" she greeted the two males, her eyes sliding from the bubbly looking brunette to his quiet male companion, something inexplicable drawing her to him, her gaze settling on him for a beat longer than it should have been, "Well, it's nice to meet you two. I hope we can work well together today."
  4. "Nice to meet you, you must be Semira." The slender brunette boldly grabbed her hand and shook it, ignoring any signs of discomfort she might have. Its not that he wanted to invade her space, he simply had no concept of boundaries. Sora was made to break down barriers, and his exuberant smile was contagious. But he was in poor company today because Riku was not swayed by his boundless optimism. Raking his eyes up and down the night kissed form of their new arrival, the silver boy had a moment of reflection--There was something altogether different about the girl in front of him. Something that made her seem tastefully exotic and yet all too familiar, like she was a kindred spirit of some kind. There was something in her countenance, in her hypnotic red gaze that mesmerized him. Blinking away the unwanted thoughts before they could take root, he covered his befuddled expression with a heartfelt sigh and shake of his head.

    "Just don't get in our way and we'll be fine." He addressed her coolly, like one would a petulant child.

    He didn't know how competent she was. She looked like she was capable enough, but just because she looked like something other than a liability doesn't mean she was trustworthy. He didn't trust her to watch his back if something went astray. That was Sora's job and Sora's job alone. He felt like this girl was intruding all over his territory, and he couldn't stop bristling with hostility. His callous words didn't win him any cool points with his friend though because Sora simply gave him an appalled look. "Riku! She's been nothing but polite..." He gestured emphatically towards Semira. "Its only one mission. Be nice."

    Scowling deeply at the chastisement, Riku crossed his arms over his chest, and sent Semira another probing look. That same displaced feeling of closeness was there. There was something so familiar about her he could taste it. His hardened expression softened minutely and he sent her an apologetic glance. "Sorry." Short. Curt. So pitifully worded it hardly sounded sincere, but it was an honest apology from Riku so one couldn't expect to be dazzled. He wasn't really known for his oratory skills. If one bothered listening to the rumors circulating around the facility, Riku was known for a bounty of other things.

    Bad things mostly.

    His dark history had followed him to the training grounds, so although he was admired from afar he was also considered a pariah. Sora and Kairi were his only real friends and considering how social he was, he didn't actually want any more.

    As if sensing Riku's internal retreat, his brunette friend chuckled wryly and placed a hand on both of their shoulders. "Oh good, we're all friends again." He said decisively, like his opinion was the only one that counted on this matter. Wrapping an arm around both their shoulders, Sora carefully attempted to guide them to the exit while babbling about nonsensical things. His hold was loose enough so they could escape if they wanted too, but Riku was so used to this sort of behavior he simply went along with it. Every once in awhile he would add in his own witty comment, as Sora ushered them to the garage where their work vehicles were waiting for them. After a couple minutes he tuned his friend out, and focused on the one person he didn't know, sending her a searching glance.

    Wondering if he should give her some sort of peace offering for his earlier behavior, he stepped in front of Sora, and swiped the keys off the hook they were hanging on by the door before Sora could grab them. In one fluid motion, he tossed them at Sarima, not bothering to see if she caught them or not. The work vehicles were extremely fun to drive because they had more horse power than most jaguars, and more toys than most luxury cars. "You can drive," He told her, wording his sentence like it was a suggestion. He didn't want her to think he was commanding her to do anything. Behind him Sora made a low scoffing noise.

    "You never let me drive." The brunette grumbled, his face delineating into a sad puppy dog pout.

    Riku rolled his eyes as he wandered over to the passenger side. "Your license got revoked."

    "It was an accident!!!" Sora muttered defensively, as he climbed into the back of the car.

    Anger forgotten, Riku turned to Semira with a barely noticeable grin. "His license got revoked the first day of training." He reported, trying and failing to ignore the loud protests that were coming from the back of the car. Apparently Sora didn't want his poor driving skills advertised. It was a well known fact that the brunette was banned from touching the steering wheel at all. The light hearted topic was a nice reprieve, but very soon it was going to be over because they had to deliver a package to the World that Never Was.

    And the journey was going to be a testament of will all on its own.
  5. 'I told Genesis this was going to be a bad idea,' Semira thought to herself with an inward sigh the very minute Riku opened his mouth to respond to her greeting, his words not so much hurting as they did sting, like that of a paper cut- slight and insignificant, but uncomfortable all the same, 'With an observant gaze like that, I wouldn't be surprised if he could see right through me...though it would be kind of hard considering my abilities.'

    Despite the insult she felt from his words, Semira kept her calm exterior and only glanced away to keep herself from saying anything back like a bickering child; it was only one mission and she wouldn't have work with them anymore, so everyone could be happy. Luckily for her, Sora appeared to be more on her side if only for the reason of politeness and mannerisms that the silver-headed male lacked at the moment. He chastised Riku, which both made him bristle a little more from hostility...and then calmed him down to civil standing, the man apologizing soon afterwards. Semira just smiled slightly and nodded, glancing away again and releasing a huff of air, dispelling her irritation. With that, the group moved on, lead by the ever exuberant Sora of course, and made their way to the PD garage where the work vehicles were awaiting use.

    As they trekked on, Sora conversing between the two of them, but guiding the direction of the conversation more towards Riku, Semira was given the opportunity to study both men for a moment. It was true that the brunette appeared to have an everlasting grin plastered to his face, sunshine seeming to radiate from within him and brighten anyone's day, whether they wanted to or not. He was happy and forgiving and...positively goofy; he must not like it when people are upset and thus makes up for it by just being himself. She could already tell that he was a good person with a heart of gold...then there was Riku. Her eyes straying over to the pale-skinned man, there was another twinge in her heart that drew her to him...a familiar feeling that she's only felt once before. It was strange not because he was the second person to make her feel this way, but because it actually made her comfortable. Were they alike in some way? But how? She bit her bottom lip as she tried to solve the mystery with only her first impression to go off of. There was a moment that her eyes met with his when he glanced with her, her breath hitching as those blue-green eyes stared into her own, but then she just smiled and laughed a bit nervously before looking away and stopping by their vehicle. She was momentarily distracted the other cars in the garage, her eyes twinkling with excitement at the perks of actually being part of law enforcement of Twilight Town, however a sudden shift in the air alerted her to something flying in her direction and she lifted her arm to catch the set of keys that were tossed her way.

    "A warning would have been nice," she mumbled lowly, Riku's attempt at a peace offering, while endearing and still kind in his own way, just falling short of actually being peaceful.

    No amount of gruffness or hostility from the man could keep her upset, though, especially not when she was just given the opportunity to drive the badass car that those part of the TTPD were allowed to drive. "You may not be happy that you let me drive the car," she said allowed with a secretive grin, unlocking the doors for the men to climb in, "But no take backs!"

    Her excitement was apparent as she hopped into the driver's seat, sighing impressively at the feel of the leather against her body and the steering wheel underneath her slender fingers. She looked around in a quick glance to take in all the buttons and gears and what not. Running a hand through the loose bangs that fell and framed the left side of her face, she smiled adjusted the side mirrors and rearview mirror. "Oh man...the last time I was in a car like this..." she started to say, waiting for the men to put on their seatbelts before starting up the vehicle and pulling smoothly out of the parking spot, "...Well, I almost got arrested. But, it's pretty easy to lose the cops when you know your city and the kind of car you drive...don't let that worry you guys, though. Days like those were when I was younger and less intelligent...and thought there was no good a person like me could do."

    The last sentence was spoken quietly, more to herself than anything while it appeared that a shadow of darkness overtook the bright color of her eyes for a moment. As quickly as it had come, it was gone and so were the three partners as Semira smoothly drove the car out of the garage and pulled out onto the street, maneuvering her way through traffic towards The World that Never Was, a dangerous place that, unfortunately, she was all too familiar with. Convicts, drug dealer, pimps, and prostitution. The name of the game was killed or be killed, find your place or be erased.

    "So, I know we're supposed to deliver a package," she spoke up in order to break the silence in the car, "A pretty sad mission even for trainees, but I suppose it makes sense since any other forms of delivery systems pretty much refuse to come down this way. Where to? I wasn't informed."
  6. A look between utter bewilderment, and vehement disapproval darkened Riku's features as he glanced at their would be driver. He should have asked about her driving record before he handed her the keys. It hadn't occurred to him that she would want to take their car on a high speed chase from the cops....The placid mask she wore in front of others made her seem too calm to be an adrenaline junkie.But not too long after his doubts surfaced, they were put to rest, and the silver haired boy was able to relax into the leather seat behind him. Apparently that devil may care attitude was a thing of the past. He wanted to ask what she meant by "a person like her" but he swallowed his curiosity in order to preserve the peace.

    Studying her suddenly withdrawn expression, his sky blue eyes sidled to the back seat where Sora also appeared to be concerned about their partner. What exactly did she do as a juvenile that still haunted her as an adult? Unbidden, an image of a younger Semira appeared in his head, and she was a cute olive skinned girl with a brazen smile, and sparkling ruby eyes. He couldn't see her getting into too much trouble, but looks can be deceiving

    Knowing first hand that some knowledge is dangerous, he didn't ask her any of the questions hovering on the tip of his tongue. Instead he simply said, "We need to get to get to Memory's Skyscraper, the package is addressed to that building." Riku told her quietly, his piercing gaze swiveling over to meet hers, before turning to focus on the road. He was going to respect her privacy for now, But the moment her history interfered with their mission, he was not going to be as generous. Sora who had been listening intently to the conversation, decided to give his input then, his tone of voice unusually subdued as he spoke.

    "I wonder if its a coincidence that we were put on this mission....It might not be as easy as we think"

    Memory Skyscraper was the headquarters of the one most lucrative companies in the city. It was owned and run by a man named Xemnas. Generally, he was known as the face of his company, but in darker circles he was known as a kingpin that was nefarious for hiring people to do his dirty work. He was the type of man that thought people could be bought, and that made him more than your average crook. He was a monster, that no one had the power to incarcerate. Riku knew that intimately, because he had dealings with Xemnas's brother Ansem long before he went to the academy for training....

    It was not an experience he was willing to relive, and as they drew closer to their destination he became increasingly agitated. His permanent scowl getting deeper, and his foot increasing in tempo as it tapped against the floor of the car. He hated Memory Skyscraper. The building and the person running it made him nauseous. Glancing at Semira, Riku spoke in low even tones so Sora wouldn't pick up on their conversation. "When we get inside the building be careful ...The people there have a bad habit of turning your fears against you. If you've ever been in the darkness before, they will try to send you there again by getting into your head." He shook his head ruefully, as if remembering something distasteful. "No one is immune." He muttered.
  7. 'Of course the mission might not be what we think. That would be my luck, wouldn't it?" Semira thought to herself, hiding her true thoughts and feelings behind the warm mask of her smile as it stretched across her face, a small laugh slipping past her lips, 'If this goes South...I'm so rubbing it in Genesis's face.'

    "Well, even if it is a little more than what we expected, we can look at it as special, on-sight training that the other newbies aren't lucky enough to get," she told them, seeking out the silver-lining in the whole situation, "I mean, the sooner we can get out of trainee mode, the better it'll be, right? No more crap missions, running everyone's errands...or am I the only one that does that?"

    She shook her head and laughed a little more to try and lighten the mood, but the closer they drew to Memory Skyscraper, the darker the atmosphere...and it wasn't exactly coming from the building or the world around them itself. It was coming from her right, from Riku. Glancing at the man, she noticed the scowl that appeared to be just pasted to his face was growing deeper, something painful flashing across his face as his foot tapped anxiously on the floor. It was obvious that this was having a negative effect on him; Semira had half the mind to turn the car around and take him back to the police station, but she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that if she did that, he would try to kill her. So she drove on, seeing the familiar streets whiz past her, the sketchy people that outnumbered the normal civilians that were down on their luck and couldn't move out of the World That Never Was just yet. Memory Skyscraper was just ahead, growing ever closer...oh, how being in that place brought back memories...frightening memories, really.

    Riku's quietly spoken warning, in that deep voice that sent a sudden tingle down her spine, made her perk up a little, listening closely to every word. There it was again, that feeling that they were connected by something deep...something tainted...something terrible that only the two of them could understand, but at the same time, it was different. The darkness he spoke of sounded different from the one she knew. However, in the grand scheme of things, it was relatively the same. Hoping to quail his concerns, if she could even call it that, she smiled and nodded her head.

    "No worries here. I know a little something about their tricks," she responded to him, pulling up to the building, the lights flashing brightly, "If they're going to try and get inside my head...well, they better be prepared for what may come flying out."

    Taking her right hand from the steering wheel, she placed it on her left shoulder, rubbing it gingerly as if to soothe a painful injury, an injury she obtained many years ago and yet still tweaked every now and again. Finding a parking spot, she cut the engine and just sat there for a moment, collecting her thoughts before turning to the boys, grinning, a sense of excitement rushing through her.

    "Ready?" she asked them, unbuckling her seatbelt and opening her door, "We're gonna have to be."
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