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  1. This is supposed to be a romance/adventure rp I don't want the entire rp focused on the romance because I want more adventure then romance, but neither do I want the romance part to just be forgotten.

    1: I want to make it clear that you can come and talk to me about any concerns or questions you have. I'd rather have an issue brought to my attention right away then letting it cause drama I've seen too many great rp's ended because of this. I'm an understanding and reasonable person I can talk and compromise.
    2: No Godmodding whatsoever. Its not any fun and no one enjoys it. no one is more powerful then anyone and can never die or get injured. nor is anyone able to dodge EVERY single attack that comes their way. if I see or feel like you are godmodding I will ask you to stop. I will only ask twice though if I warn you a third time I will kill off your character. I don't mean to sound mean or rude but I believe two warnings is more then enough to stop godmodding. If you can't take the hint and follow the rules then that's your own problem.
    3: I'll leave it up to you to decide how you want your relationship to work it can be human x human, angel x human, angel x angel, demon x human, or demon x demon. However I don't want anyone being left out of the romance (unless it is specified in the character sheet)

    4. only one angel or demon can be bonded to a humans blood line. So that means each human gets one guardian angel or demon. that isn't to say that a human can be in a relationship with a different guardian angel or demon for ex. angel 1 is human 1's protector. angel 2 cannot be human 1's guardian angel but angel 2 can be human 1's lover if you need more clarification just ask

    5: If you have your own ideas to make the rp better PLEASE talk to me I'm willing to take any ideas to make it better or more enjoyable.
    6: for now I am only allowing two characters per person if it comes down to the fact that we need more and no one else is signing up I will allow people to have more then two characters if they want
    7: I would like at least a MINIMUM of one paragraph if you have two characters then it becomes a minimum of two paragraphs.
    8: I want to say this is the first group rp I've created so yes it might not be the best so please bare with me.
    9: normal Iwaku rules apply
    10: have fun :)

    In ancient history long before the human race was as large as it is today. it was common knowledge that Angels, and Demons existed. The Angels fought for peace and harmony and sought to defend the humans and protect their souls. The Demons however sought to destroy the humans not by killing them but by corrupting their hearts and minds and turning them into their mortal instruments of death and destruction. War ensued. Demons killing Angels. Angels killing Demons. Innocent humans getting caught in the crossfire.

    For a hundred years the war continued until the final ultimate battle between God and Satan erupted. Equally matched the battle continued for days neither gaining the advantage over the other until God doing the only thing he could think of that would save his remaining precious Angels and the humans they sought to protect sacrificed himself to destroy Satan forever. The Angels and Demons leaderless and few in numbers were at a loss for what to do. The demons slunk back into the underworld to plan. The Angels returned to heaven to do the same.

    Back on Earth however due to the war between the Angels and Demons the humans were suffering. They had no where to turn their prayers went unanswered now that there was no God to hear them. They needed someone to save them but who? or what? That was when it dawned on both sides. They would be the humans saviors. The Angels and Demons cast themselves out of heaven and sought out souls that were worthy of them. The Demons sought those that had evil in their hearts so they could use the Demons powers of destruction to destroy the earth. The Angles sought those of pure heart who would use the Angels gifts to help protect others and the earth.

    After many years of searching both sides found their selected humans and approached them. a deal was struck on both sides the demon/angel would attach themselves to their humans blood line only the ancestors of the one that the deal was struck with can use the powers of the angel or demon. The Humans agreed on the terms that only one person from the bloodline would have to carry on the battle the others of the family would remain oblivious to the fight yet the entire family would be under the demons or angels protection. The deal was made and the Demons and Angels shrunk to a crystallized form which allowed their partner to carry them around with ease and to use their powers they needed to only speak the name of the demon/angel residing in the crystal to summon them and use their powers.

    Hundreds of years have passed and the bloodlines have fought long and hard to preserve the deals they had made with their chosen protector, the protectors doing the same with their human. What will become of the bloodlines that were tied to the demons? to the angels? what will become of the Angels and Demons themselves?

    Race: (angel, demon, human)

    s.o.: (straight, bi, etc.)
    humans only) who carried the crystal before you?: (father, mother, brother, sister etc.)
    (Humans only) Heavenly/demonic armor and weapon: This will be the armor/form the humans will take during battle the angel/demon has the ability through the bond between the characters to share their powers with the human giving them a special armor and enhanced abilities to protect them.
    Angels and demons only) Holy form (battle form) :
    (Angels and demons only) Weapon of Choice:
    (Angels and demons only) Elemental Control: you get only one power control over fire, light, water, earth, lightning etc.
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  3. name: Micheal (Mike) Hawke
    Race: Angel
    Age: 2,000 looks 18
    s.o: Straight
    Appearance: (ignore the cuts and blood)

    Holy Form (battle form) :
    weapon of choice: long sword
    Elemental control: Lightning
    personality: Micheal is a kind and heart warming soul. He always tries to comfort others and be there for them whenever he can. He enjoys laughing and making others laugh. His loyalty is like no others he will always stand by his friends and his partner no matter what the case may be. He could be outnumbered a hundred to one yet he will never give up he will fight to his last breath to protect those he cares about. His loyalty and desire to protect his friends however can give him a rash attitude. At times he has been known to rush into things without thinking about the consequences.
    Bio: Micheal is one of the oldest of the surviving angels although at the time of the war he was one of the youngest. He fought long and hard and would never give up the fight no matter the odds. When God sacrificed himself Micheal was distraught he couldn't believe that his lord and leader was gone. Before God had sacrificed himself he told Micheal that he would have to take his place as leader of the Angels which he reluctantly accepted. He didn't understand why God had chosen him to take his place especially since he was only 400 at the time which was still quite young for an Angel. Yet he has proven time and time again throughout the decades that God had made the right choice. It was Micheal that ultimately made the decision for the Angels to go out and find a human to bond with and to protect their line until the end of eternity. After the decision was made he flew fast and far to find the human that he thought was pure enough to bond with during his search he vowed to protect them and their families throughout the generations as long as that blood line continued.
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  4. So quick a few quick questions before i make a CS

    Can their elemental ability be something like Obsidian or Metal?

    How many characters can we make?

    Is a DemonXHuman, DemonXDemon, or DemonXAngel pairing able to be made?
  5. Ok yes your elemental ability can be metal or obsidian

    I'll say for now you can make up to two characters

    And demon x human and demon x demon is ok but I think I'll have to say no to demon x angel considering the point is for them to be fighting for control over earth's future

    Hope that answers your questions please if you have any more feel free to ask :)
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  6. Name: Natsu Shigami
    Race: demon
    Age: 3,000 (looks 18)
    s.o.: straight
    Holy form (battle form) : [​IMG]

    Weapon of Choice: two handed swords
    Elemental Control: fire

    Personality: Natsu is cold vile and all out despicable, all he cares about is power and control and he will do anything to get that. He's the kind of guy that believes if someone is down you kick them not once but as many times as you can to make them stronger. On the inside he does have a bit of a soft side for the blood line he has bonded with it is the only thing that can be considered a weakness for him. He might be a demon and bent on destroying everything but he will protect his blood line to the end. Whether that's due to the fact that he needs the power of the blood line or for some other reason has yet to be seen though.

    Bio: Natsu is one of the oldest demons left since the great war that destroyed Satan and God. He had been Satan's right hand man throughout the war and before it. He was constantly challenging Satan for control and power of the demon armies and every time was defeated by his lord. This did not quell his determination however and when Satan finally died his one and only chance to become leader appeared. He proclaimed himself king of Hell and leader of the Demon armies and slew anyone who opposed him until his rule became official. Yet he knew not of what to do. Their armies were diminished to nothing and they had not the resources to restore the fight. It was when he heard of the Angels and their plans to bond with the humans that he knew what to do. He commanded his remaining Demons to go out into the world and find the humans whose hearts were corrupt and their souls black and to bond with their blood line just as the Angels were doing. It was through this that he was certain that he would eventually come to rule the world and destroy the Angels forever.
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  7. Name: Zachima Rokomaki
    Age: 1000 (looks 18)
    Race: Demon
    S.O: Bisexual
    Weapon of choise: long, two handed, spear like sword.
    Element control: Shadow summoning

    Personality: Zachima is a quiet blood thursty demon, who serves her bloodline loyaly. She respects orders, and has a soft spot for h bloodline. She is stubborn, and will physically hurt someone if they annoy her. If someone is in need of assistance, she may help, but it depends if it will mess with her reading time or not, she loves to read booms continuous, but loves to fight even more.

    Bio: When she was young, she lived in a small world. The demon school was full of assholes and they teeated her like she came out of one. All of her school life, she was bullied by people, and constantly called an "angel" for doing the work set out for het to do regularly. She was trying to impress her kother, who had been let go by her job. Also, her father had died in a battle against the angels, so she was pretty sure that getting her head down and keeping quiet would make him happy. A thousand years go by and she now lives with her blood line, treating them with respect and loyaly. She smiles apon them for treating her with such love. She would protect them with hermlife from then on.

    (I didn't know how to put the picturesmin the right place so here are the appearance and holy form.)
    212815-27834.jpg bamuth-1.jpg
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  8. I just want to add some quick info I will add more to this post as I think of it so please check it often so there is no confusion:

    The Demons and Angels reside in crystals that only react to the blood line owners touch and like a genie can be summoned at any time just by saying the Angel or Demons name, they can still contact their partner no matter where they might be and even if they don't have the crystal on them. Both the Angels and the Demons have the ability to change their crystal into any form of jewelry whether its a ring, necklace, ear rings, etc etc. that way they can always be with their partner (plus it gives them a bit of a fashion statement lol XD)

    The Demons and Angels are not slaves! they are partners they have wills of their own and can act accordingly to do what they feel is right or wrong at the time.

    last but not least not all of the Angels and Demons are not in the same area. throughout the years due to the travel of the blood lines they are scattered around the world. so if the human with the crystal lives in Australia then that is where the Angel/Demon is as well. However the leaders of the Angels and Demons can summon call them together whenever need be.
  9. Thanks Andy :)
  10. no problem :) hopefully more people will join soon so we can get it started lol
  11. Ill be making a human and a demon once I get home. Also the demon isn't paired with the human so feel free to pair him/her with whoever ^^
  12. alright thanks just get your CS up whenever you can :)
  13. Hi! I'd like to join too... I'll be making a human girl if that's ok, I'd like to reserve a spot *^*
  14. alright just make your CS when you can :)
  15. The Human
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Joseph Karrigan
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    s.o.: Bisexual
    Though it can't be seen he also wears dark blue jeans and white sneakers with black outline.

    Who carried the crystal before you?: Father - John Karrigan
    Heavenly/demonic armor:
    Heavenly (open)

    Holy (open)

    Personality: Joseph tends to flirt with both guys and girls alike whenever he's around them, and once he considers them a friend or more the flirting and teasing increases. He does this even when in a combat or serious situation, but if you hurt others that he cares about he will become serious and use all of his skill to end the one that hurt them. He's also a slacker that likes to laze around and procrastinate, though strangely he doesn't procrastinate or laze around when it comes to training or something serious, and if he can do something later than he will, or do it as quickly as he can.

    Bio: Joseph lead an easy life up until his 13th birthday, which is when his family was murdered in front of him in a bank robbery. While his family shielded him during the attack his father gave him their family bloodlines gem in which he met the demon/angel inside. The angel/demon took over once they accepted him and incapacitated/killed the robbers before letting him regain control. Because of this incident Joseph spent 2 years in an orphanage while training and taking therapy sessions. Eventually he found a coping method in flirting and teasing others, regardless of gender, to see how they would react in order to get over the fact that he would not see his family anymore. Once he turned 16 they kicked him out of the orphanage, as that is the legal age in order for him to not be there anymore, and he eventually found out that his family had left a will shortly afterwards, allowing him to move into their old family home where he trained up till now while bouncing from job to job.

    The Demon
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Vergot Nargoorth
    Race: Demon
    Age: 2,500 Years Old, looks 25
    s.o.: Asexual (Doesn't prefer any gender but is subject to change)
    appearance: [​IMG]
    Although unseen the hoodie goes down to his waist, there are bandages on his legs as well, and he wears black jeans with black sneakers.
    Battle form :
    Show Spoiler

    Weapon of Choice: Daggers/Claws
    Elemental Control: Obsidian (Can create, manipulate, and control it)

    Personality: When not in Battle form Vergot is sarcastic and annoying, often telling his partner sarcastic and irritating remarks whenever he wants. While in Battle Form he taunts his enemies constantly and tries to annoy them beyond reason in order to make them react and attack recklessly, which most of the time works, but when this doesn't work he'll turn serious and try to take advantage of any openings whenever he can. The only times Vergot is helpful is when he is training his partner or during serious situations.

    Bio: Vergot started out as one of the lowest demons in rank and power, often beaten and bullied for it by other demons and most of the time was used as their practice dummy, until he learned of his power over Obsidian and used it to decimate his foes, eventually after 2,400 years and the war erupted he immediately joined his demonic brethren in order to end the angels, and he did up 'till the final battle between Satan and God. He had tried to assist Satan as much as he could holding off a mass wave of angels alongside other demons earning him a reputation amongst the angels as the 'Holy Killer' until the very end when God and Satan ended each other and the angels finally got through, trampling over his tired body and nearly killing him. He had recovered a few days later and the rest is for him to tell.
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  16. @AllThePasta accepted :) looks good I'll figure out the pairings once we get a few more members and would you mind explaining a bit more for my own knowledge what exactly his power over obsidian means? thanks :) you don't have to add it to your cs just kinda curious
  17. Well it means that basically he can create obsidian (Make it spawn from the Ground, can also spawn mid-air if nothings where it is being spawned) and can manipulate (Shape, levitate, ect) it and control (Move it however he wants, shrink it, grow it ect) it. Obsidian is known as an exetremely hard resource that is the hardest to break and shape, and even harder to melt as it is hyper cooled lava.
  18. alright I got it. thats pretty cool :) I was just curious
  19. No problem, glad to elaborate ^^
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