Guardian Angel

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  1. Well, this was a new low, even for good old Jack. Sitting up on a stool at the local bar, Gunner's Tavern if you really wanted to know the name, he quietly nursed his wounded pride with a glass of Yuengling. He'd been in the Air Force after highschool, figured out that he really didn't like heights, came back home, and worked at a nice little auto repair shop. Of course, little repair shops get muscled out by Advance Auto Parts and NAPA, and big surprise, poor old Jack suddenly didn't have a job.

    The bar was pretty crowded tonight. Jackson was having a hard time thinking about what he would do now over the rowdy crowd. A football game was on on the big flatscreen, and a couple guys wearing jerseys were hooting and hollering at the screen. The alcohol was strong in those ones. His dark brown gaze traveled over the bar again, spotting a cute new waitress as she shuffled through the Thursday night football fans.

    Apparently someone scored a touchdown- according to the amount of people that jumped to their feet cheering, and the waitress tripped over someone's chair and fell, sending four beers off her little serving tray and onto some football fanatic's boots. Football guy started hollering at the poor girl, and that was when Jack had seen enough. He quickly stepped between the two as the waitress started to pick herself up. "Hey, leave her alone." He stated calmly as he stood before the man. The guy was a lot bigger up close.

    "Mind your own business, before someone breaks that pretty face of yours." The guy growled and tried to step around Jackson.

    He quickly moved so he was blocking the guy's way once again. "I'm afraid I can't let you go at her. Ain't right to hit a girl." He spoke simply, hoping that the guy would count his losses and sit back down.

    But, that wasn't going to happen. The guy balled up his fist and nailed Jack right in the temple. He didn't even see it coming. Jack fell to the ground, and then it was lights out.
  2. At the door of the bar stood a blonde girl, green eyes having traced Jack's path. She wore a black overcoat, covering her white scarf and light blue tank top. She wore jeans, her blonde hair braided and pulled back. She sighed. "Alright, alright." She shook her head, walking over and letting the waitress back away as she approached the football guy. "Now now, calm down won't you? I really don't think you want the police in on this." Her voice was stern, but soothing, and her gaze strong and defiant. "I suggest you sit down." She knelt beside Jack, checking his pulse, then breathed a sigh of relief. She picked him up. "I want you all to be a little nicer alright? I don't want you all getting in any trouble." she smiled softly.
  3. Jack heard a woman's voice, over the crowd, though everything sounded echoed and distorted. He felt someone touch him, then lift him up. What the hell was going on? There wasn't anything he could do, and it was driving him nuts.
  4. "Behave." she told the football fans before walking out of the bar, still carrying Jack. "Shh. It'll be alright. Just go to sleep." she whispered softly to him, holding him gently. She walked towards his house, untiring. She watched him with a gentle, concerned expression. As she reached his house, she slipped through the door, setting him on the couch. She made sure the door was locked, then checked the time before sitting beside the door to be sure he slept well. She'd fix breakfast when the sun began to rise, but for now she wanted to be sure he had a peaceful sleep.
  5. Jackson eventually gave up whatever hold he had on conciousness, falling into a realm of dreamless sleep. He read somewhere that the people who don't dream have a much deeper sleep than those who did dream. And if that were really true... He might just think about getting knocked out cold every Thursday night. But, let's be realistic here. When he wakes up he will probably have the worst headache in the world.
  6. Once he was in a deep sleep, she relaxed. Sitting back, she closed her eyes, waiting.
    When the sun started to filter in through the windows, the blonde stood, smiling softly at the sleeping Jackson, and went to the kitchen. Silently, she began to prepare breakfast, careful to make as little noise as possible so she wouldn't wake him.
  7. For some strange reason, Jackson smelled something cooking. He knew what good food was when he smelled it, and he smelled it. The light beginning to stream into the living room finally convinced him to open up his dark brown eyes.
    Where the hell was he? Oh, wait, this was the living room. But, the last thing he remembered was being at the bar. How the hell did he get home?
    ... And who the hell was in his kitchen?!
    He scrambled to his feet, and took a serious case of head rush. He sat his sorry butt back down on the couch as a major headache kicked in. "Aw man..." He muttered as he gently touched his temple. Who the hell did he piss off to earn that bruise?
    Once he was good and ready to get up, he did. His head was pounding and the bright morning sun wasn't doing much to help with it. But, one problem at a time. He silently stepped into the kitchen, his dark brown gaze resting steadily on the woman... Making breakfast?
    "Who are you and how did you get into my house?" His voice was deep and strong, hiding all the confusion and pain that he felt at the moment.
  8. The blonde turned, smiling softly, though her emerald eyes shone with concern. "I'm Allyandra, but you can call me Ally. I'm making you breakfast..." she watched him a moment, "because with that headache and bruise, I'm sure you wouldn't want to make it yourself. You should sit down though..don't strain yourself too much." She said in soft concern. "I'm almost done. Just some eggs and bacon."
  9. "You didn't answer my second question. How did you get into my house." Jackson wasn't going to let a pretty face phase him. He was not happy about this stranger in his house, making him breakfast. He stood his ground when she suggested that he should sit down. "And why would you make a complete stranger breakfast?" Suspicion laced his voice, and he crossed his arms across his chest. Why did she seem so concerned about him?
  10. Allyandra paused. That was a difficult question to answer. "I'm supposed to protect you, and I thought I'd be nice and make you breakfast, Jackson." She stayed outside an arm's length, gently setting down the plate on the table. "If you would prefer, I could easily leave right now and just stay in the shadows as I have, but either way, I will always be watching you because I have to protect you." She said softly, tilting her head slightly. She wore a silver chain around her neck that had a small blue jewel on it. The blue seemed to swirl with a light grey.
  11. Jackson remained silent for a long moment. Ok, so there was a crazy lady who apparently had been stalking him for a while standing in his apartment, dishing him out breakfast. A plan slowly worked its way through his brain. He would continue to go with her story, acting just has he was, and then he would call the police as soon as he got the chance. "Why do you have to protect me? And what are you protecting me from?" His voice remained the same, as did his suspicious expression.
  12. Again, she hesitated. She rested her hand on the table, shifting slightly. "I have to protect you from those who's only plan is to slowly turn you against yourself and destroy you. You don't know them yet, but you will. I would love to fully explain...but if I do, there would be very, very bad consequences for one, if not both of us." Allyandra said softly, looking down. "And I don't want to hurt you." After a moment, she sighed, straightening up again. "I can leave right now if you want me to, as you are obviously unnerved and uncomfortable. You wouldn't ever have to worry about me invading your privacy or harming you in any way." she clasped her hands together in front of her. "I can also show you where I work." she added. She though about showing him her fake ID, which was only fake because she didn't actually exist in the system, but doing that might cause problems that she didn't need.