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  1. Derion stepped into the crowded bar. The police were already clearing people out. The smell of alcohol was strong. He spoke quickly with one of the officers, motioning to a girl near the stools that was passed out. The officer nodded and Derion walked over. Kneeling by the girl, he sighed. "Aria dear, you shouldn't be getting yourself hurt." He whispered to the unconscious girl. Picking her up, he held her gently, as not to awaken her, and walked towards her house. His green eyes flashed behind black-rimmed glasses and he hesitated to cross the road. A car sped by, way over the speed limit, and he relaxed a little. "I'll keep you safe." He promise the unconscious girl as he crossed the road. When he reached her house, he opened the locked door, closing it behind them and then rested the girl on the couch. He grabbed a blanket and a pillow, tucking her in. "Sleep tight." He said softly. He then sat by the front door, sitting back and drifting off only a little. When sunlight began to filter into the room, he stood, checking the girl to be sure she was alright before disappearing into the kitchen, beginning to cook eggs and bacon with a few pancakes, just enough for her to have a good breakfast.
  2. Aria had forgotten what had happened last night. She had drank a bunch of alcohol that nigh, as she was trying to get over a bad breakup. All she could really remember was some fuzzy memories of being punched and something of the sort. She groaned, pressing a hand to her forehead. She sighed and began to sit up, expecting to be in a bar. But instead, she found herself on her couch. She blinked for a moment. "What the...." She said, looking around. She pressed her hand back to her forehead as a pound came though her cranium. She sighed and slowly sat up, tossing her feet over the side of the couch.
  3. Hearing her starting to stir, Derion sighed softly. "Good morning." He said softly, putting her food into a plate. "I've fixed breakfast for you. Would you like orange juice, milk, or water with it?" He grabbed a glass and the plate, walking to the door and leaning against the door frame. He wore a white apron over his black shirt and blue jeans. "I can get you some medicine for your head as well." He added, obvious concern in his voice, sympathy glinting in his eyes.
  4. Aria blinked at him for a while, completely dumbfounded. It took her a few more seconds before she drew the blanket over her body and let out a scream. "WHY ARE YOU HERE? WHO ARE YOU!" She said to him. She glared at him, fury in her eyes. Not only was it a stranger in her house, but a man at that! Vile disgusting species that persisted to cat call and do things of the sort to her. She glared at him, ignoring her pounding head ache for the moment. She growled at him, ignoring her messy hair.
  5. He sighed softly, setting the plate down on a small stand beside the door. "I am Derion Vel Lacrone, 25 years of age, and-" he stopped in mid-sentence, as if hesitating. "I'm supposed to protect you." He said after a moment. "You were passed out at a bar and very much likely to wake up in prison, and I cannot allow that to happen. Please, forgive me if I am a bother." He bowed his head, clasping his hands in front of him and closing his eyes. "I mean you no harm, and if it pleases you, I can leave right now." He looked to her over the rim of his glasses. "But I will not allow any harm to come near you, and that requires me to be somewhere close, so if you want me to leave, please do not make a scene if I show up at random times and places."
  6. Aria stared him up and down, still quite confused. He had come to protect her? She was just fine! Well, then again, she had fallen down last week, and before that she almost got ran over by a car, and before that... ok she needed him. She sighed and pressed a hand to her forehead and let out a deep sigh. "You can stay." She said to him, relaxing a bit. "I seriously need to stop drinking." She whispered. The guy who had broke her heart was probably out having fun with his new girlfriend, which only made her want to drink more.
  7. Derion smiled faintly, retrieving the plate and carrying it over. "Here." He set it on the coffee table. "It's just eggs, bacon, and two pancakes." His tone was gentle. "I'll get some medicine and water for your headache." He took the glass and returned to the kitchen.
  8. Aria shook her head, taking up the fork and knife. She stared at the food and cut the pancakes, taking up a piece of the pancakes into her mouth. She mumbled something about it being delicious as she took another bite, taking some eggs this time two. She soon got to the bacon, taking up a strip and munching on it happily.
  9. Derion returned with two pills and some water. "Here. This should help." He set them on the table before sitting in a chair beside the couch, setting his elbows on his knees, watching her with concern. He wouldn't let anything happen to her. After a moment he looked away. She was very pretty...he would never tell her this, as he knew it would be uncomfortable, but he thought she was. "Your name, it's Aria, correct?" He asked quietly. He knew it was, but he wanted to be sure she didn't think he was a stalker or something.
  10. Aria nodded, looking at him. "Yeah, it is." She said, taking the pills into her hand. She stared at the water and pills in her hand for a while, questioning her life for a moment before downing the pills with some of the water. She sighed, letting out a breath of air before resuming with her bacon, chewing on it methodically.
  11. Derion nodded, now silent, allowing her to eat. He kept his eyes on the floor, listening. He looked up as sirens could be heard, but they passed by and he relaxed again. "Are you alright, did you get hurt last night?" He asked, looking at her again. He didn't check, as not to disturb her, but he also wanted to be sure she was okay.
  12. Aria looked over at him. "I don't know. Maybe." She said, shifting around as she finished up her strip of bacon. She quickly picked up another one, but on it's way to her mouth, a fiery pain came across her upper arm, causing her to cry out and drop the bacon. She clutched her upper arm tightly, the pain coming in waves.
  13. Immediately, Derion frowned. "What's wrong?" He asked, moving to kneel in front of her on the floor. He looked very concerned. "Aria, tell me what hurts." He said calmly, setting a hand on her shoulder and another on her hand. "I can help. I want to help."
  14. Aria's face was contorted in pain as she clutched her arm. She pointed to her upper arm, which was hidden by her sleeve. It felt like their was fire running though her veins, and at this point, it was probably a gash of some sort, or a really bad bruise as everything inside her body started to wake up one by one.
  15. Derion nodded, shifting to sit next to her on the couch. "Will you let me look at it?" He asked, not wanting to make her uncomfortable while trying to help. "I can fix it, I just need to see what's wrong, okay?" He said softly.
  16. Aria nodded, looking at him. "Just fix it." She mumbled, her face contorting again. She let out a muffled groan as she clutched her arm before moving her shaky hand away from the area.
  17. Derion nodded, gently putting a hand on her sleeve, pulling it up. He couldn't really see anything. "Can you tell me exactly where it hurts?" He asked gently, rubbing her shoulder. "I can make it better. I promise." He said. "I just need you to pinpoint where it hurts."
  18. Aria took her finger and pointed to the spot, about dead center of her arm. What she couldn't see was the flap of skin that was covering a deep gash that had sealed up a while ago. Somehow it had avoided bleeding all over the place.
  19. Derion ran a gently hand on her arm. "You've got a cut.." He said, frowning slightly. "Do you know how you go it?" He asked, still gently rubbing her shoulder as he looked at the cut.
  20. Aria shook her head, pursing her lips tightly together. "I haven't a clue." She whispered to him, looking down at her plate. She contorted her face again as she tried to keep from screaming as he touched her cut.
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