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  1. OK so I basically have been a victim of bullying my entire life and ever sense i graduated My life has gotten significantly better. But one of my friends who is younger then me and is still in high school deals with it now and recently a teacher showed him this video and he sent it to me to watch and It inspired my Creative Juices and started me on one of my usual ti-raids and i figured what better way to express my feelings and frustrations then into a work of art whether Writing drawing or dancing.

    The Basic Premise would be A kid who's spent his/her Whole life in the same podunk town/City has never been liked and bullied there entire life. There senior year starts out looking the same until the New Kid in town stands up for them. They slowly become friends and grow on each other and the RP would be about them overcoming there senior year and pushing threw the bullying. ^__^

    If anyone is interested I would be exhilarated to get an RP going. However I do require DECENT grammar, and sentence structure. I work alot so I'm usually not on until late but I will do my best to not leave you hanging. As Always with me I will Lay out a Character Sheet that I prefer you to use for maximum understanding of your characters Dimensions and will Also Lay out My Preferred Character.

    I would Like to PLay The Guardian Angel and I would Like this to Be MxF but I'll do most anything . . . Usually

    Character Sheet





    Appearance: (Photos are preferred)





    Other: (Not Necessary. It's for things like something they always wear or have with them)

    My Character

    Name: Alexander D. Jacobs


    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 200

    Personality He has a stern and rough personality and comes off as though he doesn't care. He tends to speak his mind and rather bluntly at that. He's never been afraid of a confrontation and has never been known to back down. He has always preferred getting his hands dirty doing something instead of getting someone else to do it. He does however have a soft spot for weaker people who can't defend themselves.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Fears: He has a fear of being forgotten. He wants to leave something behind to be remembered for.

    Likes: He likes Bikes, Birds, loud music and Cake . . .

    Dislikes: He dislikes arrogant jerks who can't back up there claims. He Doesn't like being still for to long. He also doesn't care for his father too much. Or his Adoptive parents.

    History/Bio: Alex grew up in a very abusive home from an early age, thanks to his drunken father who wasted almost every dime he made on liqueur. His father was abusive and an outright horrible person, and he enjoyed nothing more then taking his anger out on others. He would beat Alex on occasion but his mother would always step in, which made his father even madder which made him beat her more severely, and often times he beat her until she was unconscious. His mother sadly didn't live to even see his thirteenth birthday. She was beaten to death by his father in a drunken rage, and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. Alex was moved into a foster home but he didn't care for his new parents very much. They always looked down on him almost and treated him with to much delicacy because of his past. They also moved around a lot because of there jobs so he never got to stay in one place for to long. Becuase of this he grew up as more of a loner and constantly got jobs to pay for his own things. At the age of fifteen he got the best deal he could on a bike and his step father paid for half of it to help him get it. He spent every nickel and dime tuning that bike ever sense and didn't have any problem with his step parents not wanting him to have it. They were just glad to see him take an interest in something. Which brings us up to current date. It's the first day of senior year and he just finished moving to a new school.

    Other: He wheres a leather Jacket at almost all times, and he also has a large tattoo that covers a vast majority of his torso
  2. I think I could be interested in this, if you're still up to it? ~
  3. Name: Jessi

    Age:18 1/2

    Height: 5'2


    Personality: cheerful most of the time, always smiling, likes to talk and make jokes
    Appearance: wears "weird" clothing, pale skinned, long white hair iwaku.jpg

    Fears: being alone, not having people to talk to

    Likes: people who smile back and talk to her first, people who aren't intimidated by her looks

    Dislikes: doesn't like people who act better than anyone else, doesnt like people who act like friends but aren't. people who stop talking to her once they get new friends

    History/Bio: Jessi was always called weird or gothic by the "jocks" and "cheerleaders" but that didn't bother her. Hell if they wanted to be rude to her more power to them she could find other people to hang out with and she did. she liked hanging out with new kids at school getting to know them before anyone else did and she liked hanging out with the so called "nerds". Her dad had died when she was 2 so all that she had was her mom and her mom had a hard time taking care of her so she mainly took care of herself. One thing her mom had tought her though was to accept everyone and judge no one.

    Other: always wears dark clothing and caries around stuffed bears
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  5. Name: April


    Height: 5'4

    Weight: 125

    Personality: April is a very caring person, although not many knows about it. She is pretty quiet, mainly because the way people laugh or look at her because of her French accent. If she sees that someone is sad she wants to make it better even though she doesn't even know the person. Although she cares a lot about others it doesn't show that much since she rarely speaks to anyone. She talks to herself a lot in French though, since she doesn't see the point in trying to 'fit in' when she's clearly an outsider already. She daydreams a lot and doesn't really care about the 'rules' about how to behave since she doesn't feel like there's any point in it. She's a pretty anxious person and she cares more about others than herself at times. She has a lot of feelings and can't really control herself, if she gets angry, sad or any other strong feeling, she'll hit anything near her or even herself. At other times she can shut completely and be 'gone', when things get too much for her to handle.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Fears: People being mean to her, things that reminds her of bad memories

    Likes: Happy persons, people who don't judge, reading, writing, listening to music

    Dislikes: People who only cares about the outside, snow, dogs

    History/Bio: April was born in France, and when she was 11 she moved with her dad to where she now lives. April and her dad escaped her abusive mom and started a new life. Growing up April had a brother who was a year older than her. They were together pretty much and April didn't hang out with others, although her brother had other friends. But they got seperated when their parents split up. April's brother wanted to stay in France because he had friends there and he needed to stay with their mom, and April moved with her dad since she didn't have anything to hold onto except from her brother.

    When she got to the new school she was a bit of a loner since she didn't speak much English, and some thought of her as wierd because of her, to some, strange behaviour. She had a hard time trusting anyone and she didn't speak much to anyone because of her bad English, and as she learned she still didn't have any friends. Soon people started making rumors about her, the way she looked, the way she behaved and her accent. She was pretty much in her own world since no one spoke to her, or when they did they didn't say anything nice.

    Other: -
  6. how ever you would wish to start it.. (: it is your post.. o-0 the only idea i have is starting it out in the hallway of the school..? o-0