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  1. G U A R D I A
    A Roleplay by Domina Della


    Date: February 25, 2075
    Location: Many miles below the ocean's surface


    It was the morning of the new day. The lights turn on in each guardia, signaling the coming light for the residents. Many are just waking up and beginning their day. The guardias swim in the dark waters, close together in a flock of underwater zeppelins. On board, the day is beginning and activity increases. Junior Pilots walk around, monitoring everything and stopping people and things whenever necessary. Today was turning out to be a normal far.
    Guardia Lapis; one of the neighborhoods

    "Residents. Attention all residents. Please make your way to the nearest Information Screener. Attention all residents. Please make your way to the nearest Information Screener."

    The robotic female voice chimed out, repeating the instructions many times to the residents. People began to make their way towards the small pillars located around their residential guardias. They would produce a large holographic screen that would broadcast footage from wherever it was taking place. Whatever the news was, it was certainly big.

    This is where everything began to change.

    This is where everything that was normal began to change into something not so normal.

  2. Alex woke up with a start. The lights were turned on which meant it was morning. He got up and rubbed his eyes sitting on his bed and looking around at his small room. It was better than what he had before the accident... no room. He got up, showered, dressed and then ran into Seele's room to give her her wake up call. "Seele." He said with a calm soothing voice "Its time to get up." He worked on his voice all the time for waking her up. It couldn't be weekly but it couldn't be ruff either, it had to be perfect... mainly because she saved him quite some time ago and he never was able to repay her. He grabbed his tablet and opened up the days schedule for when she finished with her morning habits. An announcement went on that drawled their attention to the information screener. Luckily he could pull it up on his tablet after... bending some rules...
  3. Seele was pulled away from her frightful dream by the soothing voice of Alex. Removing herself from the dream land, she opened her eyes to see the glare of the morning lights and Alex's friendly and comforting smile. She sat up and let the blankets fall to the ground. Her hair was in a slightly tangled mess and her eyes looked far removed; she had not slept well. She smiled at Alex whom was already beginning to plan for the day. He was such a good and boy. "Good morning," she greeted with a yawn.

    As Seele stood from the bed the announcement speaker went off again. 'What could it be at this time of morning?' she wondered. It made her nerves. "Have you eaten yet, Alex?" she asked as she rummaged though her closet and pulled out that day's attire. The announcement might have been dire, but she didn't want to rush too much. And besides, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  4. A had been studying in his room in of the grandeur structures inside the Lapis. He was not in the mood for listening to yet another announcement. It was bad enough he barely got enough sleep with all the studying it required for him to suffice as a Junior Pilot. He sighed heavily and dressed himself in fine clothing before heading downstairs to the Information Screener. He had one installed in his house simply for the convenience of not having to go outside and witness the stupidity of people. A had a book in his hand entitled: Construction of The Guardia. He was going to learn all he could about this thing that he lived on before even daring to even try and run part of it. To do that, he would have to know things inside and out like the back of his hand.

    X was busy taking care of business aboard the Lumos. She made her way to the Information Screener just like everyone else aboard the Lumos. For a small moment her mind wandered to what her twin was doing before he was the announcement. X smiled to herself. He was probably studying like usual. She was starting to wonder if he even could even surpass her if he became a Junior Pilot. It would just be another thing that he was better at doing than her. X shook her head. She had many other duties to attend to before worrying about things like that. She waited at the Information Screener and hoped that it wouldn't take long. X was extremely hungry in the morning and if she didn't eat soon, everyone aboard the Lumos would have to deal with her attitude until she ate.
  5. Raven awoke to the robot person and sat up. man is it morning all ready? i want to sleep a little more. she pouts then remabers that she not the gusse anymore and is now part of the ship. she sighs and gets dress for her day at work. she mostly follows Senior Pilot Kyser Lupos. she likes him for he was the one who saved her. but she didn't want to lose where Senior Pilot Kyser Lupos. she new everything she like a monkey around this place she knows every thing she been on this ship for awite and know where everything is. it was something her father could do and her mother was the must sleep longer witch is why she sleep all the time. She ran to get to Senior Pilot Kyser Lupos. But was stopped when some guy from some people of the ship. "hey stupid what are you doing her treing to get to you master." the other laughed. she tryed to punch tham but they just grabbed her hand. "hey let go of me jurks i need to get back to Senior Pilot Kyser Lupos or he will leave me behind." she yelled at them trying to pull away from tham. one of the guys smacked her. "missy want to go home to her master. I wouldn't want to keep Senior Pilot Kyser Lupos waiting" the other guy said in a girly voice. "let me go" she said and kicked him. but he still didn't let go.
  6. The giant screens were projected up from screeners. A hologram of the ten Senior Pilots, all standing in a neat line, appeared. They all stood straight, formal, and serious. Emotionless expressions were plastered on their faces. The robotic female voice chimed, "Live from Lumos, Senior Pilots speaking."

    Andelia stepped up in front of her Senior Pilot companions, speaking in a clear and loud tone.

    "Today, residents, marks a day none will soon forget. One that will be remembered with tears and shock. Today, residents, our Master Pilot...our leader and our provider, Ambren Salus..."

    She paused. Eventually Kyser Lupos spoke in a grave and deep tone, declaring the news to the whole fleet.

    "Ambren Salus is dead."
    End of Intro

  7. Section 1
    All of the residents on all of the guardias have been given the grave news: Ambren Salus, the Master Pilot and inventor of the guardias, has died. This raises many questions: Why? How? Who will become Master Pilot? Little did anyone know this would be just the first of many events to cause the community of the guardias to spiral into chaos...

    Silence is felt in all the guardias. For a few moments, no one speaks. No one does anything. They stare in disbelief. They realize this is all too real.

    A flutter of nervous chattering and cries break out, demanding answers or just crying in sadness. The Senior Pilots on screen remain in their stationary pose, though some have tears glistening in their eyes. Kyser and Andelia remain emotionless as if they were hard statues with no hearts. Andelia makes another announcement.

    "The screening of the funeral will be tonight at 6:00pm. We all hold Ambren Salus in our hearts."

    Then the screens were turned off. "Screening is over. Screening is over." The voice repeats cheerily, despite the solemn news that was just delivered.

    The abrupt ending of the screening is not passed by. Many wonder why the announcement was so brief. Why did Ambren die? How? Who will be Master Pilot? What will happen to the guardias after the passing of their creator?

    The future seemed cloudy and almost frightening to the residents.
  8. Alex looks up at Seele, "Um, no I haven't had breakfast yet." Alex said looking at his feet. He held the tablet in his hands waiting for the announcement to be shown through it. He waited for Seele to finish readying in silence, but kept in the room just in case she need him to grab something. As he stood in silence, still looking at his feet, disappointed in himself for forgetting to eat before he woke her up.

    The announcement turned on and he held it up to Seele so she could see. When he heard Ambren Salus had died he was startled and almost dropped it. He felt sick with worry, and he held the tablet close to his chest after it finished waiting to see what Seele had to say about it. His arms were shaking a little with anticipation, 'whats going to happen without the Master Pilot?'
  9. Hearing the announcement, Amber just stood there in shock. What would happen now? Who would replace the Master Pilot? It took a few seconds to get herself together. She didn't have time to stand there like a statue, she had glass to maintain. Realizing she was still holding her glass cutting saw, she blushed and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Seeing a girl being harassed by larger men, she slowly walked over held up her saw so it was in plain sight, but not so high it would look like she was threatening them to the other people around. "Leave the girl alone, would ya?" she said with a grin and raised her eyebrows. Amber built up a lot of muscle doing glass work and she could take 'em if they wanted a fight, but she hoped they would just leave. Amber didn't want to waste any time, she had work to do.
  10. Seele was stunned by this news. With such a earth-shattering event, so much could happen. Her mother had met the Master Pilot once, and that is all she really knew of him, other than what everyone else knew. But he was the force that brought the Guardia's into existence, and what held them together with the help of the other pilots. Without him... where would they be? Where would they go?

    Seele tried to push away the shock in her face and the worry in her mind; she didn't wish to startle Alex. Seele swallowed the lump in her throat, "Alex..." she began weakly. "Let's go make breakfast..." she said, trying to avoid the news. She put on a worried and badly feigned smile as she went to the kitchen and began to pull out fine glassware and ingredients to make Belgium Waffles; her personal favorite. "Alex, can you slice the strawberries while I begin to make the batter?" she requested. She pulled out a bowl of fresh and juicy strawberries she had gotten from the Terra Guardia's gardens.

    'Maybe Senior Pilot Seung Kim... or even Senara... or one of the other Seniors will be come to my shop. Then I could ask about the Mas... or would that be impolite? Well no matter who I see, there will be talk and gossip about it... I will find out something... I hope,' Seele pondered as she mixed her ingredients.
  11. A is not in the least bit phased by the news. While most people would be mourning the creator's death, there were probably more important matters at hand. Who was to become the new Master Pilot? A did not personally know any of the Senior pilots so he wasn't really interested in the business at all. He would attend the funeral to be polite and he was curious to know how the Master Pilot suddenly died now of all times. If anything, this made A want to study all he could about the Guardias. In his mind, if one of the Senior Pilots was to become the Master Pilot, there would be a Senior Pilot spot open. His sister would have her chance to forever remain out of his reach if she took the chance. A chuckled. He was being silly. It was possible that no such thing would happen. He turned away to prepare for the funeral. He would wear one of his best suits for the occasion and of course he would leave without his walking cane. However, that was simply just for looks.

    X was dumbstruck. Her voice had been caught in her throat. For a moment, she didn't know how to react. X had suddenly lost the motivation to do anything. She had looked up the Master Pilot and now that he was gone, she no longer had a model to follow or look up to. She was just X now. She sat down in a nearby chair. She wondered who was going to become the New Master Pilot. Even though the loss was tragic, that was an even bigger problem to look at. She was sure that there was at least one person who wanted to become the Master Pilot. And if that person is indeed a senior pilot, would that not leave a spot open for someone to become a senior pilot? X sighed. Her mind was in several places. She didn't say a word until the funeral was scheduled to take place.
  12. The guys that was hurting Raven left her alone. And walked away from her. Raven sighed and didn't say anything. Then she hurryed away from her to Kyser Lupos. She hurryed next to Kyser Lupos after the meeting. "what happend?" she asked Kyser Lupois. but he looked scary then before. so she she started to reget what she said. why is everyone so sad and look like they want to just want to cry wall some are just crying there eyes out. but Senior Pilot Kyser Lupos he just looks scary. she looked down waiting to be yelled at. she waned nothing more then to leave right there right now. But she didn't want to look like a cowerd. Ok be ready Raven, be ready for the world of yelling again. and he look so scary it not funny.she looked up to him and waited.
  13. Amber looked on as the girl hurried away. She hadn't said a word of thanks! Well, Amber was already behind for today's work so she had to get going. She had a whole patch of land to decorate, and she wasn't going to slack off. She hid her saw in her purse and went to look for the path back home. Walking back to he small house on the edge of the Gardens, she wondered what would happen now, and how it would effect her peaceful life of solitude. Looking at the screen posted on the mini-computer she wore on her wrist, she saw that Tempus' connection with Oppidium would occur tomorrow, allowing her to get more supplies to work with. "Perfect!", she said, and she got to work.
  14. Alex looked at Seele, she seemed calm, almost unaffected untill she spoke. Her voice was a little shaky and she drawled his attention to breakfast. He was somewhat relieved, it was beter than meditating in their sorrows.

    Alex followed her to the kitchen and she started to take things out for breakfast, he stood waiting for her to tell him what to do, she asked him to cut the strawberries so he took them and started to chop. He was a little distracted wondering what was to happen to them. He was still very nervous about it, regardless he felt better seeing Seele so calm.

    As he continued to cut he almost cut his finger he jumped back dogging the blade in his own hand. He was more distracted than he thought. "Is this enough?" he said, his voice quivered as he spoke.
  15. ((Can I begin??? >.<))
    Sky fitted on her white top hat with the light pink ribbon turned and looked in the mirror and then ran out to her shop. "Good Morning, Ciel's Clothing!" She greeted it. "Let the doors be opened!" She opened the doors and switched the sign to "open". Beautiful pieces of men and women clothing were hanging from the wall, and fabrics were laid out on many tables. Waiting for a customer she fiddled around with a fabric piece, deciding what would be her next famous dress. Sky was already wearing her favorite dress and no dress would ever take it's place. In fact she was wearing her favorite outfit, the one she wore each and every time that she could.
  16. Ashur had beenup for a long period of time, uch longer than the others. As a child he was taught that one got up to worship the lord at sunrise, as well as other times. Now that particular practice was out dated. But the memory seemed servicable since the originator of the Guardia system was just announced dead. He frowned looking out at the eerie blue sea ahead of him from the helm of the submariner. What a waste of human lives. The human species was created by Allah to praise him, not to destroy each other in a meaningless bid of nationalism. He turned from the view towards his captain.
    "What is the heading today, sir?" He said in a british accent.
  17. "Be careful," Seele reminded Alex as she took the bowl away from him. "Very good," she approved with a warming smile. The smile was partly forced, but not faked. 'Why do I feel so burdened? Nothing should change... Should it? He must have planed for this to happen one day; no one is immortal...' the thoughts would be with her all day. Questions were popping up in her head left and right. The Guardia's were all she had ever known. And the order that the Master Pilot had set was what she followed. She feared change. It was not unlike what she felt when her mother died.

    She set the bowl, and thoughts, aside for the moment and grabbed her waffle iron. As she allowed it to heat up she inquired, "Do you know how to make whipped cream Alex?"
  18. "Oh, sorry Ms. Seele." He said quietly as she took the bowl from him. She grabbed a waffle iron then asked him if he could make whipped cream.

    "Umm... no." He said quietly looking down to his feet again. He did this often, normally following a point where he felt he had disappointed someone, mainly Seele. "I could if you showed me... I think." He added at the end as if trying to redeem himself from his current failure. For the most part he isn't very confident in himself, with a couple of exceptions that come about almost randomly. He continued to gaze down not wanting to see Seele's disappointment in him, he knew she was disappointed, she had to be if he couldn't do this simple task for her.
  19. "Well, since it's not busy today... I suppose I'll go say hi to Seele." Sky said. She started walking towards the Seele's shop. "Maybe I'll get some new jewelry!" she said to herself.
  20. The Argentum took a gradual turn in the water. It was not supposed to because they were supposed to coordinate with each other this morning. But the captain of Argentum wanted to see something. It had been five years since they had sunk below the water. What had happened to the others. It was a qustion no body wanted to really ask. But Ashur had requested it. The Argentum sent out a ping and began to break away fromt he others.