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  1. I'm surprised a thread for this hasn't been made yet.

    Anyone grab GTA V for the PC?

    I don't own it myself yet, but a friend I'm connected to via family share does.
    So I'm downloading and testing out his copy.
  2. I don't feel need to own another copy of GTAV. I still haven't finished it, yet I don't feel compelled to.

    Just...meh, is all I feel about GTAV. Aside from Trevor, that guy was great.
  3. Maybe one day, I'll feel compelled to return to Los Santos, and when that day comes, I'll probably nab the PC version for the superior controls and performance, but I kind of lost interest after the 500th or so hour playing that game.
  4. Got two friends who won't stop saying "thanks for beta testing" whenever they talk about it with me.

    I'm a mustard, but it gets annoying. Played the game for days on two generations of consoles already.
  5. the serious kind of elitism from anyone really rips my cock off.
  6. Shouldn't worry about it so much if it's that nasty.

    I let them prattle. Owning whatever console I please and a nice PC puts me a few steps above the noisy rabble, it's quieter and easier going up here. Exclusives abound and my own choice of mulitplats.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.