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  1. hi, welcome to my search thread
    the name is shanelle. i'm twenty years old. i've been an on again off again roleplayer since
    I was fifteen years old. as of right now, i have quite a bit of time on my hands and would
    like to get back into the groove of writing. i am a college student but that won't be much
    of a problem since i literally take my laptop everywhere with me. lmao. i am also currently
    unemployed but that will change hopefully change soon.

    rules and stuff
    i'm online almost all the time so replies won't be that bad.
    unless i'm feelin' kinda blah, i'll definitely let you know.
    i'm not too picky about my partner. it's suppose to be
    fun to please don't stress about it. if you aren't feeling it then
    just tell me. i would do the same.
    i'm not grammar nazi either. i understand if english isn't your
    first language but when you have a browser such as firefox or chrome,
    it would be nice to use the spell check so i don't hurt my brain trying to
    figure out what you're telling me. lmao
    i prefer to roleplay over threads. i don't have any
    good experience when it comes to roleplaying through pms, google docs, or skype.
    and lastly, i have an obsession with stories filled with horror and dark drama
    such as addictions, murder, abuse, gore, and mature themes.
    also, i am totally okay with romance. i actually love it tbh.
    so lets talk about love but please, no instant romance shit. lmao

    cravings and plot ideas
    as well as the pairings that i'm craving. i decided that it would be a good way for my
    roleplay partners to get a better idea of who i am and what i like if i added this here. so here we go
    musician(addict) x abusive lover/fan
    binge eater ghoul x human hunter/
    supernatural creature who becomes an artist's muse at the cost of the artist's life once the
    painting is complete (i'm really digging this one)
    a demonic artist who kills by painting his victims' souls onto his canvas
    group of friends start a band and try to make it big (one x one / group)
    +will add more later!

    word bank and phrases
    the purpose of this is for you to pick and choose what interests you and sending me a message
    with said words and we could come up with a story or whatever. cos we all know how hard it
    could be deciding what kind of roleplay we all want to do. so here are a lot of words and
    phrases that tickle my fancy.
    * the ones highlighted are my personal favorites
    Show Spoiler

    [BCOLOR=#666699]addictions[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ gangs ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]romance[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ murder ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]gore[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ school settings ┆┆ time travel ┆┆ music and art ┆┆ super humans ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]post-apocalypse[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ witchcraft ┆┆ video games ┆┆ military ┆┆ mecha ┆┆ careers ┆┆ corruption ┆┆ black mail ┆┆ death ┆┆ fluffy stuff ┆┆ step siblings ┆┆ abuse ┆┆ couples ┆┆ adventure ┆┆ fantasy ┆┆ dragons ┆┆ spirits ┆┆ experiments ┆┆ love affairs ┆┆ hostages ┆┆ roommates ┆┆ virtual reality ┆┆ dysfunction ┆┆ power struggles ┆┆ celebrities ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]manipulation[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]angst[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ reunited ┆┆ love/hate ┆┆ action ┆┆ opposites attract ┆┆ friendships ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]drama[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]dark[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ villains ┆┆ journeys ┆┆ lost ┆┆ lore ┆┆ damaged ┆┆ betrayal ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]self destruction[/BCOLOR] ┆┆cute ┆┆ magic ┆┆ reincarnations ┆┆ mythical ┆┆ freedom ┆┆ secrets ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]purge[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ arranged marriage ┆┆ change of power ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]chaos and order [/BCOLOR]┆┆ companionship as salvation ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]destruction of beauty[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ fate and free will ┆┆ folklore ┆┆ forbidden romance ┆┆ heartbreak ┆┆ gambling ┆┆ immortality ┆┆ pregnancies ┆┆ temptations ┆┆ vulnerability of the strong/weak ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]war[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]will to survive[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ destiny ┆┆ contracts ┆┆ dungeons ┆┆ stranger in a strange land ┆┆ humanity's last hope ┆┆ bionics ┆┆ cyborgs ┆┆ steampunk ┆┆ fugitives ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]creatures intergrading into human society[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ humor ┆┆ beast riders ┆┆ dragon riders ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]civilians caught up in war [/BCOLOR]┆┆ mercenaries ┆┆ assassins ┆┆ bodyguards ┆┆ castles in the sky ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]trapped in an mmo[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ preventing the apocalypse ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]bands trying to make it big[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ monster girls/boys ┆┆ shapeshifting ┆┆ fighting to return home ┆┆ accidental demon summoning ┆┆ band of heroes ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]terminal illnesses[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ communicating with ghosts ┆┆ exorcists ┆┆ demon hunters ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]dystopian worlds[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ parties ┆┆ beast tamers ┆┆ small isolated towns ┆┆ tragedy ┆┆ leader and subordinate ┆┆ class differences ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]end of the world[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ fallen heroes ┆┆ misguided heroes ┆┆ rivals ┆┆ animal riders ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]strangers bonding over a shared loss[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ coping with the loss ┆┆ inspirational mentor ┆┆ purehearted seen as monsters ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]underground rebellions[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ unlikely saviors ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]promises from long time past[/BCOLOR] ┆┆ whimsical dreamworlds ┆┆ familiars ┆┆ legendary weapons ┆┆ [BCOLOR=#666699]knowing the path will lead to one's demise[/BCOLOR]
    + recommend me things!

    no interest or things i won't do
    Show Spoiler

    mpreg ┆┆ slice of life ┆┆ extreme age gaps ┆┆ shota ┆┆ vampires and werewolves ┆┆ incest ┆┆ anything too historical ┆┆ insta love ┆┆ love at first sight ┆┆ master and slave ┆┆ sex driven roleplays ┆┆ rape ┆┆

    canon characters, original characters and/or alternate universes.

    Nana (oc / cc)
    GANGSTA. (oc / cc)
    Sword Art Online (oc)
    The Division (oc )
    TOKYO GHOUL (oc / cc)
    Naruto Shippuden (oc / cc / au)

    Wolf's Rain (oc / cc / au)

    last but not least: other shit that i thought of last minute lmfao
    face claims: referring to the characters that i create, i do use 'anime' for face claims -and
    i hope you do to- to give my partner and i a good idea of what our characters look like.
    however, i am not against using real life models as characters as well.
    seme/uke: i honestly don't like those terms. just gives me a weird feeling but to put your
    wonders and questions to rest, i'm a switch. my characters are more than just their sexuality
    and as much as i love sex, i don't want a roleplay heavily based on getting laid.
    so ya that's it
    sorry for all the reading. but if you're still interested, hmu if you wanna create a story with me.
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  2. You had me at Charlotte. Totally interested *v*
  3. Yooo. It was such a good anime! Any specific idea on what you wanna do?
  4. To be honest, the only possible plot I can think of for this is just a new group of characters that start up the search for new students into the academy. One being the leader, the other being the newbie.

    I'll probably will have to think more about the plot.
  5. Sounds good to me tbh. I've watched the anime and it doesn't give a face to the enemy, so without that, thinking of a plot is difficult on its own.
    I, personally, like to play the twisty kind of characters. "Bad boy goes good." or something along those lines. Haha.
    That alone can probably spark a few ideas with plots and whatnot, no? :o
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  6. You're right, but none the less, we can create our own enemy if necessary.

    Yeah, actually, that does spark a good rounded idea, maybe. Hm, actually, I think I may have an idea for the roleplay, if you don't mind me moving this to pm, I would love to share it with you!
  7. Hey! I like your way of doing things, and i want to play a little more, but i have no plot in mind.
    Maybe i'd like something with historical-fantasy or such.
    Do you know Legend of the 5 Rings?
  8. Yo. Thank you!
    But I'm sorry to say, this is the first time I'm hearing of it. :((
    Care to give me an idea of what it is?
  9. Are you still up for the Spirited Away roleplay? I've craved that plot idea for so loonnng XD
  10. For sure! I've had a few ideas about going about that. lmao. I'll message you.
  11. L5R to a shorten is a TCG and RPG set in a fantasy feudal japan where there are mostly humans, but also there are any kind of yokai, bakemono, oni and mithical creatures.
    There is magic too, and the whole empire is in constant battle within it or against a dark god (it pretty much resembles Sauron really)

    What i like about it is that it's fantasy but magic it's not thaaaat spectacular, fantastic creatures are mostly rare to almost inexistant (inside the empire, in the dark god's real there are only monsters) and the setting is carefully planned so the historical japanese setting could be felt
  12. Yeah, the first thought that comes to mind is LoTR. Just more asian cultured. Haha.
    Well, it sounds alright. Not completely sold on it yet. What kind of ideas/plots do you have in mind for it?
  13. none in particular. The canon is not really interesting, so i think that we could use it as a base (or it's spirit of Asian LoTR) to build something up. Are you interested?
  14. Hi there, I'd love to do a Destiny based roleplay. Care to PM me?
  15. Druggie artist x apprentice looks interesting.
  16. Still searching for horror themed roleplays!
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