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  1. [​IMG]Status: Looking for some cool partners!

    Hi. The name is Ms Grump. I'm grumpy irl but I try not to bite as much over the internet. Unless you're into that kind of stuff. (waggles eyebrows)

    I can usually write 2+ paragraphs on a semi-regular basis. I have incredibly bad writer's block but I'm not going to use that as an excuse. But please do take in mind that there are some days where I'd just like to fall asleep reading Ray Bradbury. I would like to see decent grammar, spelling, punctuation, and at least a few paragraphs. I'm not perfect either so no worries! I'm cool with mature stuff (18+ please) and am also cool with non-sexual role plays. :^)

    I do mainly MxM plots but will do the occasional MxF plot if it interests me. So it doesn't hurt to ask but please don't be offended if I decline. On the note of positions; I don't care. However, I know many people like being ukes. I only ask that you stay away from the stereotypical weak and cutesy uke. Thank you! (sweats) As much as I love sci-fi, I have found that I cannot role play in a sci-fi setting. I will also decline historical plots unless it is loosely based on any Ancient East Asian civilization. I do not role play fandom stuff with canon characters.

    Please PM me and tell me what you're interested in and what you expect of me, etc. Do not post on this thread! Then we can talk about plot, characters, setting, and anything else we need before starting. It would be awesome if you could tell me if you prefer anime pics, real pics, or a written description for your character. Also, for character sheets I usually only put the bare minimum - Name, age, gender, and anything else of importance you'd like to add. Take in mind that I won't accept every single request I get. I don't like to have a lot of role plays and I currently have two off-site. So if I reject you, feel free to PM me again if I'm looking for more partners!

    I really love befriending my role play buddies. Even if our role play might not work out, I'd still want to be your friend! So don't hesitate to unleash your inner weirdness, 'cause goodness I am on a whole 'nother level of weird. :^) Also, don't be afraid to tell me that you're done with our role play. Nothing is worse than having to wait over a month to get a reply because by then, I lose all of my motivation.

    PSA: I am not your porn buddy via role playing.
    PSA2: I am always willing (and eager) to look at other plots! So if you have something else in mind, feel free to PM me about it.

    • I'm a super cliche person so click at your own risk.
    • The slums are where the demons live. Vampires, incubus, succubis, the whole lot. The city is where the humans and the angels live. Beautiful creatures that are allowed to look down at their evil neighbors. When a string of murders takes place in the city, a high-class detective is sent to the slums. Within, the detective finds himself saddled with a demonic prostitute who claims to know a thing or two about the murders.
    • A popular businessman makes a bet with his friends on one drunk Friday night. Seduce and have sex with the singer from the live band. So the dashing businessman charms the singer, eager to make a couple easy hundreds and have a great night of sex. But he didn't realize that he would fall so hard for the singer. So the businessman continues the relationship in secret. But what will happen when the singer comes to realize that their relationship is a 'sham'?
    • On a mellow afternoon, a scarred amputee veteran bumps into a blind man. They both have had their fair share of troubles but they have endured. Will they go their separate paths or will they find comfort within each other?
    • A rowdy boy bullies a blind boy/girl to the point where s/he switches schools. Fast forward a few years. The young bully has finally realized his wrong-doings and wishes to fix what he has broken. He seeks out his childhood victim for forgiveness but will the blind girl/boy grant it? (Loosely based on the manga A Silent Voice . Den/den manga, a must-read.)
    • Hannibal and Dexter. OCs please!
    • SEAL x Merman. Cop x Villain. Dancer x Instructor. Assassin x Assassin.

    • [​IMG]Monty. Monty. Monty.

      His lips formed that precious name, but he did not speak it. It was there unspoken on his tongue. Oh, Monty. When will you finally realize that I am the only one for you? When will you give your entire being to this humble servant of yours? "I've fallen in love with another person," Monty said one cold night. "You'll like him, trust me."

      "I trust you." Those words had left him, nipping his tongue and lips. As much as Jamie Sweets loved Monty, he couldn't bear to divide the other's love with another person. Not again. His ten year relationship with him was like a long winter. All Jamie could do was wait for spring. So he endured the deep chill inside his body and brushed away frozen tears.

      "I love you Jamie," he said. "You're my one and only best friend." Jamie knew he was telling the truth. But the cold still numbed his heart.

      "I love you too."

      The fateful day arrived, much to his chagrin. Jamie put on his best sweater and slacks, taking care to part his hair neatly and comb it. What was the guy's name again? Ah, yes. Nathaniel. Three syllables. He had a list of names he didn't like - Marie. Jason. Alex. Allison. Max. He would have to add Nathaniel to that list now. Jamie clenched his eyes shut, eyebrows furrowing in deep thought as he suppressed the sudden wave of jealousy and rage that surged through him.

      He had to stay calm. A pleasant demeanor would make Monty happy. He would do anything to make Monty happy. So when he heard the knocks, Jamie opened the front door and greeted the pair with a wide smile plastered on his face. His brown eyes immediately directed themselves to the unfamiliar omega before gazing at Monty's beautiful features.

      "It's nice to meet you Nathaniel," he nonchalantly answered before stepping up towards his loved one. "Hello Monty," he lovingly murmured as he placed a hand on the man's shoulder. "Please come in. Are you hungry? I prepared some of your favorite snacks."

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