Grumps, who's that in your avatar?

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  1. She's really hot.
  2. *Pulls a Sam Fisher-style neck-breaking on Darkness*

  3. "Go away." Kunari mutter.
  4. Thank's for asking the question, I'll be sure to clarify it in the rules seeing some may not be familiar with it. It's as Crow explained. Since I run a dark type gym, you can't challenge me with Two fighting types, a bug and fairy type Pokemon. This rule is to prevent unfair advantages to our gym challengers. Currently, the Grass and Water gym have been occupied, but Ghost is free!
  5. Wait, give me a second, it doesn't have tits?

    Oh. Well, okay, I'm more into nice asses myself.
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  6. Quit staring at mah ass, dude, that's kinda homosexual.

    In fact, there's no 'kind of' about it; it IS gay.

    *Beats Grummy with a chair*
  8. lol it has a butt-chin

  9. Who's saying it's gay? She has a great ass, however high on her face it is.
  10. 0.0

    That's an epic picture, Weavel

  12. NOT BROS

  13. All right! I thought that might have been what it was, but I wanted to double check. :D Ghost it is, then. I'll have to work on my team.

    Edit: Ah, wait, has anyone else expressed interest in being the Fairy gym leader? If not, I think I'll switch to Fairy. Ghost is a bit tricky.
  15. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!
  16. (Original Poster: Gwazi Magnum)

    AUGUST 14, 2016

    Bravado could only shake his head and tsk at Remnant before saying "Ah well, Telepathy was worth a shot... Hey, maybe I could wire that in.." seeming to be derailed before he shifted himself back and said "Oh! And Chiaki isn't going to die, don't you know that readers hate spoilers? No way in hell is the expected gonna happen... Wait, unless if that's the spoiler... Woah, this is like, you know screw it. You see how it's going to go down is ********** and then ********** with the big *******! And then you become a real boy!".

    Though by this point Remnant seemed to have already decided to drop the topic, which Bravado could only mope at and say "Oh fine! Be boring about it why don't ya?". Though at this point he probably should be paying attention to the others, so looking back up at Chiaki and Hiarku he asked "What are you two waiting for? You're already allowed in!".
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    AUGUST 14, 2016

    "We'll be their main concern." Great. That meant all of the attention of these gun-toting lunatics would be centered around her so long as she was near Killshot. Jewel mentally kicked herself for getting involved. She wasn't a soldier! She was a teenage hobo, for Christ's sake! And now here she was getting caught in a very public gun battle.

    She took the offered gun like it were a rotten fish, holding it away from her as parts of the casing started to crack. It would probably be good for a shot or two, but after that no one in their right mind would fire the weapon. Jewel wouldn't even fire the weapon right now; as the terrorists began to draw closer she ducked under Killshot and tried to make herself as small as possible. Tears started to well up in her eyes and the sound of ripping seams was missed over the gunfire.

    "When I shoot, you run for it. My team should be just around a corner in a food court. Keep your head low and don't look back. I'll be right behind you."

    Jewel managed to nod at his instructions, and as soon as he started firing she bolted like a maniac. She ran and ran and didn't dare look back. She rounded the corner and saw the food court. As soon as she was in sight, however, Killshot's soldiers rounded on her and trained their weapons.

    "Don't shoot!" she cried and raised her arms. They had paused and so had she, frozen in the middle of the now empty public square. She didn't realize her mistake until a bullet whizzed into her leg. "AAH!"

    On contact with her skin the bullet shattered, shrapnel tearing through her jeans and cutting her leg. It was a large wound, but thankfully not very deep. Even so, the surprise of it made her fall to the ground and for her gun to slide way out of her reach. She turned, and three terrorists had somehow cut around Killshot and were now firing at his men. Jewel crawled towards the soldiers, sparing frightful looks back as the men gained ground. Slowly, more men found a way to join them. Then her hand landed on the gun.

    She turned around, the weapon held in trembling fingers - and also the wrong way. She'd never shot anything in her life. But they were getting closer. She held the gun sideways, her fingers still not really grabbing tight, and pulled the trigger.

    By some miracle, for her that was the perfect position. When she squeezed the entire gun exploded, the fired bullet passing through the middle man's skull and the other two killed by steel and carbon fiber shrapnel. Jewel jumped back as this happened, staring slack-jawed at what she'd just done.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't over. That little explosion drew the attention of the other men to her.
  18. Voldemort's a woman? Well, that explains a lot.