Grrreetings and Salutations, dearies.

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  1. Hii.

    I am 19, married, and have been craving role play for the past... oh...... 2 years.

    So, here I am! I love all things Artistic and animals. I am in school to become an Animal Behaviorist and train Shelter Dogs so they have a second chance at life.

    However, someday soon, I shall be on the stages of the Grand Ole Opry and Broadway, singing and being all dramatic like.

    Let me see, I like people.. but don't love them. And I Love animals... and never hate them.. Unless its a spider.... Or a hissing snake..... or something else wild that doesn't have a clear wall protecting our boundaries. Other than that, all animals are beautiful. :D

    I am a military wife. And I have been married almost a year. [A year on June 22nd.]

    I am going to get a dog soon. A German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. He has the long silky fur of a Goldie and the colouring of the Shepherd. Lovely.

    ^_^ Welp, I guess I will go out searching for a role play. :D TOODLE LOO loves. :) <3
  2. Welcome! I am to assume you're a fan of Once Upon a Time? The title gives me that impression and if so, awesome! =D

    Anywho, it's a pleasure to have you dear and it's always good to hear from military wives too! Dogs, I love dogs xD I have three of them and they're all pains in the butts but eh. Go and roleplay! =D
  3. Once Upon a Time is the most.... interesting and mind thrilling eyegasmic experience of my life.. o.o It has literally destroyed days and nights of my life as I lay in bed and watch, rewatch, and watch again on netflix. :)

    And I shall RP as soon as I get that email notification that authenticates meee. It still hasn't come and I've been on for almost..... an entire day now? Or two?
  4. Are you able to send PMs? If not I would suggest leaving a note on Diana, Vay or Blind Hummingway's pages. Maybe they can auto that for you =O. Also, check your spam/trash as sometimes important stuff goes in there by accident T-T;;.

    Yes...that show, mmm...Rumple../drools.
  5. It worked, magically... Somehow...

    And yes... Any other story I'd be like.. eww.. rumple...

    HOWEVER, in this story, Rumple has the makings of being an amazing husband.. = 3= I think he is a romantic at heart. Especially at the end of the first[?] season.
  6. I agree. Personally, I really find Belle annoying...I don't know why. She's always the damsel in distress but eh...Anywhos, stop by chat once in a while! It's easier to talk there! Happy roleplaying, :).