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  1. Sorry this may sound like a very average roleplay. I am looking for a dominant male and I wanted to roleplay guy x guy.

    I just want to roleplay a short of everyday plot, the two characters starting with a crush, confessing, the awkard moments before dating, then being secretive with their parents that they are gay. Eventually being found out, the two move in with one another, take the big step in the bedroom (sexy times), thinking about marriage, and maybe a few added things here and there.
  2. Adorable! I'd love to hear more. PM me ALL your ideas for this!!
  3. This sounds so cute! I'm totally up for it!
    Do you mind if the dominant is a gentle person? Or a badboy who has to be tamed?
  4. Either one is something I am fine with :) they both will be fun!
  5. I'll go with the bad boy then! xD
  6. Heh alright! I gotta go to school but pm me a character and I'll reply when I get back.
  7. I'm at class at this moment but I'll do it when I get home.
  8. Alright ^^ take your time
  9. Okay, so, do you want to be dominant or submissive?
  10. Alrighty xD
    I'm making my character now !
  11. Sadly, I was forced to turn off my computer so I'll post his CS tomorrow. Found a really good picture to use for him :3
  12. Alright :) I'm excited!
  13. Haha, he's a really cold and seemingly angry guy, and then only opens up a little when around his crush :3
  14. Show Spoiler
    (This one was just so sexy xD )


    Name: Axel Chandler
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2"
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Hobbies: Sword fighting, singing, dancing and archery.
    Personality: Quiet, cold, hot-tempered when someone angers or insults him, horrible with kids, surprisingly insecure about himself and sarcastic.
    Quirks: He listens to music almost 24/7, and always wears his headphones even if they aren't playing something, he tends to correct at his hat when he's nervous and he never eats around other people.
    Bio: Axel was born into your everyday family, with a mom, dad, and an older brother. During his early years, his brother died in an accident and his parents ended up blaming him in their grief. In the end, Axel just learned to ignore it and began practicing all kinds of things. Especially did he practice archery and sword-fighting. He had to do something with cutting inanimate objects up in order to calm himself down, or shoot after some target. He tried his best to ignore his parents at home. Eventually, his anger towards himself was launched out at other people, such as his friends. He would initiate fights with them, and in the end became feared at the school. His parents didn't like this change, but he didn't want to listen to them any longer. He also dyed his hair pink to defy them. Axel dresses like he does also to provoke his parents most possible, and he doesn't want anyone to tell him why he shouldn't dress like that. Whenever he's asked about it, he just says that it's how he wants to dress. He only has a few friends left, and one of them is a guy he's had a crush on for three years, who he still hasn't said anything to out of fear of rejection.

    There, I think that's it xD
  15. [​IMG]

    (He is hot :0)
    Name: Idris Addison
    Height:6 foot
    Orientation: gay
    Hobbies: gardening, singing, running, shooting
    Personality: laid back and easy going, he can be a bit hard to figure out. Tries to see the good in everyone.
    Bio: Living in a relatively normal family with an older brother and sister, he lived an average life. When he told his family he was gay they didn't really believe him, shrugging it off and thinking that it was a phase. When he became friends with Axel, nobody was too happy or proud of his decision. They still don't like Axel that much, But Idris ignores them and continues to hang out with the violent male.
  16. I will type up the starter and send you a link.
  17. Alrighty! Sorry my late answers, but we're probably in different time zones. And your chara is so cute!
  18. Can we make them childhood friends?
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