Growing Up, Growing Closer

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  1. Lord Thomas Hulme sighed as his young son and heir, William, complained like he often did.

    "Please. Please. Please, Father, she's an interesting girl. Please. What would mother say? Please."

    He was sick of hearing those small little words over and over. "No." He replied every time with the same answer.

    Today he was asking again, "Please let us, Father. I love her." He sighed, "Fine. You must prove to me she is worthy."

    William could not believe his ears. "So, it's alright, correct father?" His father shook his head. "Are you joking? She's a peasant!" William could believe his eyes. He marched out and slammed the door.
  2. Livia waited under the old oak tree for William. He had gone to speak to his father to acquire permission for their relationship. She had met him when they were children. Her family were servants to the Lord's house and she was sent to work along side her parents as a small child. It was then that she met William. Since they were of the same age, the master had allowed them to play together when her work was finished. Soon, their friendship ran deep and cause other emotions to surface. A love relationship between the son of a Lord and a peasant girl was frowned upon in the eyes of society, but it was far too difficult for Livia to stay away.

    She soon saw William approaching. "How did it go, darling? Did he approve?" Livia nervously twisted her hands.
  3. "No," William looked down sadly. He should have protested more, or begged harder, or used flattery or made his father feel bad. "What about your parents?" He hoped the answer was slightly better. From his sheltered life in the manor, William couldn't see why it was a problem that she was not a lady. A ladder of titles did not matter to the young Lord. She was beautiful, she was kind, and she wanted him. What more could people ask for. "She'll be there for the money," his father tended to say. "Her parents probably put her up to it, it's fake," the scullery maid would tell him. They were all lies, nonsense.
  4. Livia was disheartened to hear of his father's refusal. She should have known it wouldn't have been that easy. "Ah. My parents. Well, mother was alright with it, but father..." She trailed off. "Father said that it was improper. That it would cause problems for your house and bring your title into question. He didn't say no exactly, but he told me it would be better if we gave up." Livia felt a tear fall from her eyes, but quickly brushed it away. She knew if she cried now, it would be like letting the opposition win. "I suppose we had better rethink our strategy." Livia took Williams hands and brought them to her lips. "Are you still willing to be with me? Even if it means going to all this trouble?" Her eyes looked at him pleadingly.
  5. He paused. His mother, no matter how much she believed in love, would say no. His heritage was the most important thing to his family and to let them down would be letting the world down. He hesitated, but said, "No. I will stand by you. Our strategy..." He thought a few moments, "Trickery? Flattery? Blackmail?"
  6. Livia looked down at her feet. If they were going to be together, there were only two options. One, they could run away together. This had obvious flaws. She couldn't be sure they were ready for something like that and even if they were, it would be hard for them to hide from Lord Hulme's sights. He had his men all over the place. It would not be easy to escape. Also, she couldn't have William give up his family and she didn't want to abandon hers. That left the second option. "I think we will just have to convince them. It may use some trickery and craft, but it's the best way. I will just have to convince them that I am a lady."
  7. "A disguise! It's genius!" William rubbed his hands together. His father would class it as moving on and definitely agree and encourage him to propose, making his heir.
  8. "We have to be careful though. If I'm caught impersonating a lady, I'll be put to death. I need to know the protocols of court and I have to be taught the proper mannerisms. Do you know anyone who will tutor me?" She looked at William with hopeful eyes. All they would need to do is train her to be a real lady and dress her up. No one would recognize her and they could be together. She would make a back story saying that her family had died and that her home was taken over by peasants. Hopefully, Lord Hulme would sympathize and allow her to stay at their home. Then, she and William could prove their love and be married.
  9. "Livia," he turned his head to the side and pulled a face, "I can tutor you. I live there and I am a member of the court," he laughed at the fact she hadn't thought of him, since he was the Lord's son and heir, and the second most important member of said court. "I can teach you everything, from how to hold your dress to...we need a pretty ball gown. Ladies wear them permanently."
  10. Livia paused and shook her head with a smile. "Of course you can. What was I thinking? I must have been too caught up in the panic." She turned to William. "But where are we going to get a dress like that? You know our family can't afford a gown that extravagant. These rags are the finest clothes I have. What will we do?" She hoped William would have a friend that would agree to help them. All of her friends were from her social class, so they would be no good in these situations.
  11. "Well, simply, there are many dress rooms. I can use Titania's, she wouldn't mind, since she quite likes you," William said, mentally measuring her to see if she was around the same size as the Lord's new stepdaughter. It was his fourth marriage since he was often widowed in mysterious circumstances. "Also, I think she wants me to stop complaining about Father." That was his plan now, "But first, to wash."
  12. Livia looked down at herself. She wanted to say that she wasn't dirty, but a hard day's work cleaning and taking care of animals left her looking filthy. "Fair enough. Should we head over to your place then? We can just tell them that I'm going to be a new maid or something. No one will look twice at me."
  13. "You come in so much it wouldn't make a difference. I'll ask Maudie to get you washed. She'll keep it a secret if it means Father will stop ranting," William laughed. He grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. "If we get you really clean you won't even have to wear a wig," he joked.

    Maudie heard the bell and came in. "Yes?" William grinned, "Will you run a bath please, Maudie?" The servant peered at the young Lord's company, raising her eyebrows but nodded. "Certainly."
  14. Livia went with Maudie. It was so strange to have someone wash her. She didn't know if she could get used to this. Usually, she was the one doing the washing. One must have high self confidence and pride to allow another human to clean them. Livia didn't exactly have those. She wondered if they would come with time. After she was scrubbed and soaped again and again, Maudie finally let her go. Someone had brought a lilac colored gown for her to dress in and a white ribbon to weave through her amber hair. Again, she was dressed and had her hair done for her. She looked in the mirror and hardly recognized herself. She looked like an actual Lady. Well, minus her posture and the awkward way she walked in her heels, but if she stood still, she was impeccable.

    Livia finally emerged from the dressing room and found William waiting for her. "How do I look, love?" She asked nervously.
  15. "Hold on. MAUDIE!" he yelled and his personal assistant came running, "You dressed her in purple?" Maudie nodded. "Do you know what purple is?" The servant replied, "A colour." Wiling sighed, "Just, give her some choices, Maudie. Father hates purple, Maudie." He turned to his lover, "Thiugh you look beautiful, we only have one shot. There's a ball tonight."
  16. "A ball? But I don't even know how to dance. I mean, I've seen plenty, but you know I've never been to one. What happens if he requests a dance? I can't refuse the Lord. What am I supposed to do, William?" Livia turned to see Maudie come running back with a green and a yellow gown. They were both quite elaborate. "Which one should I wear?"
  17. William laughed at her panic. He placed her hand on his shoulder and grasped her other. "It goes one, two, three, one, two, three, like this," he said as he moved left, backwards, right, "Besides, Father is not able to request a dance since he is married. He can only request your dance to me, and I'll make you look good."

    As Maudie came in he considered the two dresses. "The green one," he picked up a necklace from the trinket box on his desk, "Then you can have a Jade necklace," attaching the clasp, "They represent beauty but you don't need any more of that." He smiled, soft and gentle. "Thank you, Maudie."
  18. "Right. That's right. I need to calm down." She looked into William's eyes. If she was going to make this work, she would have to relax and trust in him to lead her. The necklace he placed on her was gorgeous. She blushed at his compliment. As Maudie left down the corridor, Livia turned to William. "We can do this right?" She stared into his eyes, looking for the reassurance he was always giving her. She wasn't scared of facing Lord Hulme, she wasn't scared of the people of the courts, she was only scared of losing William. Livia just prayed that he wouldn't leave her. That he wouldn't go and find some other girl to marry. Her heart wouldn't be able to take that.
  19. "Do you know who I am? I am Lord William Hulme. I could burn this burning down and nobody would bat an eyelid. It'll be fine," William assured. "Well, actually, my father would, but nobody else. Besides, it's just the court," though he hesitated at the door.

    Walking in to see various lords and ladies was something William did everyday. "Father. I have met a young lady in town today. I agree, falling in love with vermin is wrong, but this girl is beautiful and rich. May I present Lady Annabelle Rotherham," he stepped backwards to reveal Livia, making up a fake name on the spot. Lord Rotherham laughed, "You have my last name!" Lord Hulme raised his eyebrows. "Hello... Lady Rotherham."
  20. "How do you do, Lord Hulme?" Livia gave a slight bow. She knew a full bow would give her away, but a small nod of the head was the proper way for a lady to greet a lord. She hated the name that William made up. There was an Annabelle in her neighborhood who used to tease her constantly growing up. She used to rub Livia's low status in her face. Of course, now that Annabelle was married to a peasant farmer with five children. It made Livia smile just thinking about her chasing her children around in mud.

    Livia looked to Lord Rotherham. "It is a strange coincidence, isn't it?" She cast a look at William. What would he do if things went amiss?
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