Growing a Moustache

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  1. Hey everyone. I'm growing a moustache.
    I'm skinny, and here's a picture of me, so you could actually can tell any proper style for me (also, be very polite, I know I'm ugly, got a mirror):
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  2. Try full goatee kit
  3. [MENTION=3504]VerbalAbuse[/MENTION], I would, but I wanted moustache only. Not beard. Thank you, will try the beardless.
  4. I see some fuzz already!

    Facial hair can be real nice, but there's a big IF; make sure you comb, trim, and wash it whenever you wash the rest of yourself, and check for food debris after eating!

    Also, not ugly. :D
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  5. I actually want to make sure I keep it well, moustaches are kind of gross if you don't take care of them properly.
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  6. Hmmm... With your facial structure, I'd suggest the pencil beard- a small strip from your side-burns all the way around, mustache included, and you'll wanna keep it short- a 1' guard on an electric razor should do it.
  7. [MENTION=5483]Knives[/MENTION], I think the pencil beard would look a little... pimp-like on me. However, will check it out. Thank you! :)
  8. XD I've been rockin' the beard scene for over a decade now myself, and have gone through a number of styles. If I were to pin a pimp-beard on you though... It would indeed be the pencil-beard on the sides of your jaw, but with a 2-inch goatee, maybe tapered to a point- That would be your pimp-beard, my friend. *chuckles* :lol:
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  9. It's usually called a 'chinstrap'
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  10. I actually was about to say that you'd probably look pretty rad with a chinstrap style of beard. :]
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  11. [MENTION=2857]Fluffy[/MENTION], then, I'll try it out c: Thank you.
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  12. General opinion: Grow a beard/goatee.

    Also, I almost typo'd beard. Grow an entire bear on your face, brilliant idea.
  13. You could go with this one, while it isn't seen that often, it is still pretty awesome:


    Or this one:


    You are not ugly.
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  14. My name is Temo Montoya
    You killed my father
    Prepare to die
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  15. Omg, [MENTION=3504]VerbalAbuse[/MENTION], for moments I didn't get it, and I actually thought you were called "Temo", so LOL'd.
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  16. Somebody photoshop The Montoya on this fine gentleman
  17. I would but my computer is being a dip dip.

  18. Also, [MENTION=5309]LogicfromLogic[/MENTION], thank you.
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  19. o_o By George, I think I've got it! XD You should totally do a soul patch and dreads! Duuude, it'd be awesome!
  20. ...dreads?