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  1. We have hit the point where the current group system is no longer healthy to keep installed because of the lack of bug fix updates. The system we were helping to beta test ended up cancelled by it's developers, so we have been in limbo for a long while. :( Does this suck? YES. Could it be avoided? NO. Sadly, over time software-technology gets outdated and sometimes we're just not lucky enough to have a smooth transition. D:

    The GOOD NEWS is that we HAVE found another alternative group system we like that is regularly supported.

    It works and appears almost exactly like our current group system with a few bonus features. After watching it's development this year, it looks like a great option for our new system.

    The BAD NEWS is that there are ZERO IMPORTS. We can't transfer your current groups over.

    That means all current groups are going to be DELETED. 100% full uninstall deleted before we can install the new groups system. We'd like to do this to avoid any system conflicts that might pop up. And we want to have our new system installed before our September 1st open registration!

    You have until August 26th to save any important data from your current groups.

    This is 1 whole month to get stuff saved and prepare.

    We do NOT have a way to easy download group threads. And again, you will NOT be able to easily "import" any of your old group stuff to the new system.

    BEST WAY TO SAVE: Right click the page you're viewing and Save As HTML. (Or however your browser calls it.) That will save the whole page "html style" to your computer so it's readable. You have to do this with every single page of a thread.

    If you have a tiny roleplay group and not very many posts, it's also easy enough to copy and paste the individual posts to a thread on the forum or in to your blog.

    You CAN keep using your group up until August 26th. AFTER that date, the groups system will be REMOVED. So make sure you save important things before. You will not get another chance. They will be GONE. On August 28th, we will be installing the NEW groups system during a big site update.

    During this next month we want to update our GROUP FAQs! Do you have a question about groups? ASK THEM HERE NOW.

    Now that we're finally getting a new system we want to make sure the group rules and the FAQs are all up to date and easily understood. Do you have any questions about Iwaku's group policies? Anything that is confusing? Ask!
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  2. Will interest threads be deleted too?
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  4. Um, no. O_O I am only talking about the Groups System and the content within it. Absolutely NOTHING on the main forums is being touched.
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  5. Different groups. The group system and group roleplays in the forum are separate features.

    Edit: I've been ninja'd by an owl.
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  6. >mrw new groups that will beallow RP members to communicate easily without cluttering our inboxes with PMs

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  8. Wait just asking out of curiosity from some of my friends...

    Will the ratings that we earned within the old group system still be retained?


    Nothing will happen. Sometimes uninstalls/deletion of posts do not delete the post likes with it. Because this system is so out of date, it might not delete the likes on uninstall. They won't disappear unless there is a forced "recount" of the ratings.


    ALL GONE GOOD BYE. D: We will not be able to save or prevent that if it happens.

    Luckily ratings are absolutely meaningless beyond bragging rights. If you lose them you'll just have to be EXTRA AWESOME to try and earn new ones!
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    I just hope the threads in the new group system support div box bbcode~
  11. If they vanish, it could be a fresh start, as much as it would suck to start from square one it might give everyone a chance to truly shine. Relax everyone, time will tell what will happen. And either way, we know how we're doing with our posts when we post something. I know it's nice when someone acknowledges the work we put into our posts and how we don't want to start over. Don't worry about it. If our ratings vanish with the group system we can get them back quickly with the new system. Might take some time though, but we can do it.
  12. Just to clarify, it's JUST the group threads that will be deleted and none of the other regular threads?
  13. Not groups as in group threads, groups as in these lovely collections of people.

    Error |
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  14. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Okay, that makes more sense. So just that then, but nothing else?
  15. NOTHING on the Forums! That means everything in the "Groups Roleplaying" forums are totally okay.

    It is 100% ONLY the Groups System, where people created clubs, projects and in some cases roleplay groups.

    The new system we will try to rename to something like "Clubs/Guilds" to help head off confusion about the section. O_O
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  16. Thank you for confirming that! :> Makes me feel loads better, I thought I needed to save all my RP's. LOL
  17. When you say Groups, don't mean PMs right? I just want to make sure.
    Since I know a few people, who RP as groups in PMS..Why I ask.
  18. Not group PMs, not group RP threads, Groups as in Groups as seen here. Error |
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  19. Seeing a lot of confused people, but it's the group system at the top of the page, not Group RPs, PMs, or chat rooms. If you've never seen the group page before, you probably don't have to worry about this announcement!


    Hopefully this should clear things up.
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  20. @Gwazi Magnum

    @Quiet One


    Fear not, Otherverse players - I've been archiving Otherverse (and Paraverse) group thread posts since they began. Need time to catch up on a few things, but this uninstall will not erase our work from history.
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