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A little history:
It all started out small from just one or two that were supposedly dead to ten people eventually to the whole town. Now it is world wide spread where there are very few safe spots and far between. There is a safe house in the middle of New York City that is where this roleplay is based. Every where you go there are zombies every where. The more noise you make outside of the safe house the more zombies show up. Now some of these are slow moving and some are smart and fast. You have to shoot them in the head to kill them nothing else or unless decapitating. Every now and then people go out and get supplies from stores and things like that. A few people go out a few times a week looking for survivors. We need people who are alone in homes and other places so we can save you.
( I need a twin brother)

Nora was the owner of this safe house and she started it when the zombie attack started to spread through their city. She had guns in her belt that was on her hips and knives down near her ankles just in case. The windows and doors had big metal doors so if there was a problem they would shut fast so the zombies couldn't get in. Right now she was searching through the supplies closet to see what they would need. They go out a few times a week to search for survivors but the survivors were few now soon they would be going to other cities and towns. They had a big furniture truck to keep them in while they found them so that no one would get to them. Also they go out every now and then to get some supplies like diapers, food, clothing and other things that people need. "We're running out of supplies." She said while shutting the doors and then turning to the people in the room that wanted answers from her. Like when this was going to be over of course she could not answer that.
"Well, I could have told you that was bound to happen to us."
Lips pulled back in a wide grin, the snarky remark snaked out from smooth, slightly chapped lips, pale and almost near to a shade of white. Deep brown, practically black, eyes fell over the woman turning to face the group, a certain light playing against the iris that mimicked the current expression over his face. Defined cheekbones raised up high with the smile being held for longer than a polite amount of time, as if this was just the funniest thing that had sounded through his ears in what felt like forever. Actually, none of this was funny. The fact that these people had to stay away from the outside world as much as they could to survive, hide as if they were the monsters unwanted from civilization, it was a terrible fate to succumb to. Finally, the world had turned over into a modern day glimpse of Hell. Took long enough for that to happen to the human race. What was it all worth living for and striving forward if one couldn't have a laugh or two? Looking at some things with a smirk and a roll of the eyes just seemed to make it all worth while.

Lifting his legs up onto the couch, claiming it as his own with the lanky figure he was trapped within, Daemon threw his head back, jaw unhinging to give out a loud yawn. Pale fingers struck out and up to the ceiling as he stretched, nails untrimmed and long enough to scratch a minor wound upon some victim's flesh, this was the only part of him that seemed untidy. Staring past thick locks of black silk, he brought focus back to his twin sister who was the pictured 'leader' of this gang.
"What do you suppose we do about it, Oh Great One? Shall we risk being eaten alive once more?"
As his lips thinned out, the piercings stuck threw the bottom glinted briefly against the dimming light from outside, the sun setting as it did sadly every night, seeming to go down quicker each time it had the turn. Crossing his right leg over the other, the pair of long black trousers clung to his skin, shifting in place ever so slightly as they did not have much excess material to give. Combat boots were enough to keep his little feet warm through times like these. Not to mention, they were killer at keeping up with the speed he needed to achieve each attempt at going outside. Proud to be one of the most agile individuals he knew of, even though times were dark, he still enjoyed sprinting, even though it was done in order to evade his pretty brains being picked apart and gnawed upon like juicy steak offerings. Sure, he had some strength too..and some pistols kept away against his waistband. Before all of this happened, he hated violence, absolutely despised the thought of it. But now, clearly, there was no other way to make it back alive. He never knew before this that blood could spray in such a satisfying way out of someone's long as that head was not his.
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With a lick of her deep red lips Jo plunged herself into the conversation. "I'll go out if you need me too. I haven't been out in a while and I need something to do." Her voice was deep and sensual but her eyes were stern as she glanced at the siblings. One slender hand brushed the naturally grey bit of her hair behind one ear while the rest of the chocolate brown locks fell in soft waves over her shoulders. "I mean I haven't even shot a goddamn zombie in weeks."

If anyone bothered to look at her while she spoke they would find Jo sitting in a big arm chair, legs hanging over the side of one of the arms. She picked a bit of lint off of her white t-shirt and flicked it onto the floor. For a girl going through a zombie apocalypse she sure looked spotless. Her clothes were clean and neat, her makeup always done perfectly. Nobody in the house had seen Jo without her signature red lipstick and she intended on keeping it that way. "I wouldn't mind getting out and about, plus I need a couple of things too." She had ticked a few people off in the past when she asked them to pick certain things up for her when they went out, so now she just did her own dirty work.

If Jo was to go out she would need to grab her gun and ammo, but of course she wasn't rushing around anywhere until someone told her exactly what was going on. Why in the world should she bother if she might not even go? "Just let me know or something." A shrug of her shoulders ended her urge to add to the conversation and her eyes went from her peers to her boots. Earlier he had shined those bad boys to a mirror finish and she was quite proud, it was just too bad they were going to be on her feet if she actually did go out.
Her and her brother never quite got along the last few years ever since their parents death but she wished he would not be like this today. Looking at him she glared at his mimicking smile and attitude. "Look it's either we go out and look for survivors and food or we move or die. You choose." At least Jo was always one to go out with them if they needed it but she did need more then two people. If there were a horde of zombies two people would not survive and killing them would just attract more and more. "We could use you and yes you haven't been out for a long time." She said going over to one of the windows and opened the shutters just a little to see hordes of zombies. "They found us." There was no way into the building without one of the officers consents so they couldn't get it but they were slowly swarming the place. At least where they bring out the trucks it's safe and usually no zombies were out there. She made a big clanging noise as she slammed the shutter back into place then locking it when one of the zombies looked at her after smelling her blood.
Jo watched Nora go to the window and silently lifted herself out of the chair. Once she was standing straight she brushed herself off and looked around the room for a second. "I'll be betting my guns, then." She said, sounding almost bored. "Don't leave without me." With that and a few smooth, swift strides she was out of the room before anyone could say otherwise. It was amazing that anyone could move so silently with such huge boots on.
Jason Reading had been a strange man, shunned by most of the neighbors as a kook with far too much interest in guns. He collected all sort of guns in his life, most of which completely useless against the zombies as he had no ammunition for them. Periodically he would have to go on raids for supplies and the like, and it seemed this was one such time. He pulled his home-made flamethrower onto his back, and his AA-12 shotgun in his hands. He had slugs loaded into the barrel, and a few FRAG-12's hooked onto his jacket. It seemed he was going to war.

Course, that was plan B. Plan A was a leisurely trip to the market for some food and supplies. He double checked that he had his gear and headed out to the door. Opening it slowly he peaked around to be sure they were not out there waiting for him before making his way out along the side of the house. H hpped the fence there and made his way toward the store.
Catching a quick glimpse of the zombies from outside the shelter, Daemon blinked a few times, not being able to hold back that same smile that seemed to just bite and bite at his sibling's nerves. What seemed to be a giggle erupted from his lips, but of course, it was a manly sound. Letting one of his legs move to hang over the edge of the couch, his head turned to watch his sister shut the blinds roughly, sensing the tension filling up in the room from that action alone. His expression quickly solemned as he tilted his cheek down to his shoulder. Well, now he just felt kind of bad for acting like an ass. It was what he was good at when communicating with relatives, especially with good ol' Nora. But, maybe he should soften up on her a tad, given the situation at hand. It could be an experience, at least, the test run of a new persona. Straighting up his spine with a grunt, Daemon sat with his back arching for a minute, trying to knock out a certain ache that chose to cling so lovingly against the bones. His back pains were a frequent joy for him, given the honor to have such a reoccuring sting as his father had, and his grandfather, and so on. Oh, the woes of being a man in this family. Raising to his feet, the boy tangled a couple fingers along strands of hair, tossing locks this way and that to get them just right into place. While gazing down, he cleared his throat, preparing to speak.
"I'm ready whenever you are. Just tell me what to do, where I'm needed.. and I'm there."

Acting like a Big Man, it was clear Daemon was trying to reconcile for how he had just acted towards Nora. Watching as the other female in the room left to gather her things, being that if he was blind he probably wouldn't have even noticed she left with how inaudible her steps came, his eyes slowly drifted back to the most assertive of the group. Tracing his fingertips along the belt keeping on his pants (even though they were tight enough to do that on their own), he sighed gently in relief upon reaching hold of the pistols kept against his body. If it weren't for those little helpers, he would not feel safe in this world even in the slightest. It was funny how a bullet could cut through a walking, decayed body so easily, and yet do nothing to them, except stop them short a few staggering steps. You had to get the money shot in order to hold a quick victory party, completed with red velvet cake and strippers, inside your head. Take aim quickly, make sure you have it right on the dot, hold steady.. BAM. And there goes a good chunk of zombie skull, all over the kitchen floor. What would be the use of cleaning up after making such a mess nowadays? Oh, how mother would be disappointed..
At least the two twins were alive and together she would not know how she would cope if he was away from their safe house. The words from her brother had rung through the open room and echoed off the walls filling her thoughts. The zombies were getting closer and they would need to go now before the house was overrun. "Ok everyone we are leaving now. Jo?`"She called out quite loudly letting her voice fill up the almost empty room and carrying it to Jo's room. They would need to go out now and at least the zombies didn't seem to find the garage where the truck was that they used to go out. After saying they were leaving she went over to the ammo closet and started getting some ammo for her and her brother. They were getting low but they had enough for a trip to the ammo store if it the store was not already picked clean. "Here" She said handing him some clips and another gun so that he had enough ammo.
A few moments after she was called Jo appeared in the doorway. "I'm ready" She said with a solid nod and a lick of her lips. "Let's get out there."

Jo seemed eager to go, but anyone who knew her, or even of her, knew that she just wanted to get out there to get her stuff and come back. She did enjoy killing zombies, but hardly enough to actually get excited about it. "Do we have a course mapped out or what?" She asked, chewing the inside of her mouth a little bit. "I'm not going out there unless we decide where we're stopping first, I'm not planning on being a meal for any ghouls any time soon."
Dae moved over to follow along his sister, watching as she took each step towards the weapon cabinet. Mimicking her steps like a child trapped in a little personal game of Follow-The-Leader, his smile started to curl up against his lips again, easily amused. Abruptly halting himself, so not to bump into her at the end of her trek, his head lifted, staring over at the guns she grasped on to. Handing over clips to him, of course he wrapped his own fingers around the items and let them wiggle into the hold of his belt. Why wouldn't he accept more weapons during this time? You could never have too much ammo. Usually, it was the case someone would quickly run out, going trigger-happy as undead limbs flew into the air, organs sprawling out, showering blood over his perfect head of hair. Hopefully, this would not happen. The loss of ammo part, he wouldn't mind if some zombie guts went messing about him. Even if his shirt was stained a bit, if he had the chance to see a monstrous being become mince meat, well, that would just be like Christmas on his list.

"Uhhh . . . "
Deep, black eyes shifted over to Jo as she asked a very good question. He had wished he could answer for her, but not being quite the leader-type, he was just as lost as she. Snapping his head to face his twin, Daemon blinked to her face, giving a wondering expression as his brows furrowed forward naturally. The lines that came upon his skin were funny looking, enough to make someone viewing him giggle in silence. Ever since he was an innocent little lad, he made these kinds of faces without realizing it. Unable to break the habit, even during such bleak moments of current life, it was like a curse he just had to endure.
"Well? What do you have in mind for a starting and ending point?"
That was one of the beauties of working alone. One did not need to work out your plan with others You could change it on the fly. No matter how much effort one put into hiding they always managed to find you eventually. This of course meant you had to keep it quiet enough not to be found. He ducked low as he moved through the drainage ditch that ran along the back of the houses.

He would never have dreamed that he could keep this up until he got to the other end of the neighborhood. Of course that was before all this. When your life was on the line you would be surprised what you could do. He was going to need food, and supplies for ammo. The store was the place to get those things and he was well on his way. He dropped low. The house he had chosen was quite close to the super-center however, he would need to cross the 6 lane street and parking lot to get there. That is where the trick would be.

He had managed it a couple times in the past, He picked up a little home-made periscope, and used it to scan the area. Good all clear it seemed. He pushed up, taking off at a slow run. He knew that at any point one of them could pop their ugly head around and spot Him. The commotion could be devastating.

He reached the store, closing the door behind him and taking a deep breath, Releasing a heavy sigh. Only then did he realize the two zombies now looking at him. Without thinking he raised the shotgun and blew off the first one's head. "Oh shit." he had not realized that he was doing that until he was done. Hopefully the distance would be enough to stop more from coming as he aimed and took out the second's head, making his way quickly toward the food, grabbing a shopping cart along the way. He could not afford to take long in case he had drawn more attention.

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