Group VS oneXone Rp

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Group VS oneXone Role-play

Which do you like better, and more importantly, why?

I have noticed, recently, that most people are into one on one Roleplays over group games. It is nothing new that people like the fast pace and intimate setting of private games, but I was wondering if there is something more to it than that?

Maybe some of the members here that play only oneXones can answer my question.

My personal preference is Group games, always have been. I like the idea of many people all working together to make an awesome story. The collaborative effort of brain power! I feel like the story is much richer when 5 or 6 people are contributing to it. Not to be misunderstood, I LOVE my private games and it seems I always have at least one oneXone going at any given time (Right now I have 5 > <), but my love for RP lies within the group role plays.

What say you?

I'd like to be involved in more group games, it's just that a lot don't really attract my attention, and I kind of want to GM more than I want to play. And it's karmic tragic that it seems like none of my ideas attract enough attention to have anything done with them, and I don't have enough confidence to follow my other ideas.
I like group role-plays, especially for a new story idea. It gives the story more depth and keeps it from getting boring. In other forums, when we have more established characters over many threads, a 1v1 is better when you really want to develop a character. Also, it might not be enough interest for more than 1 person, and I've had s many great ideas die because people start with you, and then drop off the face of the earth.
I actually prefer one on one RPs!

For me, the more Players that are in a roleplay, the harder it is for the roleplay to progress and for me to keep up with it. Even when I am the GM, I really want to make sure ALL the player characters get a chance to have plot spotlight time, but that's really hard to do when players all play at different paces. D: And if I'm in a roleplay that has too many players for me, I get lost -really- quick.

I LIKE group roleplays, but I think I prefer group roleplays in a Chat setting. XD Cause then things all develop and move forward.

But one on one games...! Love! When I hookup with a partner that I have really good chemistry with, it's MAGIC. Story develops, characters have fire, it's just... awesome. XD We'll end up playing lots of NPCs, developing this whole universe and all that good stuff.
I prefer small, intimate groups and one-on-ones.

Large groups get cliquey and out of control, and can sometimes hinge on a single player making a post. Smaller groups can be more organic, and they're easier to work with IMO. When I say small, I mean 4 people at max.

Anyone else?
I like either, honestly. I'm preferred to smaller groups instead of larger ones, but I've had some fond experiences with large group RPs. Ones that even got completed! I like being able to have multiple interactions with multiple characters. It allows me more room for improvement, I get new ideas and could have potential for yummy drama! Though, it is unfortunate when a good group RP dies. :[ All you can do is keep trying.

One x One is my absolutely favourite, though. I'm not pressured to post everyday and there's less of a limit on what I can do. Plus, they almost always finish!
I confess to having little experience with oneXone RPs, largely because up until now they've never interested me; I prefer small groups of characters as opposed to just two.

I'm actually up for trying out more oneXone games now, though. Really think I should at least try them, see what all the buzz is about.
I always figured the dorky teenagers in here just loved to cyber on the forum.
Group roleplays offer so much more as far as the input of others. I love the diversity of characters and the ideas that they put forth.
That said, there's also the negative side. If you include someone really heavily into what your character is doing and then they disappear... You've got a bit of a sticky point and have to carefully maneuver around that.

That said, I prefer Group Roleplays.