Group Therapy

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  1. Bryce slammed his locker door shut still scowling because he knew what today was. Thursday, which meant he had to start that stupid group therapy thing today. He had to go to the stupid thing 2 times a week, Mondays and Thursdays. He really didn't see the point in going, he wasn't going to talk to anyone about his problems. He let out a sigh as he watched people exiting the school. Lucky bastards. He dragged his feet and began walking down the hall. He turned the corner and entered a room which the meetings were always held at. He saw everyone sitting in chairs that formed a circle.
    Bryce groaned at the cheerful smiles everyone flashed him as he took his seat.
    "Hello Bryce glad you came today. Everyone Bryce will be joining the group today!" Mrs. Wilson, the person that ran the group said.
    Bryce rolled his dark grey eyes, "Did I really have a damn choice?" He asked bitterly.
    Bryce was actually a handsome young man. Tall, muscular and built, emo-like hair and his features maybe tough and mysterious but that was what made him attractive. He very rarely showed any emotions besides anger.
    Mrs. Wilson gave him a sympathetic smile, which he hated. He didn't want to be pitied.
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    Alan Whitaker was already sitting in the circle. His body language clearly stated that he was not happy to be there. He looks up at the newcomer with harsh, analytical blue eyes. His blonde hair goes down to his ears, but is clean and styled with purpose. He only ever wears a white t-shirt, jeans, and boots with the occasional button down shirt over the white t-shirt. He gives a sympathetic expression. A nod that says "I know how you feel, man. I hate it too" in one small motion. He leans back to crack his back, which he does successfully, resulting in a loud noise that breaks the bit of silence that passed over the room.
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    Bryce flashes a look at Alan and smirks for a moment, ignoring the loud cracking noise that echoed in the room for when Alan leaned back, "I don't think anyone would wanna be in this stupid place."
    Mrs. Wilson lets out a sigh, "Ok look lets move on shall we? We don't you guys introduce yourself to Bryce?"
  4. When the introductions circle to Alan he leans back with an irritated sigh. He projects boredom and disinterest with every movement. "My name is Alan Whitaker and I am here for 'Over-analytical behavior', apparently"
  5. Isaac smiled kindly at Bryce as he walked in and continued to smiled even after the comments he made. He waited patiently for the introductions to get to him and introduced himself in a friendly voice.

    "I'm Isaac Gray, but most people call me Quinn; It's my middle name. I'm here for depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder." He gave a little wave to Bryce before saying, "Nice to meet you." and sitting back down.
  6. Bryce first looked at Alan who introduced himself first, his arms still crossed and an eyebrow raised. He had seen him around school before but never actually talked to him. Although he did believe he had the same lunch hour. He nods slightly and looks at the cheerful kid who went by Quinn... oh great. He is the bubbly type of guy. All thought he already knew that, he was in his history class, "Yeah I know you. You're in my history class." He says simply.
  7. Quinn became confused for a moment before jumping a little in his chair at his realization, "Oh! Riiiight! Sorry, I don't think we were ever properly introduced." Not to mention his ironically bad memory for faces, but he never told anyone that for fear it would hurt their feelings.
  8. Karly walks in the classroom late her usual medical mask on and headphones in. She walks in the back and takes the seat next to the window. Leaning back in her chair she puts her feet up on the desk. She closes her eyes as the teacher starts to scream at her for a late pass and other things like the mask. She just yawns and puts her feet down sending a death glare through her blue tinted steam punk goggles. "I feel as though your trying to harass me by telling me to change who i am and id hate to get arrested. Again." She brings out a drawing pad and begins scetching a tree with two hanging people on it. "Oh crap i forgot about the group thing today." She gets up walking out the class towards the group. When she gets outside the door she slams it open making a grand entrance.
  9. Bryce raises an eyebrow as he sees Karly making a grand entrance and couldn't help but smirk.
    Mrs. Wilson frowned, "Karly you are late again... how many times are you going to come in late?"
    Bryce rolls his eyes at the counselor, "Honestly I don't blame her. I am sure no one wants to be in this hell hole."
  10. " every day since i really would rather not stay in this little hell hole that is supposed to offer support. Cause i only see bored people waiting to leave." She goes over and sits in a criss cross position. Still smirking under her her mask she lets out a small chuckle.
  11. AJ had stalled in the hallways. She didn't want to go to group therapy. They were going to make her talk, and so far she had successfully gone the whole school year without talking to anyone. She looked at the clock In the hallway and sighed. She needed to go. Either that or spend time in the psychiatric ward in the hospital. Sighing, she walked towards the classroom, taking her time going down the hallway. When she entered, she glanced away, pulling down the sleeves down a little self counciously to hide the bandages on her arms. She didn't want to talk about them. She glanced to the other, seeing another girl and three guys. Guys.. boys... Of course there would be boys. she walked to a chair without anyone near it and sat down quietly, her eyes fixated on her worn down converse as if there was something intriguing about them.
  12. Mrs. Wilson rubbed her temples in frustration, "Ok. So here is a summary of what you two missed. This is Bryce so why don't you two introduce yourselves?"
    Bryce shot Mrs. Wilson a glare, "Just so you know woman. I am not opening up to you so stop wasting my time."
  13. AJ watched the woman, then looked at the one named Bryce. In any other life, she would have found him attractive. But this isn't any other life. She's in her life. And in her life, she's afraid. She's afraid of everyone. AJ sunk deeper in her seat and turned her gaze away. "Anna Jessica. But, um. Call me AJ." She said. Her voice was quiet, yet it sounded unused. It sounded almost scratchy. She looks at the group again, her eyes going to each of them. This was a unique bunch..
  14. "Well I guess I should introduce myself as well. Im karly. no last name and km here for uh suicide attempts, cutting, carrying weapons, violence, anger issues and many manyyy more." She waves and lays down on her stomach. "Anything else you wanna suck out of me you poor excuse for a giidence counsler." She makes an innocent hand gesture that consists of the middle finger.
  15. AJ flinched slightly. That was a little harsh to say to the lady. I mean, of course she wasn't going to say why she was here or what her problems were. That would make her sound needy. It would make her sound pathetic. She could become the laughing stalk of the school. She could picture it already, students whispering about how she wanted attention. So instead of saying anything she ducked her head down and raised the hood of her sweatshirt so it covered her face, then tugged her sleeves down so it covered over her hand, her finger tips just hardly poking out the sleeve opening. If she spent the day like this, she could just disappear and the rest of thus group therapy can be easy. No talking, no sharing, and leave as soon as possible. Besides, nothing about this group can change who she is.
  16. Quinn watched the conversations of people not wanting to be here and slowly started to raise his hand. Once it was fully extended he said,
    "UUh, I want to be here. " He looked around the room and smiled; choosing to ignore the rude comments and gestures of the more rambunctious of the group.
  17. Bryce simply laughed as he saw Karly putting her middle finger up. Mrs. Wilson frowned, "Karly! Enough with this childish behavior. Honestly do you really think you will get far in life acting like this?"
    Bryce looked at Quinn as he suddenly raised his hand. He looked at him as if he was a rare species. Yet at the same time it was no surprise he would wanna be here. He seemed like the type of person that would like to talk about his feelings and crap. He didn't understand how anyone could be like that. It didn't make any sense, "Why the hell do you want to be here?"
  18. AJ quietly watched one kid say he wanted to be here. Which was peculiar. AJ certainly didn't want to be here, but she would never voice it. She looks down at her sweater, picking at the string a little. When were they going to talk about something other than who hated having to come here more? Shouldn't they be building tryst with exercises or acting out there feelings without speaking? At least, that's what her last group therapy did in middle school. When AJ successfully pulled off the loose string, she started on another quietly.
  19. Quinn watched Mrs. Wilson scold Karly and silently agreed with her. He didn't think that type of behavior would be very helpful. He looked to Bryce when he spoke to him and laughed a little before replying.

    "No offense, but isn't it obvious? I don't like not knowing how to deal with my own problems. Why don't you want to be here?" Quinn understood that everyone had their own issues and reasons for not wanting to be here, but he didn't understand why they wouldn't try to make the best of it. He felt that even if he still left here struggling, at least he could learn something if he participated.
  20. Madison walked down the hallway slowly, dreading the fact that today was group therapy. She was new to the whole things but didn't even want to go. Just the name made her sick. She reached the classroom door and sighed heavily. Here goes. She thought, already knowing she was late. Maddie put her head up and opened the door, walking in. She shut it behind her but stayed where she was. She didn't say anything, feeling no need to so she stood there, looking around the room at the others.