(Group rp) Wolf hunters *Anthro optional*

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  1. So I've been doing the video game and over time some ideas started surfacing. While another roleplay I gm starts to slow down and summer is in the far horizon I thought I might as well go to the drawing board with this one! So.. Here we go!

    Wolf Hunters
    Everyone has talked about it, about what was out there beyond their reach into the stars, but what if it were all true? That's where the Wolf Hunters unit stepped in. While up to this day the public wasn't aware of these uncanny encounters, military operations have begun having uncanny encounters that even intelligence to the highest level can not immediately understand.

    First it was in the sand of the middle east, now it was all over the world. Another race that was not of this world had arrived, and unfortunately they were not here with peace talks.

    As a result of all of this the world's super powers from around globe have organized a unit that would deal with this rising threat. That is where you come in.

    I haven't really gotten much through me head, but I have thought up a prologue and such. Anyone interested in fighting human like aliens?

    Like all my roleplays I keep it Anthro optional, so feel free to do whatever when it comes to what type of character you develop (within reason, of course)

    This roleplay will go into OOC phase when I can get 4 players.
  2. Interested.
  3. Good to hear. If enough interest jumps up I'll provide more detail on the rp
  4. If interest doesn't spike in a way you hope i'd be willing to do it one on one then expand it as people took notice.
  5. I might just wing it and push into OOC phase in the weekend.
  6. Ok.
  7. Interested.
  8. Right-o! Can't wait to see you when this starts off.

    I'm not sure if I am going to establish a class system, but I know I'll restrict a few heavy weapons... can't have everyone carrying light weight machineguns now can we? XD
  9. Could I make a robot charter? or do you only want humans?
  10. I wouldn't mind a robot character just as long as we don't get anything OP.

    Sorry for the delay! Had to get college stuff done
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.