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  1. Hi, this is Tai.

    So I have started to become more open about letting people join in on the RP my friends and I have been playing out; thus I posted on the redstar bedroom concerning the RP!

    Why is it redstar? Because there is a possibility for sex and excessive gore, however that certainly is NOT the focus of the RP. My concern is that, I am unable to see forum posts in the following categories:



    Group RP advertising shows only me, I find it hard to believe that only I have been advertising taking in account that the group RP's IC forum holds hundreds different RP's. So what is going on?
  2. If you're talking about the Red star sections of those forums, you'd be surprised at how little those forums are used ^.^; Hard to believe it or not, you are the only poster advertising a Redstar Roleplay.

    EDIT: Also, to clear up a common misconception; the Redstar bedrooms are only for sexual content. Roleplays wirh excessive violence and gore can go in the main forum. Just so you know excessive gore isn't what makes a roleplay a Redstar Roleplay, just the sexual content :)
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  3. . . . Oh. Well then. Is it possible to advertise for a group of people 18+ of age outside of the redstar bedroom with the possibility of intercourse taking place? It seems like if that isn't the case, realism and story building through mature means is going to be an impossibility on Iwaku if I want a larger audience! =/

    ((The RP is currently 100% plot with the possibility of intercourse.))
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  4. Sexual content can take place on the main forum but it has be done in a collaboration post, or done in pms and pasted into the post, put under spoiler tags, and can't take place between bluestar members and red star members. No explicit back and forth in the IC and it can't happen often. As long as intercourse remains a possibility and not the point, it should be fine :)

    Advertising an 18+ Roleplay out of the Redstar Bedroom forum is okay ^.^
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  5. What is considered to be R-rated back and forth, does that limit context and dialog? What do you mean by a collaboration post, does my RP include itself in that category?
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  6. R-rated just refers to the sexual content ^.^; Sorry for the confusion!

    See, roleplays are traditionally done with one person replying and another person replying, and in the Redstar Bedroom forums this is how sex scenes are usually done; however, a sex scene in a general forum Roleplay can't take place over multiple posts like a traditional Roleplay scene. They have to be condensed into one post. Normally a collaboration post is written in pms in a sort of mini Roleplay kind of way, or off site using programs like Google docs that allows for more than one person to edit and take part in the writing process.

    In short, a collaboration post is just a post written by two players instead of just one :) Make sense?
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  7. Ah, alrighty then- intercourse is a very major factor when it comes to the world that my character, Kui, thrives in. It is a political factor and it is also a realism factor too; do you think that you could help move my post into a more responsive forum for me? I think that sexual content is just fine, behind closed doors and in PM's.
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  8. If it's a major factor and explicit (and I think even repeated fade-to-blacks qualifies the Roleplay for the Red star Bedroom but I'll have to ask about that) I can't do that o.o As I mentioned before, sexual content can't happen often if you want your Roleplay to be in the general section. If you're worried about attention, we do have an advertisement option you can use. It's found at the top of the page, or in the menu in you're on mobile, under Advertisement. Strictly Redstar Ads only show to Redstar members :)
  9. Intercourse is a major factor in the political world but sexual content would likely only be introduced in the RP every 100-500 posts; the sexual content however would be within PM's 90% of the time with major and extreme exceptions for plot. As you can see in the RP, we have 407 total posts so far and no sexual content has yet to come up. I am absolutely certain that our RP group will fit into the general section.
  10. Alrighty then ^.^ Good to know. I'll move your thread :)
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