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  1. If you opened this thread with a little spark of interest, I’m impressed, usually people never get this far when it comes to my ideas. Either way, I’m calling you here to ask of those interested in doing something very similar to the “Woodbury” theme of a zombie apocalypse role play. If you don’t understand what that means, I’m referring to the comic/television series “The Walking Dead”. Now you don't need to have read/watched the series, so don't run off just yet. The concept is that there’s a Utopian city, run by the Governor himself, with rules that are very strict. It’s a blooming city that managed to obtain food, water, safety of it's people and weaponry but underneath the shimmering surface is the dark pit of human instinct itself. I’m not asking for a complete copy of such idea, or canon characters for that matter, but my own rendition of it with your very own original characters.

    To those who will join, I’m looking for collaboration and crisp teamwork. Everyone’s insight will not be frowned upon and will possibly be pitched-in for future story plans. You have an idea? Let us know, we want to hear it! Brainstorming is always the fuel to the fire when it comes to keeping a story alive, and we want this to last, don’t we? I will find a certain way to get everyone in a group chat, so we can keep people updated.

    The catcher, I suppose you could say is, I want everyone to participate at the same speed. This will be a turn-based role play. We will have a complete list of who will post first in line, to last. I'm only doing this because I don’t want a couple of participants to run off into the sunset with their love story a few pages ahead of everyone and leave everyone else behind. There’s no fun in that. Depending on how many members will be joining, I will allow a day for a person to post unless you have a valid excuse. We all have lives, we understand how that feels. If it gets any longer than that, we will skip you, or try and give you a friendly reminder to at least post something. I will give you a warning at first, but if it happens countless times we will have to remove you. I don’t enjoy being mean so please, be active!

    Lastly, is characters. I want you to make the best damn character you have ever created and be proud of playing it. Whether s/he is quiet and naive, or rough on the surface; I want you to put everything you got into them because you will be playing him/her for a while. You will grow connected to your character, as if it were your own child, and that’s what I’m hoping for. To watch a character grow and change while the story progresses; that’s character development. That’s good character development. I don’t want any “kawaii-desu” girls or “senpai” males, I want you to make human characters, that have emotions, and a past. We want them to make an impression, good or bad, on everyone in the role play to the very end.

    There are no boundaries in this role play, and I hope I didn't scare you off by now. But, please let me know if you are interested in a private message, or even a simple reply. It means a lot for I am very eager to get started. Thank you so much for reading to the end, even if I didn't hook you in. It means a lot, really. Thanks again.
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  2. Hmm. I think i'd be interested in a zombie apocalypse, thats for sure, but there'd be no fun to RPing if it was so resrictive. I can see evryone working in a team, but it sounds to me like you're being too tight. Like you are making a linear RP. That would limit a lot of character progression and development. And with everyone having to work in a team, then people will get annoyed when they cant go off and do their own planned stuff. plus private character conversations should allow people to post outside of their selected turn, even if it happens in spoilers or PMs or something. Otherwise discussions would literally take forever.
  3. "There are no boundaries in this role play."

    Everyone will be able to do what they wish with their character, I didn't say they had to do what I told them to. I want everyone to pitch in ideas for the story. I just don't want people to constantly spam post and leave everyone else out because "John and Sue skipped away into the sunset because they were madly in love." might as well make a 1x1 for that elsewhere. There will be people in the city, there will be survivors, and I planned there being people from other cities. Participants will have the roles they choose, and they can do what they wish with it, as long as they keep the theme in mind. Not "they killed all the zombies with their magical powers and saved the world". If you want to split off from the city and try to survive, people can do that if they want. I don't plan on changing the turn-based thing though, I find it much easier waiting to read a post from someone then having to scavenge through hundreds and hundreds of posts a day because people get super eager.

    It's going to be a group role play so I don't plan on having a load of people joining, just a somewhat small group that are patient, and creative.
  4. Aah that makes sense. I don't think I interpreted the OP correctly then. It sounded like you had an entire storyline pre-set or something. Also i've never seen nor been involved in a romantic roleplay situation before so I have no idea about how long they get and stuff like that. Forgive me. Im definitely interested then.
  5. I'm interested!
  6. Boy do I love me some gross psycho zombies.
    Count this kitty in~!
    Are you asking for CS n' stuffs?
  7. ...Hello again Kitty.....

    Interested as well!
  8. So we meet again...
  9. @Kitty Once we get enough people interested, I'll make a separate thread so those joining, will be able to post characters.
  10. I would like to try this one out i think. I'm excited yes just apprehensive about it because i haven't done a zombie RP before.
  11. I loved the impression of Woodbury in the TV show and this sounds like a fun rp! I'm into this Charlene!
  12. I as well am interested!
  13. I've only just started getting back into The Walking Dead so when I saw this thread, I was a little spooked by the coincidence. I haven't done a zombie apocalypse rp in a long time, but I do have a character in mind that I've been itching to find a place for. If this is still going to be a thing, then count me in.
  14. Im interested, huge walking dead fan and zombie fan overall
  15. Can I still Join or is this a closed interest?
  16. Someone dropped before it started, so I don't see why you can't.
  17. @Vibrant Kisses You can certainly join. Just post your character sheet in the thread and I will add you to the posting order. (:
  18. Thank you :) I'll wait for an official okay from the creator but in the mean time I'll make a character. :)

    Do you know if the person who dropped was going to be male or female? (Or which is the RP in need of?)

    EDIT: Sorry I must have been replying before I saw your post >.<
    But I'd still like to know if you need a male or female please.
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