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  1. Which do you prefer and why?

    I've hit a spot where group RP is hard to maintain interest when sifting through posts to find if my character fits into that moment. Or when people form cliques and it drags down the plot.

    What's everyone else's thoughts on it?
  2. Thank you whoever moved it!

    I wasn't sure myself on that one..
  3. I prefer one on one roleplay! With one person, we're able to progress plot and develop characters soooooo much easier and faster. Cause we only have to wait for each other to post, thus we can posty spree some days or take a break for awhile and pick it back up later. Even better when we're both playing multiple characters and developing the world.

    I only like doing group roleplays in chat roleplaying. I always try groups in forums, but end up with player problems. :( People post too fast, too slow, go missing, we can't coordinate it's all too much work, and people are very concerned with writing long good posts. In chat form, everybody shows up and we're playing in real time. Posts are shorter and fast and most of the time people are having too much fun to nitpick. So we can finish a scene in that one session. 8D
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  4. I started RPing last year on a group setting, on another site. I thought it was fun.

    When I first signed up here, I intended only to play largely with the group, or some of the group, I'd played with elsewhere. When I saw there were one on one RPs here, I actually thought that was too "creepy" for me, for some reason.

    After a while, I'd come to appreciate the one on one more than the group. It's more simple, less to keep track of means I can actually have free memory and energy to do more than one at a time. And it's a lot easier to please one person than it is to please a collective.
  5. I prefer groups for a handful of reasons. The generally slower pace suits me just fine, because I like to take my time with it and get stuff just right before posting it, and that can take some time. I enjoy having a hefty chunk of roleplay stuff to do at one time, rather than having a few little things that I can pop off in a few minutes each; right now I've got 5 different characters across 3 roleplays that I need to post for, with about a dozen posts from other people in total that I need to read, so that'll take up a solid chunk of my time today and that's how I prefer it. I like having the wide variety of styles and perspectives that a group brings. I'm more likely to find characters and players that interest me and keep me motivated in a group than when there's just one other person involved per roleplay. My favorite kind of roleplays are large scale fantasy settings and plots, and those are kind of hard to pull off in a one on one roleplay.

    I used to be all about one on one chat roleplays, because it was all I knew when I first started roleplaying. Now I don't do them at all because I find groups on forums to be so much better suited to my preferences.
  6. I'm more used to group RP's. I occasionally try my hand at 1x1's, but most of them have failed pretty hard. I'm actually in the process of a couple new ones just now, so I might be able to more accurately answer this within a few months.
  7. I can go either way, though I'm generally better known for my group role plays. I like being a GM, I like setting up worlds and conflicts and characters for players to meet and save or kill or be killed by, and so on. Where it concerns 1x1s, I tend to be quite picky about things and need a lot planned out in advance. Most people don't generally fit this bill so I don't do them often.
  8. I have to say I'm more inline with one-on-one. I'm not one for being lead or GM'd through a Arc all the time, I like being both Aggressive and passive. I recently left an RP group a few months ago that I had been with for several years and came to a choice that one-on-one RP was my best option.

    1- Too many group RP's I've been involved with, players create too many characters and they want All of those characters involved. There's no reason why anyone needs to have twenty characters involved in the same plot.
    2- The idea of being guided all the time, I feel isn't as creative. I'm passive and aggressive in my Rp's. I like being able to offer my own plots and stories for others to follow.
    3- The OOC Drama. I've yet to be in a group RP where the drama out of character wasn't so bad, I've walked because of it.
    4- The lack of personal character development.
    5- The plots take entirely too long to play out. I get bored, then the interest is lost.
  9. Can see what you're saying about the pacing with a group. But with so many things to read I'd feel way too bogged down with it and trying to sift through everything. Good points though.

    Then again, everyone makes a good point over their preferences. For the life of me I couldn't place what was wrong with my desire for group roleplays. Pretty sure my grasp on it is better for the extra knowledge.

    That doesn't mean stop posting.
  10. I like both. They are different styles, but I find good things and bad about both types, so I participate in both kinds. I can't say which I prefer more, though.
  11. One x One exclusive over here.

    My reasons:

    • No reading through pages of missed posts any time I have a long delay or online time doesn't overlap with other players
    • No having to rewrite posts because another player added theirs while I was writing
    • No feeling like I'm slowing everyone down in groups that have posting speed restrictions
    • Faster progression; there's only one person to wait for, one person to make decisions with, etc.
    • Easier communication; it's easier to make decisions when you don't have to please a big group of people
    • Character-centric stories. Granted, this is possible in groups, too, but I find its easier to delve more into the depth of characters when there's only a few leads instead of a big group that attention must be divided between.
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  12. I'm a fan of group roleplays. I like surprises, and alot of different players each bring something unique to the plot. I'm not sure whose going to interfere where, and keeps me in suspense. Granted, I find one thing very annoying about it, and it's the amount of impact you can have on the plot. If it's too structured, you feel like your character is useless, but if it's not structured, it's destined to die brutally from infighting. That's a fine line there. 1x1 you know exactly how much control you have on the plot and only have to worry about your partner.

    But I generally like group plots and politics involved in group Role playing. That, and my favorite drug on earth is organizing movements in a group Roleplay, and seeing how well we can pull it off. Not being a greaver, just spicing things up. If I can grab players OOC and IC I make a fun little power struggle. Oh the high I get from building up a plan for months and watching how it affects everyone else in the RP.

    The group politics are what can make it fun for me. Sometimes I can read a person too well and I already know how they are going to post. It'd be boring if I only had to worry about one person.

    Edit: By the way, I have a long standing rule of trying NOT to piss of the GM with the whole plots thing, I generally check first, or get permission in some way.
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  13. One X One.

    I am fine with Groups, but I rather have a healthy posting order. Otherwise, I can't stand sifting through a bunch of replies and finding a way to reply. However, I been in large Group RPs with beautiful posts and some person would post bull shitty one liners or you have one that would try to be the centre of attention. I been in one where some person would try to be in control and would try to make some sort of toss-away villain.
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