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  1. So, I've recently been toying around with a new RP mechanic, but I wanted a bit of popular opinion before I try to expand on this concept.

    In a roleplay, a group of 6 characters work together to solve puzzles in order to unlock new abilities. Regardless of who solves the puzzle, the entire group gains a new ability, less one random member.

    The reason one person is excluded is to create an interesting problem for the group. The group members individually never know if their efforts will be rewarded for any given puzzle. However, I also can see that this creates a power imbalance in the cast that could be considered unfair. I'm currently not sure if this is a good idea, but I'd like to hear how you'd react to being a part of such a system.
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  2. I like the idea of rewarding the group as a whole, it encouraging co-operation rather than everyone running around looking out for themselves.
    But the random factor honestly I can only see annoying certain people, you've already got them working together.

    Plus it's flavored all wrong, by preventing them from getting something you've set it up be seen as a penalty/something bad.
    But if instead the entire group for the reward, but then one person specifically got a buff? That would then be seen as a bonus, something to celebrate and be happy about.

    This is was actually something World of Warcraft (and most MMO's since then) learned in their testing.
    You know when you rest in a Tavern you get resting experience which is essentially free bonus XP?
    Well originally the XP rates were always higher as if people have rested XP, but overtime your XP gain would decrease as you played a lot until you logged off in a Tavern.
    This pissed a lot of players off seeing it as an unfair and silly penalty. So instead the developers reflavoured it, making it a 'bonus' for logging off.
    People's response to it instantly changed to be positive.
  3. *nods*, I'd say that the person is supposed to feel cheated. That was the intent, to cause problems for the group dynamic, while simultaneously making it the most attractive option. Would it be different to say that all but one person got buffed?
  4. Hey, I created a system where the character sheet I uses requires players to sign their willingness to have their characters die against their will. I've got tons of players clambering to get in anyway, and some specifically because of this. People like new things, especially if they're simple and make sense. Your idea fits both categories. :ferret:

    I'd add that the person who solves the puzzle is guaranteed a power and the rest have to play Russian Roulette about who gets left behind, to give players a little flexibility in having a single guarantor of power. Create an in-universe reason for it and bam, you're good.

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  5. If that's the motivation then go ahead with it then.
    Though I would second for this tweak, no sense in making the punished one the person who actually finished the task.
  6. Interesting consideration.
  7. I came in expecting talk of working on cars, and fixing problems.

    I am disappoint.
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  8. Is this something you were thinking of trying out, but wanted feedback on first? If so it belongs in Interest Checking; I can move it for you if you like
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  9. Well, this is just a single part of a larger idea, so I didn't know if it belonged as an interest check, but when you say it like that it makes me think it probably does belong there.
  10. Interest Checking is for ideas in the making as well as ideas that need interest; it prevents cool rp ideas from getting lost in General, where people aren't looking for them. I'll move this for ya and the link will stay here for a day <3
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  11. Well. I was hoping for more opinions, but I got some useful advice. I'll just hope the bump this post lets a few more people see this and let me know about their thoughts. Even if your thoughts are redundant with what have already been said, I'd love to hear more of the same just to make me feel more confident that this is a good direction to head.
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  12. No matter how you implement it, there'll be people who think there's a better way to go about it. Just do what you think is right.
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