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  1. Hii! So I just made my first group and I was gonna invite people but I couldn't figure out how to do that. I checked the faq and it doesn't really give an explanation.
    So does anyone mind helping me out? :3
  2. I believe you go to "Edit Membership" and from there you invite people! But I can't remember right this second if you can only send invites if you have a private group or not... Our group system is a little bit crappy sometimes. >>;
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  3. Thanks! I changed the group to invite only! Now I have a wittle question that has to do with groups. :3

    I made the group invite only because I didn't want the group CS thread to be cluttered with CSs that I might not approve. So is it okay for me to make a thread where people can post there CSs and then when I approve them I invite them to the group?
    Like I would make a banner with a link to the CS approval thread.

    Is that okay or would that be unnecessary and rule breaking? :O
  4. That is totally fine, yes!
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  5. Alrightie! Thank you! :D