Group Invite not working.

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  1. So, here is the deal. I created a group, called "For Power" (I was running low on name ideas at the time, okays?). I set it up to be private, so no one could just join. Then I went and invited someone to join. No reaction. So I invited someone else. I sent them 3 (THREE) invites. They claim they still haven't gotten any.

    I don't know if this is because of the settings I'm using, or because of a technical problem, or what. So I'll just give you all the details and maybe someone more experienced with this whole thing could help me out?


    First Tab (Group Information) I have the name, a description, and then these settings -
    Category: Roleplay (Private)
    Group Type: By Invite Only (only members, ect)

    Second Tab (Customize Group)
    Group Color: #0080000
    Group Icon: (uh, an image)
    Group Tile: (also an image. Why are there two options? confuses meeee)
    User Options: both boxes checked.

    Third Tab (Privacy options):
    All four boxes checked.

    ...Now. Is there a box I need to uncheck in order to send invites, orrr... Is there just a problem with the invites? I really want to make this group work, and it won't be as much fun if it is public.
  2. The invites are working! There is not an alert notification sent out for group invites at this time, sadly; they have to view the actual Groups page to see and accept their invitation. It's at the top of the page and sort of easy to miss. :[ We're hoping to get this fixed in an upcoming software update.
  3. Thank you Ozzie! I told everyone and hopefully they can find the invite now. I will also remember to tell future invitees.