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  1. Okay! So here is our OOC where we can discuss the plot and characters!


    I'll post a character sheet once I get on a computer, since on my phone and its very difficult. (:

    For now the topic of discussion is:
    Should our characters all be in the same House?
    If so, what House should they be in?

    Character Sheets:
    Age: (Depends on what year we start at-Fill this out when decided. 3rd years are 13-14 and 4th years are 14-15)
    Appearance: (I don't care if your picture is in Hogwarts clothes or not)
    Appearance Details:
    -Hair and Eye Color:
    -Other: (Piercings, defining features, scars, etc).
    House: (Don't fill this out yet, we have yet to decide what we are doing).
    Blood Status: (Muggle-born, halfblood, pureblood)
    Family: (This is here for you to tell us about brother, sister's, mother, father, jobs they have, how old they are, etc. It's not a family biography, just a list of members and what they do).
    The Last Few Years: (Once we have roleplayed our flashback to how they met, comeback here and describe anything significant that has happened to them from 1st year to now).
    Patronus: (Wether or not you are able to cast a patronus, what would be the animal?)
    Pet: (Optional-Also if you want to talk about your owl then here is the place)
    Wand: (Core, length, wood, flexibility?)
    Other: (Anything else? Secrets? Do you play quidditch? Favorite place in the castle? Anything?)

    Haley Gilmore​







    Appearance Details:

    • Height:
      • 5'4
    • Weight:
      • 102
    • Hair and Eye Color:
      • Light blue eyes and brown hair
    • Other:
      • She has a scar on the right side of the back of her neck, the runs along the right side down to her shoulder blade.

    Blood Status:

    Half Blood​


    • Loving
      • Haley finds something to love in everyone, even in people who don't deserve it. She's seen to much destruction by hatred in her life. Don't get her wrong, she still doesn't like certain people. But:
        • She lives by the motto, "I love my neighbors, but it doesn't mean I have to like them."
    • Outgoing and an Introvert/Extrovert
      • Haley isn't shy. She gladly will approach you and tell you how you look or give you advice.
      • Haley loves to be by herself just as much as she loves to be with people. She doesn't mind being alone and finds energy from it but also loves social interaction and can't imagine her life without it.
    • Innocent and Slow
      • Haley is very sheltered from the world and also is a very slow thinker. She basically a bottle blonde with the blonde hair. This doesn't mean she isn't smart.
    • Average Intelligence -- Above Average Wisdom
      • Haley isn't super smart nor dumb. She's average. But, Haley is very wise. She knows what to say and can think herself out of situations. She can see both sides of a story and help mediate things. She's far behind her age in wisdom.
    • On her feet thinker
      • Haley can think quickly and on her feet when pressed in situations
    • Severe Anxiety
      • Haley was diagnosed with anxiety at a very young age and sometimes her anxiety can impare her from certain tasks. Her quidditch team has a second keeper in case she has an anxiety attack in a middle of a game.
    • Seeks Approval
      • Haley is always seeking approval from her peers and adults. She will do anything for them and apologize profusely when she thinks she has messed up.
    Haley's family consists of her, her mother (Daisy Gilmore), her father (Zander Gilmore), her 15 yr old brother (Mason Gilmore), and her oldest 18 yr old squib brother (Henrie Gilmore). Also Haley is close with her muggle grandmother, (Lucy Gilmore, mother of Zander Gilmore).​


    Haley has a normal life. A mother and father who love her and two older brothers who fight but are protective over her. Her oldest brother is a squib and but has never once been jealous of everyone who posses magic. Haley and Henrie are very close to their grandmother, Lucy. When Haley was little she used her magic to make flowers bloom for her grandmother all the time. Then the trace was set in during first year, so she stopped.

    Haley has one interesting story, despite her normal life. When the prophecy first came out, Haley was almost kidnapped. The prophecy was revealed around Haley's family, who were out eating in a small restaurant with few other patrons. Haley's mother was insisting they go to St Mungo's because she had a feeling Haley was going to be born early. As they got up to leave Haley's mother brushed past a women who then gave a prophecy about the 4 girls. The only people who heard the prophecy were the Gilmore's and a dark wizard who was eating with the seerer at the time. The dark wizard assumed the prophecy, correctly assumed, was about the unborn child. And of course he wanted to kidnap the child and make sure she would work to help the dark ways continue!

    He waited 8 years. Finally when Haley turned 8 she was in an attempted kidnapping. It failed, luckily, but a spell aimed for Haley's father (sectumsempra), hit Haley instead. It slashed across the back of her neck through her back, luckily not cutting her in half. Though she was healed of it she wasn't healed in time and scarring was left.

    And that's her interesting story.

    The Last Few Years:




    Large groups of faceless dark wizards holding wands, ready to cast sectumsempra (She's run into a boggart once....)
    She's afraid of faceless people as a representation for her fear of the unknown and judgement. And she's afraid of sectumsempra's curse. Since whatever it cuts off it cannot grow back.​


    She has brought with her a very small cat named Mashi. She's purely brown with green eyes!​


    Redwood with Dragon Core, 9 1/2 inches, slightly yielding​


    Plays Quidditch--Keeper
    Despite her parents hearing the prophecy, Haley doesn't know about it.​
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  2. I feel partial to Ravenclaw or Slytherin, since I've never been very Griffindorish X3
  3. NO Slytherin NO Go away YOU SCARY *Hiss* if anything we should be Ravenclaw XD
  4. X3 why noooooooot? it's a fairly understated house
  5. NO *Hisses even more at him ready to kill if have to* Raven claw
  6. Oh dear oh dear... I see we have a debate.
  7. Slytherin *hiss hiss* X3
  9. wait why am I saying this I don't have wisdom ok never mind. but we are not have Snakes *Glares* wait omg WHy didn't i think of this before don't we all be from different Houses ^^; it will be hard but it will be fun!
  10. *hiss hiss*
  11. It would be fun, that's for sure XD
  12. Hufflepuff??


    Well. I can see why both houses are appealing, Slytherin and Ravenclaw, and I do believe they are both good choices...

    Slytherin would be kinda cool if we go with the plot I'm thinking. Since Slytherin produces more dark wizards and our characters can either choose to help either side of this war and it all depends on them. So Slytherin would be funny.

    But Ravenclaw is very underappreciated... And would be different.....

    If all 4 of us are from different houses the only problem I see is how often they actually get to talk. Remember you take classes with your house and one other house. Like defense against the dark arts, Gryffindor and Slytherin shared. So... That's the only problem I'm seeing.
  13. I ll be a wise woman and be a Ravenclaw ^^
  14. We could have met on the train and decided to stay friends no matter which house we were sorted into. Or maybe we could be split between just two houses, to make things easier.
  15. XD awwwww but that sounds cooler XC
  16. Hummm Then Raven claw and Snakes? well why don't we wait for the other person to come ^^
  17. Hmm mm....

    Thinking thoughts.

    What if... As Hogwarts reached a new beginning, it didn't matter what House you were just for classes. They decided they wanted houses to mingle a bit more and this actually causes hostility among all 4 of the houses.

    So when they met they agree to be friends. They all 4 are in different houses and they meet around the castle often and have some classes together, since they are all the same year.

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  18. That seems fine to me :3
  19. Now is that the easy to please side? Or do you have something else in mind???
  20. Wellllll I have something in mind where is the other girl or guy or girl ^^; we need her ideas ^^
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