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  1. •○• What is Your Faction? •○•

    • World's involving magic and fighting often have Factions that players are able to join into to
    take on quests and achievements. Roleplaying is no different. Maybe your RP revolves around a group of people who do something specific, and your job is to take on quests the whole game. Games that revolve around this kind of plot often don't have overarching storylines, but rather a cluster of smaller ones that string together to make stories.

    • Your goal is to create your own Faction, and design it as a Master would. You are in charge, the people who join are your students, and you command multiple branches across your continent (if not the world.) Think of every detail you can, and flesh it out to the best of your ability. When you're done, you may be able to use the idea in a current RP, or you may get the inspiration to open up one of your own all brand new!
    1. Name of your Faction:
    2. Number of Branches:
    3. Magic/Melee/Other:
    4. Guild/Faction Slogan:
    5. Number of Members:
    6. Max Members Allowed:
    7. Initiations? Explain:
    8. Number of Mentors:
    9. Rules and Regulations (May Add More):
      1. /
    10. Punishment System: (May Add More):
      1. /
    11. Levels (How Do They Advance?):
    12. Names of Advancements:
    • If what you want to design has nothing to do with magic or melee, go ahead and change it to whatever you like. There are literally endless possibilities here - you could even come up with something completely new no one else has ever quite done yet. (Maybe it's a duck-raising. You never know!)

    •○• How to Make Quests! •○•

    • Quests run from NPC to player. There are literally endless amounts of them you could create. When trying to decide how to build a quest for a specific faction, there are a few things you can use to keep as a guideline on how to be sure it won't fall through later.
    1. How many people are involved in the Quest?:
    2. Does it involve traveling around?:
    3. Do you have to report to a certain person?:
    4. What is the reward for completing said quest?:
    5. How many players can complete it at the same time?:
    6. Is there any kind of transportation?:
    7. Do you have to guide any followers anywhere unharmed?:
    8. Can authority figures interfere?:
    9. Is it possible to fail the quest at all?:
    10. What is the punishment if you do?:
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  2. Name of your Faction: The Bears

    Number of Branches: Just the one in a town called Ursa Alpha

    Magic/Melee/Other: This is a melee faction,the people in it actually shun ranged weapons and magic users.

    Guild/Faction Slogan: 'May your sword always strike true! And first!'

    Number of Members: There are currently thirty six members including the guild master.

    Max Members Allowed: There is no limit...their opinion is 'The more the bloodier!' Seeing as how they aren't merry I think that's just their version of 'The more the merrier!'

    Initiations? Explain: If someone wants to join this faction they have to go into the wilderness and survive with the bears without killing any of them for a week. And that's hard seeing as how most bears there are the size of tool sheds. A lot of people actually die in the process.

    Number of Mentors: Mentors? HA! They would never have mentors! You have to teach yourself if you join them! The only teaching you'll get here are overly exaggerated stories told by drunk men to make themselves look good!

    Rules and Regulations:~No harming bears in any way
    ~No stealing from your guild mates
    ~No hunting on the first days of spring or the late days of fall
    ~No acting like a woman,everyone here is a MAN!

    Punishment System:~If you harm a bear you will be attacked then thrown from the guild,maybe missing a limb
    ~If you steal from a guild mate you lose a finger
    ~If you don't eat meat you aren't allowed in and if you stop eating meat you'll be kicked out
    ~If you hunt in the first days of spring or the late days of fall you will be removed from the guild after everyone with a hammer hits you in the gut.
    ~Only men are allowed in the guild,if you turn out not to be a man or if you stop acting like one you will be slammed in the crotch with a hammer and kicked from the guild.

    Levels: You cannot skip levels,you must do them in order.Cubs are the lowest ranks in the guild,to get higher you must kill a boar the size of an desk and bring it back for food and to mount the head.
    Black Bears are the second lowest rank,to advance you must bring back a wolf the size of a single bed and bring it back for bedding and to mount it's head.
    Sun Bears are the third rank you get to and to advance you must go kill one of the giant centipedes from the wilderness that is the length of a buss and bring back it's head.
    Grizzly Bears are the second best rank you can reach. To advance to this you must kill one of the giant spiders that are the size of couches and bring back the entire thing.
    Snow Bears are the best rank that anyone can get to without the guild master themselves giving him a special rank. To become a polar bear you must bring back the head of a colossal croc,freshly killed. Very few men have ever done it since these creatures are the size of tour buses and no normal sword can break through their scales,you need a special type of metal.
  3. •○• T A I N T E D ~ M I D N I G H T •○•

    1. Name of your Faction: Midnight

      [*]Number of Branches: Two

      [*]Magic/Melee/Other: Employs both Magic and Melee combat.

      [*]Guild/Faction Slogan: We thrive in the shadows as the Taint gives us power

      [*]Number of Members: Fifteen

      [*]Max Members Allowed: There is a maximum admittance of 4 members per Initiation, or anyone that lives.

      [*]Initiations? Explain: Each potential recruit must have a Tainted object through means of Magical implantation or through surgery. If the Taint does not kill them immediately, they are put through three randomly chosen contracts/tasks to complete. If they complete them, they are allowed into the group and are paid a sum by the one whom issued the contract.

      [*]Number of Mentors: Three Mentors.

      [*]Rules and Regulations (May Add More):
    1. Don't steal from other members of the group
    2. Don't injure or kill other members of the group without proper justification.
    3. Follow a moral compass.
    4. Embrace the taint.
    5. Don't die.

    Punishment System: There is no current punishment system because of corruption and instability within the faction.

    1. Levels (How Do They Advance?): Each member is ranked according to the intensity of their Telltaint, the location where their Taint gathers. Normally their Telltaint would gather around their neck, but sometimes can be found on the arm, leg, or above the heart. This mixed with the
    2. Names of Advancements: Daybreak, Sunset, Eclipse, Crescent, Moon, Night.

    How many people are involved in the Quest?: Normally from 1-3 depending on the difficulty of the contract

    Does it involve traveling around?: Yes, yes it does.

    Do you have to report to a certain person?: I would have to report to the contractor, or the person whom is giving me the pre-taken contract.

    What is the reward for completing said quest?:
    The reward for completing a contract varies due to the contractor being the one to assign the reward.

    How many players can complete it at the same time?:
    The more players that complete it, the less the reward for them if they choose to split the prize.

    Is there any kind of transportation?:
    There is no provided transportation by the faction unless provided by the contractor. Anytime else, it is up to the one taking the contract to provide his/her own transportation.

    Do you have to guide any followers anywhere unharmed?: Again, this varies by contract because each contract may have some other task to complete.

    Can authority figures interfere?:
    Yes, they can interfere. Except they may have to be silenced depending on how they interfere.

    Is it possible to fail the quest at all?:
    It is always possible to fail a quest,

    What is the punishment if you do?:
    In most cases, reparations are to be paid to the contract giver unless given contract was a setup.
    1. Name of your Faction: The Builders
    2. Faction History: originally a simple construction guild, the Builders were called upon many times during the last war to rebuild what bombs and fire had brought down. Many members did what they could to aid the people as well as the places, and petitioned the guild leader to let them bring food and medicine to trauma situations. Over time, The Builders became exclusively a relief organization, though their slogan has remained the same.
    3. Number of Branches: 4
    4. Magic/Melee/Other: Trauma relief and reconstruction
    5. Guild/Faction Slogan: No Job Too Big
    6. Number of Members: 1,764
    7. Number of Mentors: there is once leader of each Branch, and three leaders under him/her, so 16
    8. Rules and Regulations (May Add More):
      1. Remain neutral in battle
      2. Cases with the worst human damages supersede those with the most property damage
      3. 110% at all times
      4. Members will obey the orders of their superiors; should a complaint arise about these orders, the guild leader is available to receive the complaining members confidential remarks.
    9. Punishment System:
      1. because of the necessity of the Builders service, a member must continually display a disrespect for rules and authority to be thrown out or banned from participation. However they may be assigned mundane chores such as scrubbing the bathrooms, sweeping up mess, moving supplies, etcetera
    10. Levels:
      1. Scrub: technically the same rank as Member, but you get stuck with the jobs no one wants
      2. Member: the front-lines grunt workers
      3. Manager: supervises, delegates, and communicates with the Guild Leader
      4. Guild Leader: A very busy person assisted by a secretary, treasurer, HR leader, and business consultant
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