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  1. Sorry to bother, but I've run into a bit of trouble. Myself and a group of friends were looking for a new site to RP in, and I thought this might be a good one. I've gone through the rules and whatnot, and attempted to create a private group for us to use. However, when I try to, it only leads to an error page stating 'The requested page could not be found.' Am I disallowed from creating groups? Or is there an error I'm not aware of? Apologies if this is something simple or an overlook, I don't mean to waste time. But I'd be thankful for any help offered.
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  2. Correct. It is a big bummer to a lot of people, but sometimes things like that just need to happen. O_O
  3. Groups will come back at some point, hopefully, soon.

    We're still looking for a groups system that suits our needs and that also plays nicely with the website, so it could be weeks, but more than likely it will be longer. Months or years. Even the staff is not really sure. D:
  4. It's too bad; seemed like the perfect place I was looking for. Oh well, I suppose; back on the hunt.

    Thank you for the assistance.
  5. Looking more into it, I might find a way to do it. It is possible to create private invite-only threads in other groups to RP in, correct? Keeping control over the game and keeping it to my friends is the only real thing, as we're trying to coordinate off-site.
  6. Yes. As long as you specify that it's private or invite-only, other people probably aren't going to bother you outside of a brief "hey, can I join" - so that's certainly an option if that's what you're looking for!
  7. Excellent; might be able to work out after all.
  8. I want to double check something here. You can't use a group some other member created and post your own thread in there, unless you are a part of that group and participating in that group. You are, however, more than welcome to use one of the group roleplaying forums, and create a thread there that is "by invite only".

    It is entirely possible that the latter aspect is what you meant and I was just confused, but there can be lots of weird mixups because of the similarity of terminology between "groups" and "group roleplays". X.X Figured it was worth asking.
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  9. Whoops. Peregrine is right!
  10. Of course; I was planning on making a private thread in the Historical Forum, if that works.
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  11. Yup, totally doable. When making IC threads you can choose one of three prefixes for a thread, and one of them is Invite Only, so pick that one. For any OOC threads you might want to make, you can simply put something like (Private) or (Invite Only) at the end of the title so people know you're not accepting newcomers.
  12. Sorry, just had a few more questions before I got started so no trouble would be caused. Is there a limit to how much can be written in one post? How exactly do I receive/send invites? I haven't really seen one directly, but is a military focused story under the history forum ok, as long as the proper tags are used?
  13. Not that I'm aware. I've broken many thousands of words, and seen more that are much, much longer.
    There is no official "invite" feature on Iwaku. You can send PMs or write messages on people's profile, but threads on Iwaku are open for anyone to post on, and most people just put up an OOC and see what kind of interest they can garner. Most people are polite enough not to post in a thread marked "By Invite Only", though.
    That depends on what time period of military. If it is historical military, undoubtedly. If it is present day, it should be under Modern. If there are fantasy elements incorporated, it should be Modern Fantasy. If it is both Historical and Fantasy, it should probably go under Miscellaneous. We aren't too strict about the forums, though, as long as it isn't obviously out of place (sci fi in the fantasy, etc.)
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