Ground Zero

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  1. It was cold.

    But that was nothing new. It was always cold in the cell. It was so white and bare, unforgiving steel that held no life, no voice, no comfort. She'd stared at these walls for the last few years - it had been years, right? Six years? Seven? - and had wondered if she'd ever hear the voices again. She'd only heard them briefly all those years ago, but they'd swarmed her mind in such a glorious flood of warmth and care that she could not help but remember them.

    It wasn't like she could remember much else.

    She knew her name. Kamielle Hunter. She knew her past, how she'd grown up, what had led her to her current state. She knew her age; twenty-four and she felt she knew how long she'd been here, but she couldn't know for sure. The scientists, their helpers they all looked new and yet so vaguely familiar that it was puzzling, frightening.

    But everything was frightening here. Everything was painful. Everything was hopeless.

    It hadn't always been that way. The world, her life, had been good. War had been nonexistent. The entire human race had come to a peace with each other and everyone had thrived. And then the Virus had come. An unnatural plague that held no cure, was merciless as it swept through the billions, leaving the population only a fourth of what it had been, leaving everything in devastation, leaving humanity divided once more. Now there were the Immune, the Infected who had yet to die and the Freaks.

    That was what Kamielle was; a Freak. A genetically altered human, affected by the Virus in ways no one, not even Third-Party, the power behind all this, could have predicted. Though, now they tried to discover what they'd done, dissecting Freaks to learn from their accidental genuis.

    Kami was one of those experiments. She could manipulate the earth. Geokinesis they called it, a power that had only been known in fairytales before. It was now reality. Kami's reality. Just like this cold cell.
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  2. Pain. That was the only stimulating thing in this Godforsaken place, and oh was she used to it.

    Chasity didn't even bother whimpering when they came for her anymore. Pain was the only thing she had to comfort her in this horridly cold and lonely place. Pain was her constant companion and she could always trust that it would come to her.

    She knew that there were others like her, of course. Locked away and tested on like her. She knew all of these things, but she couldn't bring herself to really think about it. Whenever she managed to talk to any of them, she ended up being hurt by either them or the Third-Party man... or was it men? Chasity didn't know anymore. Not that it really mattered. In the end, they all did the same things.

    If she really focused, really thought hard, she could remember her life from the Before- that's what she liked to think of it as; Before humanity fell and the terrifying Virus appeared out of thin air and destroyed her, and millions of others, lives. Before was nice, peaceful. It was the one thing that always sparked a small fire in her mind. A fire she had learned not to let grow when she first came here. She still remembered her first escape attempt. Oh how free she'd felt for those few precious seconds.
    It hadn't really been smart, but oh it had been worth it. She was pretty sure that it had been during that escape attempt that she'd discovered her powers of telekinesis...

    Chasity groaned when she was thrown back into her cold cell and out of her dazed thoughts. She didn't really remember much from this session, which was odd because she always remembered. She shook her head and pushed herself up with shaky arms. She huddled up into the corner of her room and shook from the cold.

    In the end it didn't really matter what she remembered- what she thought. It always came back to one horrible, depressing, sad truth: She was here, and she was never going to get out.

    (But that didn't stop her from thinking about it)
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  3. Darkness. This was the only companion that was ever surrounding him in this evil desolate place.

    Michael tested the chains anchored around his wrists again, listening to the sound of steel against steel echo throughout the empty corridors around him. How long had it been since he'd been brought down here? Four years? 6? It might as well have been eternity, for that's the way it felt deep within his soul.

    Hearing the sound of footsteps approaching, Michael suppressed the anger that bellowed within him, egging him to pull at his chains once more and to free himself from this prison of darkness and despair. The sensation of blood trickling down his arms was enough to snap reality back into view... there was no escape from this place. Wincing in pain, he recoiled back into his corner and placed his hand on his chest. He could still feel the warm blood upon the fresh incision he'd received just yesterday... and fear began clawing at his very core.

    Leaning back against the wall, he pushed away the fear and attempted to recall what life had been like before the Fall. He had been an ordinary young man, tilling the earth and yielding it's first-fruits. He always gave thanks to God for his family and for the life that he lived in peace with them. But then a virus was released one day by a group coined as Third-Party... while it killed millions of innocent people in its wake, Michael could only recall the faces of four individuals he had to watch helplessly die in agony... his family.

    The pounding on the cell door yanked Michael from his thoughts and pushed his soul deeper into the the endless void of darkness. There was no light anymore, there was no joy, there was only blood... blood, pain, and despair.

    Yet, even as Michael was knocked unconscious by the guard who entered his cell, he thought to himself, "This can't be the end... it can't be..."
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  4. Her food was pushed into the cell from a slot at the bottom of the door, but Kami didn't move toward it, her lips curling up over her teeth in disdain. They treated her like an animal. No one spoke to her. No one wanted her to speak. They merely wanted to dehumanize her, making it easier for them to do what they did to her and she loathed them for it far more than for anything else they'd done. Even the pain and the cold and the darkness was not as bad as the humiliation being treated like an animal caused.

    Besides, she felt sick to her stomach and her head hurt something fierce, something that seemed vaguely familiar, but not a sensation she could pinpoint as something she'd had before at any certain time. She did feel like she'd had it before, though. She couldn't remember when though, as if it might have come from a dream.

    It was frustrating.

    It was also the least of her worries as Kami heard the guard coming into her cell before she saw him. Her piercing orange-gold eyes watched the man warily, but she didn't move or protest as she was yanked to her feet, knowing better than to fight back needlessly. If she fought here, they'd knock her out and then she'd still be in her cell, no way out.

    If she fought elsewhere...anything could happen.

    So she remained docile as her hands were cuffed tightly behind her, the cuffs nearly breaking skin as she was marched to an unknown destination. It turned out to be a large room with tables and chairs and the red-haired Kami blinked in near-shock to see so many other people, all of them dressed in the same dark sweats and white shirts like her own, all of them looking to be prisoners. had she been here this long and not known about these people?!
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  5. Chasity opened her eyes blearily when she hear a clang from the other side of her door. She hadn't even realized that she had fallen asleep. The door opened and a tall man with broad shoulders came in, his bright blue eyes looked at her with disgust and it took everything in Chasity not to bare her teeth at him.

    He didn't say a word to her as he hauled her to her feet and cuffed her hands tightly behind her back -not that she expected him to. She stumbled out of her cell and frowned when he started leading her down the dark hallways towards a door she didn't recognize. Maybe it was because she was still recovering from sleep, or maybe it was because it was a new room. She honestly couldn't bring herself to care either way.

    When the door opened and she was pushed in, she tripped face-first onto the floor. She didn't cry out when the cuffs dug into her wrists and drew blood, nor when the guard pulled her up by her white hair. When she cleared the black spots out of her vision she almost gasped. The room was full of people. And not guards, or scientists, but real, proper people. They were dressed in the exact same dark sweatpants and white tank tops like she was, so she knew they must be prisoners too.

    Chasity bit down a yelp when the guard grabbed the chain between her cuffs and dragged her over to a table with a brunette man, and two purple haired women who looked exactly alike. The guard took her cuffs off and Chasity immediately rubbed her wrists and frowned at the amount of blood that coated her hand when she did.

    Oh well. It didn't really matter. She looked at the thin metal cuffs that held more electric pulses in them than a weather controller that were wrapped tightly around her wrists and she sighed inwardly. No running today.

    She let her eyes dart around the room and frowned at how many people were in here. It was both amazing and extremely sad. She felt a pang of sympathy for the other Freaks in the room and let her gaze slip from them when one caught her eye.

    She looked up again after a moment -she couldn't help herself- and noticed that a redhead had just been led into the room. Hmmm... that was interesting. She could have sworn she'd seen the redhead before. She searched her memory for the woman's face but came up with nothing. That was odd to Chasity, because she could have sworn she'd seen the woman's face before.
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  6. Dazed and groggy, Michael attempted to open his eyes only to be greeted with the sight of dark spots & the sensation of nausea surging through his stomach. Feeling dizzy, he resigned himself to where he sat, closed his eyes and tried to recount what had just transpired.

    After the guards had knocked him out, he had awoken in a room that appeared void, all except for a steel table of which he was strapped to, and a light as bright as the sun peering down upon him. Michael pulled hard against the steel cuffs that held him fast to the table, only to be rewarded with the fierce sting of electricity pulse through his entire body. Screaming in rage, he continued to pull hard against the steel cuffs, drawing blood which began to pool into a puddle below his table. Just then as one of the shackles around his wrist broke free from the table and he felt hope surge within his soul, he was greeted by a guards metal baton across his right temple.. The last thing he felt as he drifted into the darkness was the cold sting of steel biting deep into his right arm...

    Michael awoke from his dazed presence when the sound of guards approaching once more was too close for comfort. Using the fresh blood from his new mark on his right arm, he spiked his short matted black hair up and prepared for the worst.

    The steel door opened and eight guards entered the room single-file, ten more waiting in the corridor just outside his cell. Standing up, Michel thought to himself, "why do they always send in no fewer than eight soldiers to fetch me?" Could it be because he stood at least two feet above the average 5 foot man? Or was there something else to it? Michael tried as hard as he could to recall, but every time he felt a memory rising, the thought slipped away... He was abruptly interrupted as two guards tightened the cuffs around his wrists and proceeded to shove him into the hallway.

    Michael walked in silence down the dimly lit corridors. Some few minutes later, they were approaching a unique metal door that had several locks on it. His heart skipped a beat, hadn't he been through this door before? Could it have been from a dream? Perhaps... but he could have sworn that he had been here before. The door flung open and Michael drew in a gasp. There were other people, Freaks, just like him, wearing the same tattered white shirts and dark sweatpants. The pang from the guards jerking on his restraints pulled Michael out of his trance, following the guard in front of him he was lead to a table lined with other male prisoners like him.

    The guards released his wrists from his chains, but left on the metal cuffs. Looking around warily, he could see that there were only a few entrances to this facility, all of which were heavily guarded. There would be no escape today. The clanging sound of a door opening immediately caught Michael's attention, and as he glanced towards the participants entering, he noticed the presence a redhead being led to a table just a couple of feet from where he was sitting.

    An odd sensation surged within his chest. Michael felt that he knew (had known?) this individual, that they had met before in some previous time. It was a strange feeling that he quickly suppressed as he noticed that his staring was attracting the attention of nearby guards.

    Michael returned his gaze to the plate of food in front of him... all the while thinking back to how he knew of this red-headed woman.
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  7. They'd escorted everyone else to seats to tables as if they were assigned to them. Kami watched this with a calculating mind and instantly became aware of the fact that they'd not done this with her. The reason eluded her, but it caused the hairs on her body to stand up nevertheless and she looked around carefully, her body just the slightest bit crouched, riddled with powerful tension like she might spring to attack or turn to bolt at any moment. Fight or flight, enhanced to a beyond human level. That's what it was. She knew that.

    Why did she feel like she wasn't SUPPOSED to know that?

    Most people in the room were already seated, but the red-haired woman continued to stand where she'd been left and she was allowed to do so, faces starting to peer at her and Kami found her orange-gold eyes studying each face in a searching manner, unsure she even knew what she was searching for until she found it.

    Her gaze locked on to that of another girl, younger than her, with obscenely long, white hair and eyes that were as mix-matched, one black and the other white. She was even paler than Kami was and she looked somehow both scared and numb all at once. And Kami knew she knew her. Her name would not come to the red-head's mind, but she knew her face. She knew her powers. It was like a memory of a dream, but Kamielle knew. The girl was a Telekinetic. Winged. She was winged, too. They knew each other even if she could not explain to herself how that was possible.

    Kamielle's piercing eyes lingered on the girl for a long moment more before her gaze snapped - not wandered - to another figure, the tallest seated figure there was at the tables. She knew he'd be there. She didn't know HOW, but she knew. Ever instinct inside her was aware of his presence just as she'd been of the girl. She knew them.

    Black hair, short and spiked with his own blood. Tanned skin that had managed to stay even despite his stay here. A strong build and eyes just as mixed as the girl's, one sky blue and the other constantly changing in hue. Telekinetic. Just like the girl, but he didn't know it. The same energy buzzed around him, dormant for now, but there. Strength. He had strength...the guards always followed him.

    The memories seared through her like fire through a fog, painful and surprising each time, but Kami let them come, her teeth gritting, not yet fangs, but the pressure in her gums increasing by the minute in reaction to the discomfort in her head.

    Shape-shifter. He was a shape-shifter.

    And yet they sat here. Every single Freak sat here like they couldn't do anything about where they were, how they were treated. There were so many! Why didn't they fight? With all their powers, surely they could not be contained like this! Why... It came to Kami then, the answer and her gaze hardened, looking over those gathered again and she growled before moving forward, taking note that the guards had their eyes fixed on her. Now the redhead suspected she knew why and she was about to test that theory as she approached the male first, her orange-gold, predatory eyes staring into face.

    "Michael." The word rolled off her tongue, simply there when she needed it and memories bubbled up behind the word, out of the fog, pushing away at it as she looked over to the girl and spoke loud enough for her to hear. "Chasity. Both of you remember who you are, what you are. Remember what they don't want you to."

    Kami heard someone behind her then, a curse followed by a voice, female. "S***, she's remembering." Then quieter and to someone else. "I thought you said this serum would work on Feral Freaks!" Everything happened quickly then as Kami found the guards coming for her and fangs finally erupted in her mouth along with a bloodcurdling snarl as they converged. She snapped and sank her teeth into those not quick enough to react in time, but in the end, she was wrestled to the ground, shocks running through her body as she was injected with something that made her world turn dark.
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  8. Chasity narrowed her eyes slightly when she looked over and saw an amazingly tall man sitting one table across from her. She could have sworn she'd seen him before. His face was like something from a dream, a hallucination, a... hazy memory. She didn't even have to look at his hair to know that it was spiked with blood- wait how did she know that? She bit her lip and turned her gaze away from the man before she could draw the guards attention. That was the last thing any of them needed right now.

    She slowly looked back up at the redheaded woman. She looked so familiar. Why couldn't she remember where she'd seen her from? Chasity dug her fingernails into her palms and pushed until she felt them break skin. She focused on the sliver of pain and felt her mind clear a little.

    Okay, she just had to think this through. Where could she possibly know the woman from? She shuffled through her more recent memories and found nothing- no wait, there was a word- a name. But... why couldn't she see it clearly? Ka... Kammmm... Kami? No. Close, but not quite. Ka- Wait, the woman was coming over. No, she was going over to the tall man.

    The redhead uttered one word, but that was all Chasity need for the remembrance to start flooding her mind. "Michael."
    Chasity gripped the corner of her table and her eyes shot wide open. That's right, Michael! How could she have forgotten Michael?!
    The woman whose name still alluded Chasity, turned to face her. "Chasity. Both of you remember who you are, what you are. Remember what they don't want you to." The woman said and Chasity surged to her feet and looked wildly around the room at the guards that were starting to converge on Kamielle.

    Kamielle, that was her name!

    Chasity's feet were moving before she really knew what she was doing. When the guards tackled Kamielle to the ground, she felt angry, even though she didn't know why. She knew that she knew Kamielle, but she didn't really know her, know her... did she?

    She glared at the guards when she saw the woman's body convulse with electric shocks and go limp when one of the men injected something into her. Chasity growled inaudibly and she stretched her arms out -why was she doing that again?- and closed her fists. Without thinking, she threw her arms out. She watched with some surprise as two of the guards went flying to opposite sides of the room.
    Oh, that's why she was doing that.
    She stared at her hands for a few seconds, trying to remember when she'd ever been able to do that. Nothing that she remembered. No wait... her first attempt to escape. She'd found out then that she had telekinesis, right? So why was it so surprising to her now?

    She cried out when something hard hit her right shoulder and knocked her to the ground beside the unconscious redhead. She looked up just in time to see the metal baton descending again. Without thinking she threw her arm up, palm forward, and sent the offending guard flying fifteen feet and landing with a loud thud. She gaped at the limp body and then at her hand.
    She got to her feet quickly, ignoring her throbbing shoulder and the adrenaline pumping through her -ignoring the desire to throw people-, and looked at the tall man beside her. Michael.

    She wanted to say his name, just to test it out -when was the last time she'd spoken?- but before she could she felt burning electricity run up her arms and through her body like white fire. She fell to her knees and bit her lip to keep her cry of pain at bay. She registered something go into her neck, but she didn't have the strength to fight it off.

    The last things she saw when her eyes slipped closed were the feet of Michael.
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  9. Michael’s eyes grew wide as his gaze flickered from the red-haired woman who stood in the doorway, back to the white-haired woman who sat at a table adjacent to his very own. Her black and white eyes piercing his soul like a dagger & beckoning him to remember who she, who they were; the feeling that somehow he knew these two women continued to nag and tug at his spirit to the point he almost didn’t notice the red-headed woman approaching his table.

    His attention quickly snapped from his thoughts to this woman’s figure. She had long red hair that hung loose to her waist, and orange-gold eyes that seemed to pierce the very center of his heart, strangely bringing the sensation of comfort flooding into his chest. He broke his gaze from her and proceeded to stare at this second woman who sat not ten feet from where he sat. Her long white hair glistening beneath the ceiling lights in addition with her white and black eyes sent his soul into a curious state. Had he known these women before? Why did their faces out of the hundreds around him catch his eye so easily… certainly this couldn’t be a coincidence?

    Michael’s thoughts were abruptly interrupted when the red-headed woman, within arms reach of him, whispered out gently, “Michael.” Hope mixed with desperation seemed to cling to every syllable of his name, increasing Michael’s tension and curiosity even more. Who was this stranger, how did she know his name yet he didn’t know hers? Or did he… could he just not remember? Again, the red-haired woman spoke, this time shouting across the room to whom Michael could only assume was the white-haired lady, "Chasity. Both of you remember who you are, what you are. Remember what they don't want you to."

    Chasity. The name, so sweet the sound rolled off the tip of his tongue, brought memories flooding back into Michael’s head… yes, he knew these woman! And the red-head who stood before him, her name was, Kamielle. Yes, Michael stifled the desire to shout out in laughter. He knew these two women, they were his friends who he had met two years ago after he had been released from solitary confinement.

    Michael’s memories were quickly shattered when the sound of electricity wrung through the air. Breaking his gaze from Chasity, he turned and immediately saw four guards descend upon Kamielle, one of them proceeding to inject something into her neck. Paralyzed with horror, Michael watched as several guards quickly sprinted towards his direction. Two of them were quickly rewarded by being thrown across the room like a pair of ragdolls.

    Michael quickly spun around only to witness Chasity sprint right past him. He witnessed in amazement as she raised her hands skillfully and continued to take out one guard right after another. Soon she was standing right over the unconscious form Kamielle, when out of nowhere a guard was on top of her. He raised his hand to strike, but before Michael could audibly warn Chasity, she had thrown the man no less than fifteen feet into the air. Landing on his back with a loud thud, Michael could only sit, mouth agape in stunned amazement at the power Chasity wielded. Then she was up, spinning around until her eyes met his… they seemed to almost glow with a bright hue, welcoming him into the expanses of her very soul with warmth and kindness… and yet, there was a darkness there - a hint of fear and distrust. Michael wanted to reach out and hug her like he had his sister when she was still alive. He wanted to comfort her and let her know everything would be okay.

    The sudden convulsion of her body broke their intimate stare and Chasity’s became limp just before a guard’s metal baton made contact with her skull.

    The image of his two friends laying there with guards quickly approaching sent Michael’s heart into a sea of rage. Before he could think, he was up – grabbing the steel table that he was seated at, he hurled it at a cluster of guards that were attempting to grab Chasity and Kamielle. Crushed beneath the weight of the steel table, a lone surviving guard who stood incapacitated cried out for help on his headset. Michael quickly leaped atop the guard and, without hesitation, crushed his skull within his fist.

    Michael’s arched his back in agony as he felt the sting of ten thousand volts pierce his flesh. Bellowing out a cry that was as cold as ice, Michael tore the shackle off of his right arm. Hurling the piece of steel and decapitating a nearby guard, Michael sprinted towards his friends who now laid fallen there on the cold concrete floor. No sooner had he knelt down did he feel something pierce his left shoulder. Reaching around, he withdrew a syringe; an orange substance began leaking from the tip of the needle. Suddenly Michael’s head was swimming… He put his arms around his friends and tried to hold his grasp on reality.

    He felt the quick thud of a metal stick upon his head and started to slip away into the darkness. Hearing the words of a guard who stood over him, “I don’t care what it takes, make sure they don’t remember! Fix this, now…”

    Then, there was only silence.
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  10. ".....waking...more sedation..."

    " she knows.....the serum working properly....."

    Kamielle started to come back to awareness slowly, hearing bits and pieces of a conversation she could not make complete sense of and she tried to open her eyes but found it hard, incredibly hard as if they were weighted down. With supreme effort, she managed to crack her lids, only to be confronted with a bright and harsh light from overhead that made her eyes water and her lashes close again instantly. Her brow furrowed in pain, but when she tried to move her hand up to shield her face, the redhead found that her wrist was restrained in cold, unforgiving cuffs.

    Awareness and memories came back to her then in a flood and Kami's teeth bared, a growl rumbling in her chest as she forced her eyes open again, orange-gold hues flickering around and catching sight of those in the room.

    "Another batch failure."

    The words came from a female with platinum blond hair and supermodel body. She was dressed in a pencil skirt and suit-like top, all business, looking absolutely pristine in her sterile, white environment - really, could these people have anymore white and gray? - and her blue eyes were colder than the metal Kami lay upon. She looked over the redhead as one would a prized animal that had disappointed her and Kami jerked against her restraints, wanting nothing more than to rake her claws over the human's perfect face.

    The blond looked away from her, to a scientist with a long, oversized white coat and glasses slipping down his nose. "What do the scans say?"

    Looking through his glasses at the pad he held, the man hrrmed thoughtfully before answering and Kami listened just as closely as the woman did, trying to figure out what was going on. Her body was rigid and anticipating pain, but nothing had happened yet and she would take every opportunity she could to understand what was happening.

    "Her thought patterns are erratic, but not like we want to see. See this part of her brain?" he held up the pad and the woman peered over, frowning as the scientist explained what she was looking at. "This is what we want to see, but her mind isn't working like that. It's the problem with Ferals. They don't think like the others do."

    Blue eyes went back to Kami, calculating. "So what is to be done about it?"

    "We could always dispose of her. Start again."

    Kami's heart leaped into her throat, but the blond was already shaking her head. "No. She's the most powerful one we've ever caught. I won't waste that. We'll simply have to try harder." She was circling Kamielle's prone form now, studying and finally the cold woman spoke to the redhead herself.

    "What do you remember from yesterday, 8-I6?

    Kami answered with a growl even as her mind raced through the hazy memories of the tall man and the pale girl. She'd forgotten them. For a short time and she couldn't understand why. If she understood why....she could stop it from happening again. She knew she could. If- Her thought was cut off by a streak of pain running through her body and the redhead cried out, arching in reaction to the voltage running though her until it stopped and the blue-eyed woman spoke calmly.

    "When I ask a question, I expect an answer, 8-I6."
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  11. Her eyes felt like lead when she woke. Her body wasn't much better.

    She slowly dragged her eyelids open and regretted it immediately when her eyes were assaulted with blinding white light. She quickly clamped them shut and swallowed down a groan when her head started pounding like it would if she'd had a massive hangover. She tried lifting a hand to rub her temples but found that she couldn't because her wrists were held down by thick metal.
    She pressed her lips into a thin line when she finally felt the cold metal pressed against her back like a blanket of ice.

    She sucked in a quiet breath and opened her eyes again, more slowly this time. Her eyes darted around the room and landed on pretty blond with business-like clothes. Or at least, she would have been pretty if it weren't for the coldness in her blue eyes. When the woman turned towards her, Chasity suppressed a shudder. The blond looked at her like she was an animal and it both infuriated her and terrified her.

    She was relieved when the woman didn't come over to her, but went to another spot in the room, that Chasity just now noticed held another person. Her relief was cut short when she saw who the person was.

    It was the redheaded woman. She tried to remember her name -for she remembered she knew it- but nothing came to her. Why couldn't she remember her name, again?

    Chasity struggled against the metal holding her wrists and ankles against the cold table-like sheet but found it to be of no avail. She froze when she heard the woman speak to the redhead.

    "What do you remember from yesterday, 8-I6?"

    Chasity heard a very low growl come from the redhead and she wanted to throttle her. Didn't she know that she couldn't do that around these people?!
    When an electric current went through the redhead Chasity winced, but felt anger shoot through her veins like fire for some reason.

    "When I ask a question, I expect an answer, 8-I6."

    The young woman opened her mouth to shout at the blond, but when she tried nothing but a choked "St" came out. Apparently it was enough for the blond woman though, because she left feral woman's side and came over to her.

    "What was that, 2-I6?" Her voice was dangerously low and Chasity had to force herself not to shrink back. She cleared her dry throat as much as she could and then whispered so quietly that the blond had to lean in a little, "I- Stop it." She was surprised anything came out at all, since she couldn't even remember that last time she'd spoken.

    The woman raised her eyebrow and turned to the scientist that Chasity didn't know. "She's the one with telekinesis, correct?"

    "Correct, ma'am." The scientist said quietly and the blond nodded curtly. "Pity, I would have been fine with disposing this one." She turned to Chasity and smirked, which only served to scare girl more. "But I'm sure we can find a suitable punishment nonetheless." The woman walked back towards the feral woman and called to her, "Don't worry, you'll have your turn for questions." just before the pain started.

    Chasity cried out when she felt the same fire from before flood through her body like a painful disease. She bit down on her tongue until she tasted copper. She couldn't scream. If she screamed it would only be worse. By the time the electricity stopped coursing through her Chasity could smell the burnt flesh on her wrists and her back. She knew that once the numbing pain wore off she would be in agony, but for now she didn't mind too terribly. At least she remembered why she never talked. She spit the blood out of her mouth and sighed quietly when it just kept draining out of her mouth. She must have bitten harder than she thought.

    She looked over to her left for some unknown reason and saw a large man also on a metal sheet with his arms and ankles bound. As she stared at the man, she felt something nagging at the back of her mind. It was the same nagging feeling she had when she looked at the redhead. What was it about these two that her mind kept trying to point out to her?

    She turned her attention back to the blond that had gone back to questioning the redhead and she tried not think too hard on it. Thinking about others was more trouble than it was worth.
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  12. The sensation of cold steel against his back in addition to the muttering of voices in the background broke Michael from his state of darkness. His head hurt, his shoulder ached, and it wasn’t until he attempted to sooth his throbbing temples that Michael felt the cold pierce of steel break the surface of his skin. As blood began drizzling down his hands, Michael shot open his eyes and immediately began scanning the room.

    Bright lights quickly flooded his pupils, sending a shaft of pain deep into his cranium. Every nerve pushed him to close his eyes and conserve his strength, but Michael pushed past the pain, wanting to know why he was here and what had just happened.

    Peering around the room, Michael was quick to notice two women strapped to metal tables just like his own. One of these women, the furthest from where he laid, wore a head of red flowing locks & orange-gold eyes. The other, a younger woman who was more lithe in appearance, bore one white eye and the other black, along with flowing hair that was as white as the winter snow.

    Immediately Michael took note of where, more so, who their eyes were trained on: a business-cladded woman, skinny as a twig, but with fierce eyes cold as ice. He observed her walk towards the red-heads table and attempted to listen to the conversation that transpired between the two. Due to the distance between himself and the red-head, Michael was unable to determine what was said between these two individuals. When electricity pulsed through the woman’s body, it became apparent to Michael that they clearly did not see eye-to-eye.

    Even as he witnessed this woman’s agony, Mike could feel the temperature of his blood begin to boil, and his face break out in beads of sweat. Surely these women were no strangers to him? Why would he react in this manner if he hadn’t know these individuals. Michael heard a small chirp come from the white-haired woman.

    Before he could even shift his gaze from the redhead, the blonde was already beside the white-haired girls table, challenging her to speak once more. The girl softly muttered in an almost defeated tone, “I- Stop it.” The girls bravery, despite her meek tone, nearly brought a tear to Michael’s eye… this young girl reminded him so much of his sister, from her lithe stature, to her long hair – he couldn’t help it, but somehow Michael felt he was connected to this girl in a special way. Like they’d known each other in a previous life… even as the thoughts raced through his head and he felt the bubbling of memories beginning to surface, his trance was cut short when he listened to the dark cruel tone of the blonde as she debated over this woman in the way a master would debate over a prized possession.

    The rage that surged through Michael’s head as he gazed at the redheads still form blinded him from being able to hear anything the blonde was saying. It was infuriating the way this woman treated these women, as if they were mere animals able to be used and replaced at the mere wave of a hand. Slowing the beating of his heart, Michael silenced his rage and began listening, “… Don’t worry, you’ll have your turn for questions.” Was all he was able to hear before the girl’s body began convulsing as electricity began flowing through her like an endless river.

    Michael bellowed out a growl of disapproval, beckoning the heinous blonde to approach his table. Maybe, just maybe, he’d be able to free himself from one these cold shackles and wipe that look off of her smug ugly face. Sure enough, the blonde approached his table with all the grace of a slithering snake entering its den. Before Michael was able to test his restraint, he felt the sting of a needle in his left shoulder… his world began to spin slowly until he couldn’t support his own head anymore.

    The blonde hovered over him & spoke to him this time, hate & power were dripping with her every word: “When I am ready to talk to you, I will address you personally experiment 4-I10.” To the scientists who stood around him, he heard her bark an order to them, “See to it that you obtain a blood sample. By any means.”

    Then, there was nothing.
  13. Attention: Ground Zero is hereby until further notice on hold due to circumstances that have hindered certain parties from participating.

    We thank you for your patience and for your cooperation.

    Have a nice day!

    *Thought Michael to himself as he sank into the abyss of darkness*
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