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    "I think I ought to advise you not to do that, very clearly, idiotic thing."


    NAME: Eleanor Viviann Rosewell
    NICKNAME(S): Ellie, Elle, Viv, Vivi, Rosie (will respond to anything as long as it's not rude)
    DOB/AGE: April 20th 1996, 23
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Jackson, Wyoming
    BLOOD STATUS: No-maj born
    RACE/ETHNICITY: Caucasian / American
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'7", 124 lbs
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    HAIR COLOR/STYLE/LENGTH: Dark brown and slightly wavy hair that goes just past her breasts, but is almost always tied up in a bun or ponytail.

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Long and willowy with dark brown eyes that often seem brighter than they actually are, yet not quite as eye catching as you think she might've been in the first place. Her lips plump and pink and her hands and touch gentle, and when she smiles every freckle on her cheek seems to dance upon her face. Everything about Eleanor is immediately quiet and calm, every part of her appearance resembling her soft demeanor. Except, for the long, winding scar from the base of her neck across her collarbone, down to her chest. That does seem to differ from everything else about her.

    PERSONALITY: A quiet body in the back of the room, Eleanor's soft-spoken demeanor seems to allow her to easily fade into the shadows, and nothing about her so easily grabs your attention unless you truly care to look close. But though she may not be the first to approach and begin conversation, Eleanor is a rather intriguing person to talk too. When you gaze closer, she has a little twinkle in her eye. Mischievousness? Confidence? Up to you. She is not shy nor scared, though you might've thought so. She talks with a sure firmness, even if soft, and her laugh is something pure and enchanting. A fiercely loyal yet comforting and gentle friend, with a great cleverness about her and excellent magical abilities, Eleanor has many a redeeming quality, but her secretiveness and pessimism does seem to deter some away.

    Eleanor keeps a consistent underlying sense of "This isn't going to work out." Even around those she really does care about. Something always seems to cause her smile to disappear just moments too early, into a smaller grimace, and retreat back into her quiet shadow, what she has a bad habit of hiding behind. It is unknown what makes Eleanor quite so afraid of her own abilities, but whatever the matter, in a crowd, Eleanor simply seems to fade away.

    One more quality, not to be forgotten, is Eleanor's deepest desire to heal any person she comes across, and before that, treat them with utmost respect and kindness as best as she can. No matter how much Eleanor might like to dissipate into the darkness, she will always give in to her urge to help those whom she feels she can fix.

    LIKES: Thick forests, rain, campfires, animals, fresh smells, home-cooked meals, sarcastic jokes, peaches.
    DISLIKESs: Mindless arguments, abruptness, people who blatantly lie, rushing, sarcastic jokes, brussel sprouts.

    • A HEALER AT HEART; Though transfiguration is a close second, Eleanor is an immensely talented healer, both magically and emotionally. She is a calm soul to lay troubles upon, and can fix up your broken nose no problem.
    • ADAPTABLE; Growing up in a family of adventurers and explorers who always took their children out camping and exploring and the like, and Eleanor grew up learning how to adapt to situations where she wasn't quite so comfortable as she'd have liked to be. This goes more for the physical sense then it does the emotional.
    • CLEVER; Eleanor is chalk-full of brilliant ideas and intuition, with a great set of wits about her, and because of this she is a quick thinker and an excellent opponent on the battlefield.
    • SOFT; Perhaps, not the best way to describe it, but yet, no better way. Eleanor is not gullible in the slightest, but she will allow people to take advantage of her, simply for the fact that she does not wish to hurt them by rejecting them.
    • WORRISOME; Eleanor is a very insecure being, though she may be excellently clever it is hard for her to feel confident in her decisions, or others. She is constantly second guessing every move, under the guise that she isn't sure "it'd be very safe."
    • FEARFUL; Not just worrisome; fearful. Her parents being afraid of her made Eleanor afraid of a lot of things. Yes, she's a worrier, but then she's also simply afraid.

    SKILLS/TALENTS: Transfiguration and Healing Magic are Eleanor's two fortes. She also has an affinity for magical creatures and most animal related things as well. She is also an excellent artist, her favorite medium being graphite and charcoal.

    • Tansy Blackwood
    • more to come
    • Jason Rosewell | 52 | No-maj | Alive
    • Lillian Rosewell | 50 | No-maj | Alive
    • Jack Rosewell | 10 | No-maj | Alive
    HISTORY: Eleanor was born to two rather peculiar parents, despite being no-majs. Jason and Lillian Rosewell were both park rangers in ___ forest, and because of this Eleanor grew up surrounded by wilderness, camping, exploring, and getting to see and experience things that not every child got to see, and if they did, it was likely in a zoo or something similar. Her parents were extraordinarily kind and caring people, and Eleanor grew up in an environment where she felt safe, loved, and respected. They were not overly protective nor oblivious; they were smart as to when to intervene and when to stay back, and hardly any rules need to be set, and if there were any rules, they were unspoken, because Eleanor knew how to hold herself politely, calmly, and respectfully. For a time, they were a picture-perfect family.

    That was, until Eleanor uncovered her magical abilities. At first, it was small, of course. But realization grew between the three of them; that this simply was not normal. And when her Ilvermorny letter arrived, it was finalized. Despite being lovers of adventure, exploration, all the things her parents were supposedly supposed to live and breathe, their daughter scared them. Terrified them, actually. It was still her, standing right in front of them, but neither of them believed her. They tried, desperately, to understand. But they simply could not.

    However, they never outright told her so. It was just the downcast looks they gave her when she passed them by; their soft, fearful words when they spoke to her. Their house was empty, more a prison to all of them than a home. So when the time finally came for her to pack her bags and head off to Ilvermorny, she was glad. They were all glad.

    Ilvermorny was the best thing to happen to her. At first she resented it, because perhaps this school was the reason she became a witch. But that was a foolish thing for even an eleven year old to believe, and she decided she had better enjoy it rather than hate it. It was either here, or with her parents. And she knew where she preferred to be.

    Once Eleanor accepted the fact that this was the only place where she could revel in her talents, she began to enjoy it much more, and quickly made friends. She had become much shier because of the ordeal with her parents, but that did not stop her from making one very good friend, who went by the name of Tansy Blackwood. The two were quite an example of opposites, but perhaps that was what made them such great friends. Tansy brought out a more rambunctious side of Eleanor, one she had never quite known, and Eleanor, in return, kept Tansy from running head-on into trouble and getting herself killed.

    In her third year at Ilvermorny, her parents wrote her a letter, the only letter they'd ever sent, telling her they were pregnant with a child who was to be her baby brother. While the thought of a sibling thrilled Eleanor, she knew the only reason for his existence was the fact that her parent's only child was someone they were afraid of. Just like there had been unspoken rules before, there were now unspoken rules with Jack. She was not allowed to get too close, for her parents would tense, on edge at her touch on his itty-bitty head. Her parents couldn't keep them apart as well as they would have liked when Eleanor returned for the summer and Jack grew older. He looked up to his elder sister like a godly figure, and she was thrilled to spend any moment she could with him.

    During her sixth year, there was yet another one of Tansy's masquerades through some sort of forbidden area; it shouldn't have been any different from the others, but things went wrong, moreso than they usually did. Eleanor ended up being badly injured, and Tansy forced to carry her back to Ilvermorny. After that, the two just didn't seem able to reconnect; Eleanor retreated into herself more than she ever had, the only friend she really felt was left was her younger brother.

    When she graduated from Ilvermorny, Eleanor got a job at a magical animal clinic and has worked there since. It's not the most spectacular of jobs, but Eleanor does rather enjoy it. That is, of course, until she heard word of the Silver Heart Circle. Eleanor still isn't quite sure why it caught her interest so; but does it truly matter?


    PETS: A white Parakeet named Thomson. Though he can't deliver heavily stuffed envelopes, he is able to handle some lightweight letter-carrying duties.
    BOGGART: A ghostly figure holding their hand over her brother's mouth, and then pulling him into darkness. (A fear of people she loves vainshing without explanation)
    PATRONUS: Blackbird
    AMORTENTIA: The smell of forests, especially thick, deep ones; The smell of something baking or cooking, no matter what it is; The small of a crackling camp fire inside of a warm home, damp on the outside from harsh rain.
    MISC. POWERS: Eleanor is also an Animagus, her form being the same as her Patronus; a blackbird.
    FAVORITE SPELLS: Ferula, Episkey, Cave Inimicum
    WAND: Acacia wood with a jonker core, 11 ½" and slightly yielding flexibility
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    NATE blah
    "I feel too ordinary."

    NAME: Nathan Johnathan
    NICKNAME(S): Often goes by Nate.
    PLACE OF BIRTH: New York City, NY
    Blood Status:
    RACE/ETHNICITY: Caucasian / American
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'9" -- 149lbs
    EYE COLOR: A bright blue
    HAIR COLOR/STYLE/LENGTH: Black and vaguely fluffy, with bangs. He doesn't often allow it to grow past his ears.
    Physical Description:

    Miscellaneous Information
    Misc. Powers:
    Favorite Spells:
    Ilvermorny House:

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