Gritty, Realistic Pokemon rp. Kitty concepts removed.

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  1. I decided to brainstorm on an rp that involves a much more gritty side of the Pokemin Universe, where pokemon aren't just used in gym battles anymore, where wild pokemon can cause havoc and even collateral damage if strong enough. A world where Legendaries are feared and respected as if they were gods. This is a more grounded universe based on realism persay, where the plot will be much larger and more expansive than the Pokemon League, now a greater even has emerged on world-level destruction, and a group of trainers/citizens must band together in order to stop them. All kid and wacky concepts are gone. Just a full on interpretation of th epocket monster's true potential.

    Anyone interested, respond below!

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  2. Yes! I've been waiting for this kind of RP.
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  3. Yay! Lol we'll see if more ppl come. I already have a plot too!
  4. Whooaa. Hell yeah I'd be interested.
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  5. You can take my interest :) should be fun to see these fun-loving pokemon turn into creatures of destruction
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  6. Mindcrush.... I mean, Mark me down!
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  7. I'm glad we have people that's interested! :) Wooo!!
  8. I'll get started on the CS and OOC when I can!
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  9. Awesome! I've been trying to juggle around a few ideas.
  10. Sorry! College finals!! But I'm finished now is anyone still interested?
  11. I am still interested in this
  12. Im still interested
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  13. The group has been made! PM me for link!
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