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  1. Set in the future after multiple rebellions against major governments due to
    Massive inflation and citizen unrest, the world is in shambles.

    Multiple towns pop up along the 'frontier', areas in formerly rural landscapes. The cities are controlled by the 'bandits', who utilize old technology to hold up their own societies.
    The infrastructure remained in-tact enough that the frontier towns do have power, most of it coming from wind turbines or dams.

    However, multiple frontier towns have created mini-nations and there are many conflicts. This rp will focus on a frontier area in a temperate climate. known as 'Vicksville', players will mostly start here and/or at it's neighbors ('Chaktaw nation', 'Columbia-falls' and 'Durante Villa'. The closest city is the 'City of Durante'.)
    The world has it's gunslingers, it's soldiers, it's workers, it's entrepreneurs and it's swindlers.

    Key points:
    • Whoever controls the railroads controls the towns
    • Bandits are people too, and do participate in friendly trade.
    • Modern amenities do exist, but society has a very 1800s mindset. Guns, Iron, blood and booze.
    • These towns are rough, and living in them sucks. But being alone in frontier zones is even worse.
    • Most towns base their governments on socialistic mindsets (don't work, don't get fed) or they are purely capitalistic. Bandit controlled areas are in anarchy.

    note: This rp is purely fictional. It's not on earth but there aren't aliens or anything. Most bullets are hollow points, so if you get shot and it's not near point blank your character better recurve medical treatment or die. This should be extremely gritty (as the title suggests) and down to earth.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.