Grimsburg: Age of Ruin

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  1. The tunnels of the metro station were dark and eerie. The dripping of vile water echoed throughout the damp darken metro. Dingy subway cars remained on their respective tracks as a haunting remainder of a long ago past. Glimmers of light shone through from the entrance that led to the tunnels below. The humans lived here and called this haunting place their home for they no longer belonged to the surface.

    Amaya sat on a crate near a trash fire, her rifle resting in her lap. Her eyes focused on the pyre as it danced its enchanting waltz. The crackling fire was a delightful melody with a smoothness that couldn't be justly described. A content smile spread across her usual emotionless persona; the alluring dance of the fire charming her. At times like these Amaya would contemplate her position as leader however on this dying dusk, her mind was enthralled by the exotic flames.

    In a luxurious room filled with wealthy commodities of an ancient past, lived the faction of the Vampires. Comfy chairs and beds that were fit for royalty, were among the many wealthy commodites that occupied the room. This was the one room in the once extravagant hotel that wasn't affected by the decay of the apolcalyptic world outside. The room had enough space to occupy the entire faction of vampires and luckily the windows were blacked out to prevent sunlight to reach into the den of the undead.

    Fane sat on a makeshift throne that towered above the rest of the furniture in the room. He leaned back into the chair, his back straight. The cold stare of his calculating gaze roam the room. Everybody looked to be relaxing and enjoying themeselves which did not settle well with the tyrannical dictator of the Vampire faction. He leaned forward with his hands on the armrests of the throne.

    "Ahem my subjects. Has everybody forgotten that um. . . I don't know. . . THAT YOU IDIOTS ALLOWED A FLEA RIDDEN BEAST TO INFILTRATE OUR HOME AND LET IT FREE SOME OUR HONORED GUESTS!"
    roared Fane baring his fangs.

    Faint glimmers of sunlight bathed the ruin church in a glowing warmth. The sun was slowly descending for the night. The wingless statue of the colossal angel looked down onto the damaged pews with a sadden smile upon its facade. Where an altar once stood, laid a capacious stone slab with a candle lit lantern resting in the center. The slight glow of the lantern covered the length of the small church.

    On the small stairway leading to the stage where the stone slab sat, sit Luna with her head looking up at the motley sky with its hues of reds and blues through the gaps of the church roof. It was an unusual tranquil evening and for the first time in a long time, Luna felt like she could relax. A small sigh of relief escaped her as she felt herself ease into a calmer sense of being. Her pack mates had done a fantastic job as of late and owed it to themselves to enjoy the evening before the Vampires begin their nightly seek and destroy missions. Luna frowned at the mere thought of the Vampires. Her mind was lost in her own little world and was not focused on what was happening around her.
  2. Mio sat in a chair with Oiya on her lap, she stared at her uncle trying to hold back a giggle. She had always found it a little entertaining whenever he yelled at the faction. Sadly she couldn't be too happy because whenever Fane was angry it usually turned out badly for everyone. Oiya purred deeply as Mio sat petting her, she wished that he would calm down a little so that she could get ready to head out. Today she felt oddly warmer than her normal icy temperature, it may have just been Oiya, but it still made her feel slightly uncomfortable. She was tired of just waiting around for Fane to let out all of his frustration, "There isn't much we can do about that now uncle," she bowed as she spoke, "Instead, let's try and bring back twice as many guests than what we lost."

    The glow of the fire had made Lynn want to listen to music. She put the gun she was polishing next to her as she tried to find what to listen to. When she got frustrated of not finding anything that fit her mood, she gave up and went back to polishing her precious weapons. Looking around, Amaya caught her eye, she had a smile on her face which was unusual for her. Lynn stood and walked over to her, "Enjoying the little peace we have at the moment?" Continuing to polish her handgun, "It's nice that there's at least a bit of peace every once in while."

    Annaiya began to shiver as she watched the sun going down. Tonight wasn't going to be any better than the others, but hopefully not worse. She stood up and walked over to one of the windows, looking out at the ruins she smiled a little thinking of what was to come. Nothing had been peaceful, and it seemed that the vampires had grown more hungry and vile as the days went on. Her heavy sword sat against the wall waiting for the moment when it could taste the blood of whatever enemies lie in its way.
  3. Dusty sat on a dirty blanket, leaning her back up against the wall. A trash fire lit up her little corner where she liked to stay. Dusty pulled out her demonic looking dagger and examined it in the fire's light. Becoming bored of this in no time, she set down her dagger and put on her headphones. She picked the song "Not Listening" by Papa Roach, and turned the volume way up. The music could clearly be heard by anyone who was paying attention.
  4. Cassandra smirked as Fane yelled at the rest of the Vampires, letting the emotions in the room wash over her like a wave, making her feel slightly giddy. She rarely let herself be around the others for this reason, but was glad she had today. Watching Fane lose his temper was always entertaining, especially when it was not directed at her. She had done her job, had warned Fane when she had felt the beasts approach through her Empathy, it was not her fault that the rest of the Faction had failed to act quickly enough.

    Grabbing her Katana, Cassandra decided to head back down to the interrogation rooms and get ready for the wave of "guests" that were sure to arrive soon. She had work to do.
  5. -Aaron Magnus-

    The light from the fires flickered causing shadows to dance and weave on the walls. I often stare at those very shadows, they way they move makes me get lost in thought, trapped in my own imagination. I snapped out of my trance when a small girl got up, polishing a handgun, I chuckled to myself.

    Why bother making the gun look pretty for our enemies?

    It made no sense to me, if it works who cares? I shook my head and got up, my earth colored shirt draped across my small frame, I was embarrassed that you could clearly see my ribcage through the material. I couldn't remember the last time I had eaten a decent meal, a can of green beans was at my feet, it had hardly dented my hunger.

    May as well make myself useful.

    I slowly limped my way across the metros station, my left foot dragged behind me as I looked for discarded tin and aluminum. I found an empty, discarded tin can covered in a fine layer of rust. I took out a small knife and began to scrape away the rust into a plastic bag.

    Rust. People paid it no attention but it was the first step into making my bombs.

    As I continued my rust gathering, I heard some noise and voices.

    I'm not listening, not anymore
    The more I learn, the more I ignore

    I shook my head I saw a kid with some earphones jammed into their head. Why people would cause their body such harm without just cause was a mystery with me. I tried to turn away and go back to scraping rust, but the noise had become and incessant itch at the back of m skull. I turned back and knelt in front her.

    “Hey kid, I like being deaf just as much as the next guy but don't you think you should turn it down? ” I smiled, hoping she wouldn't take it as an insult.
  6. As the night was creeping over the land, Sage was out exploring the ruble of the place that the were-creatures call their home. She didn’t want to go inside quite just yet. She sat down on a piece of ruble not too far from the church. The light breeze felt nice on her skin, and freed her from this life if only for a second. Now reflecting on it Luna was right, what she did by infiltrating the vampires’ hideout was not the smartest thing in the world to do. Sage smiled to herself but even Luna had to admit her breaking into the vampires’ hideout was beneficial. She had helped some more were-creatures free, free from getting their blood sucked every day. Also she left a smoke bomb right under Fane’s chair. Sage never claimed she did the smartest things in the world. The smoke bomb did have a point she used it as a distraction to get away. Naturally she decides to annoy Fane, the crazed vampire leader, by leaving it under his chair. The sun had sunk over the horizon leaving Sage in the blackness of the night. She got up and walked to the church, and decided to go find Luna.

    Amara flinched slightly when Fane yelled she was sitting right by him, and he was loud. She had a feeling he was not going to let this go. In an effort to calm him down she went and got Fane a drink and sat by his chair stroking his arm while whispering. “Mio is right there is nothing to be done about it now. Don’t worry those beasts will be caught, and pay for what they have done. As for right now we should take her advice and go get twice as many guests as we had before.”
  7. “My Domina” Karl’s voice whispered, a deep low growl that would shake bones and rattle windows when it was raised to the sound of a battle cry, a roar of fury and war. “What troubles your mind this early hour…” he asks standing at her side like a statue upon it’s plinth, the large red crest of his helmet making his intimidating height seem even more so, his eyes shadowed beneath its covering. He let the question linger, staying quiet and waiting for her response, never much of the talker but even silent his keen mind worked. Even in times of lax peace it worked keeping thoughts of tactics and battle close to heart.


    Doc moved next to Amaya, giving her side a tap and signing to her, his hands moving quickly, forming symbols and shapes most would not understand. He had found sign language in books, helped teach her, helped her to communicate when need be. “Got an answer for the girl little sister or ya just gonna sit around twiddling your thumbs?” he asks, ever the asshole but meaning well none the less. “And I got to take a look at your leg later, from the last mission the laceration you got, after we are done here we can get that taken care of” he says with a smile, turning to Lynn “Give us a sec ok, gotta translate for her remember” he says with a laugh.
  8. Dusty took out one earphone. "Oh, sorry about that." She said, giving him a sincere smile. "The music helps me escape reality for a while." She explained as she turned down the volume. "The louder the music, the more effective it is for me."
  9. Noa was leaning against stone wall, her thin, wiry frame barely discernible in the dingy gloom. The glow of the fire flickered across her face, showing a stale, dirt-caked grimace. Into the flames her eyes stared bleakly, void of any emotion, void of any soul. Her breathing was slow and controlled, and an eerie sense of calm settled over her and seemed to radiate from her body.

    She was rarely still like this. It was difficult to hush Noa's mind, calm it from it's fitful racing. But one should not mistake stillness for serenity. No, behind that seemingly tranquil exterior, a cruel and twisted mind was plotting its vengeance. Noa was a creature of strategy and planning, and her brain was quietly buzzing with thoughts.

    "Sharpen my knives, inspect my staff, count my ammo, review my rations..." she mused silently. She hadn't realized she had begun to pace, a slow, distracted meander alongside the stone wall. Her hands moved as she spoke to herself, sometimes silently, sometimes out loud. All this solidified her appearance of absolute insanity.
  10. Leaning behind an old ticket booth behind his leader Ayama with his arms crossed, Larcen Travers stared up at the ceiling with an unreadble expression on his face. It had been days since his last battle with a vampire and he was slowly getting that itch once again but he knew that despite his growing urge to fight those fanged monsters that he wasn't a machine so when there was a short respite from battle which was often rare, he would take it without question and rest before the battles started up again.

    With a small noise, Larcen pushed his body away from the old ticket booth and walked away from the fire and walked up the stairs to the outside world to get a whiff of fresh air. World knows the smell of this place was starting to get to him and there was so much a man could take before he found it obscene.
  11. *Werewolf, Arashan, Ruined Church.

    It was already getting dark by the time the bird and wolf arrived at the ruined church, disappearing around a corner once inside. Arashan stopped a fair distance away from the remains of the holy construct, keeping low to the ground and out of reach of the dwindling rays of sunlight. His bright green eyes scanned his immediate surroundings for possible threats or points of interest, locking on to another being heading for the church's entrance. Once she too had disappeared from view, the scrawny werewolf took his first step toward the edge of his shadowy cover.

    A moment was taken to give the area around him one more look over, all clear as far as he could see. He moved along the ground slowly on all fours, almost low enough to consider a crawl, closing in on the church in silence. Once near enough, Arashan stood and pressed his back against the outer wall of the church, right next to it's entrance, considering his approach. The creatures he had followed were not of the same species, and yet one had come to the aid of the other. They were cooperating, rather than ripping eachother to shreds. Perhaps those here would be more accepting of his curse than his family had been. Maybe these people would welcome him with open arms.

    After much thought and nervous clawing at the wall behind him, Arashan pried himself away from the wall. Another quick look around, still no one. He stepped into the doorway of the church, one hand pressed against the wall as though to keep steady. He just stood there, body tense and eyes roaming cautiously, silent as death. In his mind, coming into plain sight was as good a way to announce his presence than any other.
  12. *Vampire, Damian Layre, Fane’s room.

    Damian stood strong at the back of the room, leant against a cold stone wall, once littered in decorations that expected the gaze of a higher, paying class. Instead, the decorations that are left lay dormant, an audience to a somewhat distant race of class; A class that seemed no more important than the last but far more dangerous than any before, no human could match a beast in power.
    As their leader, or so he calls himself; Damian never thought of Fane as a leader but maybe a near mentor, his orders were only suggestions to Damian, just as he would give his own suggestions. As Fane questioned the loyalty of his group, Damian only stepped forward at the end, ignoring everyone else in the room.

    “Fane, instead of giving everyone including myself an earache, let me do something about it.” He smiled, baring a single fang before continuing. “Let me and one other take to the streets, we’ll find you something as replacement, another beast, or even something pretty.” He finished the sentence half sarcastically, questioning his own tone.

    Damian wasn’t exactly a huge build but not a lot of people would square up to him, his wavy light purple hair, galore face, fluttered eyelashes and feminine clothing choice were easily distractible by the heavily dangerous sword across his back and loaded P90 machine gun weapon strapped to his side. For a male so... cute and adorable, you wouldn’t know he had killed his entire family and spent most of his life plotting the death of anyone he meets.
  13. Aaron Magnus: Metro Tunnel

    "The music helps me escape reality for a while."

    I nodded. I could understand that much, we all had to just get away from the grim reality of our situation from time to time, otherwise it could drive a man insane.

    Looks like it already has

    I noticed a woman passing back and forth, muttering to herself, I decided it would probably be best to leave people like that, alone. I turned back to the girl,

    “Yeah, I understand. Otherwise you might end up like that girl over there,” I said, jerking my head towards Noa.

    “Just try not to blow your eardrums out, okay? And if you see any aluminum cans laying about please give them to me.”

    I straightened back up and continued on with my rust collecting.
  14. ​Rinoa, Human, Metro Tunnel

    Noa's head shot up suddenly as her mind broke from her reverie, rushing to the present like a drowning victim rushes to the surface. She ceased her shuffling, stood there for a moment, and blinked in her absent-minded way.

    "Why do you need aluminum cans?" she mumbled suddenly but softly, looking to Aaron with a puzzled look on her face. He might have explained this before, but she couldn't remember. She was a horrible listener, and it was difficult to remain focused with a mind that constantly fluttered from one dark thought to another.
  15. Lilith - Vampiress - Fane's Hotel

    Lilith rolled her eyes and turned to stare at the wall. Fane had a point, of course, but it only served to annoy Lilith further. Had she been feeling 'herself' the previous day no one would have escaped their hideout. Unfortunately, Violet had been in control and Fane had been too preoccupied himself to force her into helping. Instead the girl had merely done her best to stay out of everyone's way; including the 'guests' as they all but walked out the front doors.

    As Damian stepped forward to speak he caught her attention. His looks attracked most women, it mattered little of their race, but paired with his charismatic personality no average girl would stand a chance. He had had that effect on many of the younger female vampires and quite a few human girls in his day. Most of the older vampire women weren't too impressed by him for they were far too used to his charm and flourish; or, at least, Violet liked to think so.

    It was his words that caught her attention next. If she went with him, managed to bring something impressive back to Fane, then maybe a small amount of her embarassment would fade. It was the only way she could think to redeem herself and her reputation. She stood from the bed she had been lounging on, "Sir, let me go with him. Let us bring you back something incredible to redeem us all." She tilted her head down in a slight bow, something she would have laughed at on any normal occasion. Lilith knew Violet had gotten them both into trouble and it would take a little groveling to get back into good graces.
  16. * Vampire, Damian Layre, Fane’s room.

    Damian awaited a reply and as another vampire spoke on his accord he didn’t even turn his head to her, only smile a little more sadistically. He didn’t need to see her; he remembered the look of everyone in the room as soon as he had first met them, whenever that was. As the girl bowed her head at Fane, he wondered why it was so easy for the enemies to escape last night, for sure it was obvious the Lilith girl wanted to make up for it but Damian couldn’t even remember being at the building, or anywhere for that matter. There was a strong chance he was in a deep sleep, or maybe feasting into a human so luscious it sent his mind wild for a moment, causing his inner animal to erupt. For now however, it didn’t matter, he’d find something pretty, or someone pretty and bring it back as a “make-up” present, as such.
  17. "Much Better...I can see the stars easily now" Larcen said to himself in a small whisper sat on the roof of an abandon car as he gazed out at the stars above. He always admired the stars. Every since he was a young child, he would sit in his cell and look through the steel bars that he called a window and just stare at them all night. The stars were the only thing that gave him comfort at all during his entire life and just staring at them made him feel at peace.

    But even at this calm, peaceful moment, he was still aware of his surroundings and had his blade as well as his two guns with him, both guns fully armed and ready to use in case he was attacked.
  18. Kai stood off to one side in the human's sanctuary. He couldn't keep going like this for long. Amaya trusted him with her life, and he was starting to trust her with his even. But his loyalty to Luna...

    Shaking his head, he turned and walked back to Amaya near the fire.

    "I'm going to go scouting again soon," he told her. He needed to be away when the moon was full in a few days. And he needed to check back in with Luna. Oh dear, sweet Luna. His heart clenched at what he was about to do to Amaya. But if he didn't... He couldn't just betray his leader.

    But he was starting to have trouble betraying Amaya.
  19. Mio, Vampire

    She looked over at Damian and gave a low, almost silent hiss baring her fangs as she thought to herself, I hope you get attacked by several of the filthy beasts that escaped if you do go out with just one other. Turning back to Fane she suggested, "Obviously Damian isn't thinking too clearly," she snickered a little, "Just two of them wouldn't do us too much good, it'd most likely just cause their deaths." Next to her, Oiya sat silently looking at Fane, Mio could tell she was enjoying the conversation from the glint in her eyes. Arguing with someone like Damian seemed fun to her for some reason, so she was hoping he would try to continue with his useless point.

    Lynn, Human

    She blushed a little embarrassed, "Sorry, I kinda forgot...again." As she sat, she finished polishing her handgun and put it in its holster, There's no way I'm going to let even one vampire escape my sight tonight, she thought anxiously to herself as she stared at the fire. Lynn was a little bit too energetic today, she wanted to hurry up and get the night over with today to see how many vampires she could add to her head count.

    Annaiya, Were-creature

    Nothing interesting was going to happen for a little bit longer, so she decided to go outside and walk for a bit. As she stepped out, the disgusting smell of the city was stronger, why everyone fought for this place was beyond her comprehension. Nothing in this city was pleasing to her, the only reason she stayed around was for two reasons, she had an oath to Luna that she was going to see through and she wouldn't know where to go if she left.
  20. Vampire - Cassandra

    Sighing, Cassandra turned away from the few instruments she kept for interrogations. She didn't really need them, her gifts allowing to harm a victim more deeply then any weapon could, but they did make working more fun. She fingered the hilt of the Sai sword resting on her left hip thoughtfully. It had been ages since she'd gone out and fought a battle. She was getting bored just interrogating their "guests". She'd go ask Fane if she could go capture some with whoever else was going; maybe he'd let her.