Grimm Wars: Wrath of the Horned King.

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  1. It had been over four days since the party had left. Four days of the tournament going through the motions, presided over by the new Queen of Arendelle. Like a flower stricken by frost, she was grace and sorrow exemplified as she presided over the knights who had come, now in honor on behalf of her family. It was enough to excite many of the common folk, despite the fear.

    It was a good tournament after all. From Calormen to Agrabah, to the lands of Gondor and Rohan and many kingdoms more besides, they came and they displayed their skills. For better...

    Or worst.

    For the Black Knight true to his word had joined and had defeated his opponents, unhorsing them without a word of curse or mockery given. Merely a cold, brisk intent at odds with the fire he exuded. He was not here for them.

    He was here for her, and time was that she would be facing him.

    In other news, Prince Severus had gone missing, suspected alongside the party who went to see the trolls. The fury of Lord Bishop was a sight to behold, or so they said. But it was, what it was and there was no time to examine it closely.

    Now the time had come for Black Knight and Keladry to face each other.

    On the fourth day of the tournament.

    Once upon a time....

    It was a quiet dawn. Overcast, the red light shining and giving a disturbing look to the clouds far to the East. A foul smell wafted on the breeze and none could tell from whence it came. It was a stench like burning meat, like carrion and on its wings, the crows did fly. Some whispered it to be an ill omen, others made light of the matter.

    In their tents, quietly the knights made ready their blades and shields even as one committee or the other pleaded an excuse to leave Arendelle early. Trouble was brewing.

    It was on the horizon.

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  2. Outside the tents of Cardomas's company, the sound of scared men who wish they had never sworn to the courage of knighthood scurrying about echoed through the flaps of Keladry's tent. She scowled at the sound of it as her hands continued to sharpen her blade and remove any imperfections her eyes caught. Men sworn to their masters and the Lion's service, and yet they scatter and leave the duty of facing evil's agent to only a few such as I. Perhaps I will need to ensure that my own kingdom's standards do not fall so low...

    Her heart held no fear for the coming clash. The agent of sin who was to be her foe was just a man, one who was a heretic and needed to be brought in line with the Aslan's will, and as a Paladin, she would have divine blessing to carry out the work needed to bring him to kneel. However, that did not mean she would not be cautious in the clash. Pride came before the fall for many of the great warriors of history, and she would not allow it to cloud her judgment. Instead, she would have it steel her will in the coming clash.

    She had already sent Lady Olivia ahead to join the tragically crowned Queen in the stands as House Cardo's representative. It saddened her heart that she could not be there at the Queen's side, but their masquerade could not be revealed just yet. Not until this conflict was finished with.

    Then she could reveal her true heritage.

    With a nod, she sheathed her blade with an assured opinion of its craftsmanship and hung it from her belt. With that taken care of, there was only one final issue to resolve before she stepped outside. She took a knee and bowed her head, her voice barely a whisper as she prayed.

    "Great Aslan, please answer my prayer today. As your sword, allow me to strike down any evils in the world so that they may not defame your glory. As your shield, allow me to protect the innocent from the evils of the world so that they may never doubt your grace. As your messenger, allow me to redeem those who are redeemable so that they may not lose your mercy. Thank you, my guardian. Amen."

    Simple, clear, and precise. With that, her prayer was finished and with a final check of her armor, she was ready to step out and face the world's sins in a never-ending battle of grace. She gave a nod to the guards who had kept near the tent to ensure that no one attempted to attack her before the match.

    "Return to our liege's side. I will be fine on my own."

    And with that, she was off, shield strapped to her back and sword on her hip.​
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  3. [​IMG]

    He was waiting for her. Out on the field, no squire by his side. Atop his great horse, he could have been a statue at rest. There was a calm, quiet space before the charge and apparently he liked the silence. For his part, the black knight seemed watchful...And when the man came down from the lists and announced, the entire city it seemed would be watching.


    The Black Knight merely nodded, head turning slightly away to look to the East as though troubled.

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  4. [​IMG]

    From atop her own war stallion, the now helmed Keladry nodded in the affirmative, preferring not to speak at the moment. There was no point to flowery words or noble declarations; she had made clear her commitment and dedication simply by taking part in the challenge she had issued. In one hand, a heavy blunted lance waited for the ephemeral charge and clash of the joust, and in the other, the proud colors of red and gold were painted upon her shield in the pattern of the House Cardo's brilliant griffon and complimented the beautiful shine of her silvery plate.

    His head is turned aside. Strange, worry or doubt? Most likely not, given his earlier attitude... She would not consider it important to the joust. Her aim would be to unhorse him with a blow to the chest, and nothing would change that idea. As such, she sat in confidant silence as they waited for the call to begin came while in the stands, Olivia in the disguise of the princess of Cardomas watched with concern for her friend. Though she had no doubt that Keladry could win both by Aslan's grace and by her own skill, the young lady-in-waiting could not simply end her worrying. Especially not when Prince Severus's company had not yet sent word back and now, some believed they were missing...​
  5. Snow began to fall, light and cool as a breeze from the east came. And with a roar as the flag was dropped, the joust began. He seemed five times as large now. Monstrous and terrifying as he lowered his lance and brought up his shield. Sparks flashed from the hooves of his horse and the steam from the cold air looked almost like smoke.

    From the crowd, the audience gasped and others watched on coldly...

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  6. Disgusting witchcraft...

    No hesitance or fear showed in her eyes that were only visible through the slits of her hawk-like helmet. Through the falling stars of ice, her mount charged forward as she spurred it on. In both of their eyes, there was no giant whose horse's hooves seemed to be made of flint that set fire to the Earth. There was only a man, a heretic in the eyes of Aslan and the Allfater, and their task was simple.

    To unhorse the man, and with her shield held high to guard her chest, Keladry struck out with that goal in mind, aiming straight for the center of the Black Knight's stomach and chest.​
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  7. They were like behemoths in the night. Two fortresses of iron and power, charging forth at the other.

    And then the world went white.

    Keladry found herself flying, her shield arm numb and the lance shattered before hitting the ground and rolling. A ringing noise bespoke of a concussion, the scream of the crowd of mingled fear and excitement bespoke of her status.

    The same people who applaud your coronation will likewise do your execution.

    And then came a black, gauntlet'd hand, waiting as a feeling of heat cut through the cold and the Black Knight looked down from his position. In a rumbling tone, he spoke.

    "Your form was excellent. I've age and experience myself to fall upon however and you have done well."

    He waited for her to accept or deny his unspoken offer of help, afterwards stepping back as he spoke.

    "Few knights face me in open combat....They are cowards, forgetting what it ever meant to be a knight. With little on your years and courage, you saw what I was and came for me regardless. You have earned all I am to bestow to you...Once you are more clear-headed to accept."

    The healers rushed over, assisting as they could to help clear her head as the Black Knight followed after as they put her on a stretcher.

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  8. Where had it gone wrong? As her vision spun and swirled in flight, that was the thought that rung through her mind. Not the aching pain in her shoulder nor the sound of the traitorous crowd, but a question of why this had happened.

    Had Aslan forsaken her in her moment of need? If so, why? What had she done to deserve such a dismissive attitude? She had helped to protect Severus, a fellow noble and one she was sworn to aid as both a knight and a righteous paladin. She had challenged the Black Knight to protect the innocents; was that not the proper conduct of a warrior of Aslan, to safeguard the defenseless from evil?

    Wait... My name...

    Just as her vision cleared, she knew what she done to disappoint her patron. Dishonesty was her sin, believing herself just in hiding her identity. Her punishment was humiliation by her foe, embarrassment before the crowd.

    With a swipe of her hand, the Black Knight's offer was slapped away with a growl. As the healers approached, she pushed them away and stood on her own, head now clear and her eyes filled with anger at the man who sought to sweeten her opinion of his evil. No amount of pitying respect he showed would keep her from hating him and from speaking.

    "On my name... As the true Lady Keladry, daughter of King Alfred and Queen Elizabeth of Cardomas... I will strike you down, heretic, as a Paladin of Aslan ought!"
  9. There was a gasp from the crowd, the people shocked in turn at the sudden turn of events. And the Black Knight stared on before throwing his head back and laughing.

    "Ahahahaha! So be it Kitten. Perhaps you will...But not now. When you are stronger and more experienced, seek me out where the sun sets in the West, among the great Waste where I have made my home. I will wait for you there."

    He turned his back and moved to get on his horse as he added aloud to all present.


    And spurring his horse, he left the lists and headed out.

    He had what he came for.

    And he was looking forward to what was to come.

    It was then at that moment that a great cry came out.


    It seemed the scouting party was back.

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  10. The scowl on her lips only grew tighter in barely tempered wrath as the armored apostate laughed at her declaration. How much she would have given to receive the chance to wipe away the superiority in his heretical chant of laughter, to see him repent for his and those who carried his mantle before's acts.

    "You will not need to wait long, so do not run from there before I arrive, heretic."

    She cared little for what the crowd thought of the reveal of her true identity. No, as the knight left the lists, she focused upon the declaration that rung out through the air. Damn all their opinions to Hell if they believed she did not belong as a knight regardless of the righteous blood coursing through her vein. Keladry was more focused upon those friends who might have returned, and for those who didn't, she needed to know so that she could honor them.

    "Men of Cardomas! Gather Lady Olivia and guard her! Two of you, come with me to investigate who has to return to our folds! We must prepare to honor their discoveries and duty done while also remembering any sacrifices made during their journey!"

    With that, she picked up the shield that carried her family's sigil upon it (strangely untouched by any dirt, mud, or even scratch from the lance) and marched away on her own two feet.​
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