Grimm Fairy Tales- "Ever After" RP

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  1. tree-houses-in-the-spooky-forest-fantasy_085273.jpg
    It’s the common "Fairy Tales with a dark past” RP angle, but with an interesting twist. All your favorite fairy tales that have obviously been twisted in some strange way or another, and they exist in what is more commonly known as The Forest or The Woods. Which is a large world almost were all of the fairy tales exist with one another. There is to be a large mission or competition of sorts, which would have many character interactions of sorts.

    The Plot (open)

    An unknown man has appeared in The Woods, and he has proclaimed in a large and rather bold statement that he has the power to change the fate of any and all Fairy Tales, if they are willing to pay the price. It’s a first come, first serve deal, and only so many will be able to change their destiny, the exact amount though, is unknown:

    Dearest Inhabitants of The Forest,

    I have in my power the power to change your fates. No longer will you be on the receiving end of Destiny’s Hands, nor the but of Fate’s cruel jokes. With my help, I can write out and edit your stories, no longer will you feel the pain of this predestined life. All I ask is that you bring to me, something of importance as soon as possible. I will be waiting in the old abandoned mansion of the notorious Crooked Man, for your precious things. The item you bring is up to you, it could be something small, something large, delicate or sturdy……I do not particularly care as long as you cannot bear to part with it. Remember, this is power we’re talking about here, so there’s only so many people that I will be willing to help.

    With Best Regards,
    Vladimir Grimm

    What I wanted to do here is sort of like an adventure around the woods to reach the Crooked Man’s Mansion which would lead to more of an adventure because really have you seen the Crooked Mansion….yikes. There would be a whole bunch of different Fairy Tale bigwig personas trying to reach the mansion, and get their obviously horrid or not as horrid fates re-written. And if it was just a race that wouldn’t be half as interesting.

    There are whole leagues of monsters in The Forest. It’s not just the big bad wolf anymore. The Forest has leagues of evil or annoying spirits who would literally just do anything to hinder any sort of change in their forrest. The Woods themselves are against those who want to change their fate. It has been an unchanged law of the woods for the stories to go as they were written for nearly hundreds of years. The monsters obey the forest itself, and the forest is a bit OCD in terms of his precious stories.

    If I get a lot of interest on this, I might make the character sheet or OOC/Sign-up sheet as well.
  2. I am interested, a fairytale with a twist of dark theme.
    Though this reminds me a game, 'Wolf Among Us' is the title I believe.
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  3. As usual, I'm interested. "Fairy Tales" are my favorite things!
  4. @Vespar Leviathan I'm glad, thank you for being interested!

    @Add-kun Alright! And I'll have to check out that game you were talking about.
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