Grimm, A Scifi Fairytale World in Progress

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  1. Genre: SciFi Fairytale
    World Name: Grimm
    Star’s name: Everafter
    World’s position in star system: Second closest to Everafter

    Sum up your world in one sentence
    : A world of both good and evil, in perpetual struggle.

    Number satellites: Two, Prince and Princess.
    Number of continents: One with two islands, Far and Away.
    Number of oceans: One, The Bog, taking most of the center of the World map and separating the Islands from the continent.
    Dominant species: Human, closely followed by Fey
    Percentage land: 80
    Population size: Approximatively 485 000 inhabitants.
    Main land mass: Largely takes most of the planet, who is of a small size of 200 000 square miles.
    Climate: Mostly woodlands with swamps and plains. One small desert on the northern hemisphere.
    Planetary health: Good, the magic is strong and the planet underpopulated.

    Technology level: Magical Science
    Technology direction: Improving but fluctuating to a dangerous level concentrated towards the ever present warfare.

    Dominant religion: The cult of Morality
    Current rulers: Queen Belladona the Evil and King Orion the Fair.
    Capitol Cities: Maleficent and Gretel
    Important resources: Crystallized Dreams and Magic
    Exports (if offworld trade exists): Jewels, Weapons, Furs
    Imports (if offworld trade exists): Water, Alcohol, Seeds
    Architecture style: Huts and Castles with enchanted stones combined with vegetation walls.
    Basic family structure: Matriacal with the mother having all say and her children having a better social status than her husband's if remarried.
    Significance of art: A mean to propagate Morals and Tales.

    3 major historical events:
    - The Wicked Massacre
    - The Ban of Rituals
    - The Start the Wicked Revolution
    3 major prehistorical events:
    - Birth of the Fey
    - Finding of Magic
    - Start of the Cult of Morals
    3 major current events:
    - The Funding of the Hunters
    - The Funding of Hansel Corps.
    - The Start of the War


    Maiden's Keeps, Anti-Evil Strongholds

    Snow White, in the mountains, inhabited by dwarves. Makes weapon and armours.
    Gretel, in a grotto and a hold against the Wicked, HQ of the Hansel Corps. (CAPITAL)
    Red Riding Hood, surrounded by Howler infested forests, HQ of the Hunters
    Rapunzel, in a swamp, a sanctuary for the ill and tracked.
    Cinderella: In a meadow, the research centre against the Wicked and other dark beings.

    Briar Castles, Territory of the Wicked:

    Maleficent: Biggest castle in existence, span the near entirety of the swamp around Rapunzel. Centre of Wicked Politics and Plotting. (CAPITAL)
    Witch's Hold: In Black Forest, near the Maiden Gretel. Birthing point of the Howlers.
    Thirteen: Made on a desert with strangely resilient briar thorns. Academy for the Wicked.
    Rumpelstiltskin: In an active volcano, Laboratory of the Wicked.
    Step Sister: Deep underwater, the dark necropolis of the Wicked where they practice Necromancy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.