Grimiores of Fate

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  1. The year is 248 Sarin on the planet Eldrant. The capital city of Aldin is a bustling city full of stores of all kinds. The castle in the center is home to King Geralt.

    Kyy wandered the back alleys of the city, looking for a target to pickpocket. He had taken two kids in, a brother and sister, and had trouble providing for them.

    The siblings followed him, pointing out a guy. Kyy bumps into him. "I'm sorry sir. I should have looked where I was walking." He walks off before counting the money in the man's coin pouch.
  2. Alice walked towards Kyy in a rage. "Sir, I would recommend giving that man his money back, or I will take force on you to give back to him!" Alice stomped her right foot.
    Alice had her fists clinched at her sides, ready to strike.
  3. Kyy smiles. "Anything for a hottie like you!" The kids frown. "Again Nee-san? We'll never eat at this rate!" Kyy ruffles their hair. "We'll figure something out." He hands Alice the pouch. "Here you go miss."
  4. "Well, Uh... How am I a hottie?" Alice blushed beat red. "If you really need money, I think I can help you out. Just meet me behind Carmela's Bar in five minutes."
    Alice ran after the man and gave him his money back. "I thought you would want this back."
    The man hit Alice hard. "You pick-pocketed me, you slut? I will give you what you really deserve." Alice tried to explain to the man, but he wouldn't listen and just kept beating her.
  5. Kyy sees the man hit her and rushes to her. He punches the guy in the gut. "Hey asshole! She wasn't the one who pickpocked you. I was. You need to learn how to treat a lady!" He twists the man's arm behind him. "I'll let go after you apologize." "I-I'm so orry miss!" Kyy let's go and kicks him forward. "Don't let me see you treat a lady like that again!"
  6. Alice starts to shake from the beating she just gotten. Alice looks up to Kyy with a black eye and her nose bleeding. She tries not to cry, but ends up crying into Kyy's chest. "Thank you! Thank you for saving my life. I have to repay you somehow. I will do anything!" Alice starts to squeeze Kyy with a death grip.
  7. Kyy was about to say something but shuts his mouth, deciding it wasn't a good time for a perverted joke. "Don't worry about it. Let's get you cleaned up for now. My place isn't far from here." He picks her up and carries her, the kids following.
  8. As soon as he picked her up, she felt sparks of electricity. They soon arrived at Kyy's place. It looked like a worn down house, but it was cozy and homelike. "Why are you so gentle with me?" Alice quietly spoke, while she bit her already bloody lip.
  9. Kyy smiles, setting her down in a chair by the fireplace. "Why not? Women should be treated with respect and dignity." The boy walks over. "I saw up your dress when we were coming back." Kyy slaps the back of his head. "Hey! What color were they?" The kid laughs. "Like I'd tell you!" Kyy chuckles and grabs a wet cloth. He starts cleaning the blood off her face.
  10. Alice blushes at the mention of the boy's comment. "Umm.... They are green." Alice nervously stuttered of embarrassment. Alice tries to get up and rush out quickly, but the young boy holds her back by dragging her by her waist. "Where do you think you're going?" The young boy whispered into her ear. "Uhh... Umm.. Ho-nowhere!" Alice blushes an even brighter red.
  11. Kyy removes the boy's hands from her. "If she wants to go, let her." He looks at Alice. "You didn't need to tell me their color. I was joking around." He chuckles. "I almost forgot. I'm Kyy. What's your name?"
  12. "I'm Alice, Alice Reecila." She walks over to Kyy and gets on her tiptoes to reach his ear. "I am a late night waitress and bartender at Camela's Bar. If you ever want to see me again, that is more than likely where I will be." Alice whispered in his ear so only Kyy could hear. Alice smiled and walked out backwards through the doorway. Kyy hears a scream. "I'm alright! I just tripped on the stairs." Alice laughed all embarrassed, while she walked toward her apartment above the bar.
  13. Kyy smiles. "Got it." He laughs quietly as she says she tripped. He goes to his bookcase and pulls out a book his father left for him. "I still haven't been able to open this..." Later on Kyy was about to go to the bar when he heard a scream. He looked out the window and sees something humanoid and pitch black. "What the-" His book starts glowing green. "Alice!" He grabs the book and his father's spear. "Haru, Saya! Stay here and hide!" The two nodand get under their beds. Kyy runs to the bar, any of the beings he saw trying to attack anyone in sight.
  14. Alice was thrashing around in fear and anger. "Let me go! Let me go! Let me go this instant! You Beast!" Alice keeps screaming, until her voice gives out. She starts to give up, already deciding that it was the only way.
  15. Kyy bursts in and throws his spear. It goes right into the beast's head, killing him. "Alice! I'm here." He goes over and grabs his spear. "We have to go. Aldin isn't safe anymore." Haru and Saya burst in. "Nee-san! They got inside the house so we had to run!" Kyy was about to tell them to look out but it wastoo late. A shadow beast struck them both and their bodies started turning into the beasts.
  16. "I'm sorry, Kyy! I'm so sorry!" When Alice falls out of the dead beast's grip, a book drops out from under her dress. Kyy takes the book and sees it is like his.
  17. Kyy doesn't take long to look at the book. He looks at the two new beasts, frowning. "I'm sorry you two... I'll put an end to your misery." A tear falls from his face as he cuts the beasts in half. "Farewell." He looks back at her book. "Where... did you get this book?" He shows her his book.
  18. "I-I found it with two other books at my apartment, when I moved in about two years ago. I think I am immune to these creatures." Alice gives him her book.
  19. Kyy nods. "Same here but their attacks still sting like a bitch." Just then a bright light envelops the two of them. After a moment it clears. It looks like they're floating in space and a woman appears in front of them. "I am the goddess, Stariandra. Eldrant is in grave danger. An ancient demon known as Darius is breaking free from the seal I trapped him in ages ago. The only way to stop it is by finding all twelve grimiores. I entrust this duty to you, young heroes."
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