Grim Reminder: Dnd 5e Campaign

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  1. The war between Vesmya and Tuthyodr are putting the other countries in a state of chaos, and they want to stop it. Unfortunately, the two very stubborn Kings arn't to keen into stopping anytime soon. This caused some heavy tension between the others, not able to agree with how to stop them. But, unknownst to them, a lich was slowly building up his army. Launching a surprise attack on the unsuspecting nations, Vesmya and Tuthyodr are quickly despised of. Wiping out anyone who breathed. The lich now dictates a third of the world. The remaining kings managed to at least keep the forces at bay, however, that doesn't mean it stops his little minions from harassing and plundering from them.

    Not sure wether this is interesting or not, but wanted to start it a way cause I'm impatient.
    There is no sign up sheet, obviously. But if you can provide us with a picture of your character sheets, that'd be great.
    With the exception of history, I'd actually like for you to pm me that.
    Though I would like to warn everyone before hand, I'm a new dm and can be forgetful of the rules. Please let me know if I do anything that may be wrong.
    I'm looking for six players, and it'll be a first come first serve kind of deal.
  2. Interested.

    Not sure what class I'll play, though.

    Thinking one of Warlock, Sorcerer, or Monk.

    What are your thoughts on homebrew?
  3. Just give me the details to it. I wouldn't mind implementing it in just as long as it's not too op.
  4. I'll toss everything I've written to you in a private message, including the pantheon I use (just for context, I don't know what this world's deities are).

    Most of it is archetypes. That system is so modular I keep finding myself writing more stuff around it.
  5. I'm in as well. I use an app for my CS, I'll find a way to copy it into a format you can view.

    Would this be done over an instant messenger?
  6. Oh, I'm not sure if this will actually go on, especially since it's been months since this had been posted and only one person showed interest until now.
Thread Status:
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