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  1. I am back. If you remember me; hi there ^^ (so sorry if I totally abandoned you somewhere)

    Basically, here's the gender pairings I'm okay with:

    Yaoi~ (boy X boy)
    And straight (girl X boy)

    I tend to be the smaller, weaker person. I'm submissive, to be honest. I prefer being female, though I will make exceptions for some certain pairings. I like fantasy-themed roleplays, modern roleplays, and the occasional medieval/renessaince-y roleplay.

    Mainly, I was thinking something along the lines of:

    -(In this RP, a grim-reaper is just a person who dies and makes a deal with Death to keep "living" as long as they take on the duty of killing people whose time is up. (No, grim-reapers and Death are not the same thing in this)) A grim-reaper is doing his usual job, going around and taking the lives of people on his list, preparing them for when Death comes and leads them to Heaven/Hell. One day, he finds a beautiful, young girl on his list. When he sees the scenario of her death (mugging/murder/rape/something else), he doesn't think it's fair. He runs away from his duties, somehow managing to get back in the human world where he can actually be seen. He decides he'll protect her, but because her not-dying causes a chain reaction of unnecessary deaths, reapers and even Death himself are coming after them.

    -Vampire + Vampire-ling; A vampire has held off feeding for sometime, trying to kill himself (because he doesn't want to live forever, all by himself). Unfortunately, he becomes blinded by hunger and wanders off, feeding on a girl who tried to help him up when he collapsed. When he's done, he realizes that she's dead, so he does the first thing he can think of. He turns her into a vampire and takes her back to his home.

    -(Mainly for boyXboy)Angel + Human. This one's still kind of in-progress, PM me and we can talk about it ^^

    I'd like to be the girl for both of those, but I will be the boy in the vampire one. If you're interested in one, but want it to be a boyXboy, I'm good with that. I'm also open to any ideas you may have ^^
  2. Omg. Sam and Dean in your sig. I love you. XD

    I am interested in the grim reaper one, it sounds like a badass plot. I don't mind being the dude, I prefer it actually. :3
  3. Schweet :3

    Sam and Dean are lovely xD

    Awesome! :D Do you have any sort of idea as to how the Grim Reaper came back to the human world? Or maybe we could skip that part? ^^
  4. Maybe the grim reaper organization can suspend him from thinking about such things and going to the human world by closing the gate/gates to that world? They can lock it, only allowing those reapers who NEED to go out by getting permission from the upper level reapers, who unlock the gate/s with their keys. But my chara can steal a key or something to open it?
  5. You, my friend, are an awesome thinker. That's a really awesome idea! :D Is there anything else you want to discuss, or should I start the RP?

    (Is it creepy that I followed the link to your youtube? Because I did ^^ I like your pink/purple themed make-up tutorial))
  6. Hmm, none for now, so let's start I guess? XD Link me to the rp when you're done with your post!

    I'll PM you if anything. :3 If you wanna brainstorm or have questions along the way, just PM me as we'll. ^w^

    (Thank you! It isn't creepy at all. ;) )
  7. For which one? Or...? ^^ The grim reaper one is a oneXone but I can make another.
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