Grim Luck

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I'm a Jumper. A human navigation drive. I get us from point A to point B with as little time in straight space as possible. I'm what makes rim worlds sustainable. What makes mining worlds function. What keeps the core worlds prosperous. Without me we are nothing. Without Grimspace I am nothing.

The recruitment vids don't tell you what it's really going to be like. They don't tell you it's a drug. A lover you can't wait to come back to. And until you've signed on the dotted line they don't tell you you're going to burnout one day. They don't tell you that sometimes you don't come back from the ether, sometimes, you're just an empty shell. By then you're hooked and it doesn't matter. I'd be lying if I said I could give it up. Grimspace is a primordeal drug I just can't quit.


With new leaps in technology and engineering they have discovered the J-Gene and Phase drive. Two devices that will forever change the way humanity looks at space travel. Grimspace is no longer a thing of myth and legend, it becomes a reality. A way to turn a human into a navigation system that cuts down on travel time by years. Makes core planets more stable, and rim worlds more sustainable as colonies. Supply time routes are cut nearly in a quarter in places near beacons. In half to those that still involve a haul in straight space.

However, these developements are ones that were required for humanity to survive. With the Axis Wars over there is no Government. No one to control the highways and biways until finally Randmir Corporation steps up to the plate. With a monopoly on Jump technology and the owner of the single largest fleet in the entire system it's no wonder that they've been able to create a place for themselves. Their daily recruitment logs in the hundreds and increases every day. Randmir is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with but the question remains, whose side are they really on?

As we make new pathways through the galaxy we are discovering more that maybe should have been left alone. Things that go bump in the night are more real than you know.​


Please note the following: We're looking for fun and well paced players. When selecting a job think along the lines of a pilot, engineer, doctor. Think Firefly. After all the feel of this game will be very Firefly meets Star Wars. Imagine six-shooters and some neat technology.


Character Name:


General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
Inner Personality:


General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

Character Name: Konstanjca (Kosti) Radke
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthplace/World: Lithunia, Jorant (Boarder Planet)
Occupation: Jumper


General Appearance: Kosti stands at about five foot seven, a little on the tall side for a female Jumper. Most of them tend to be around five foot three. She has shoulder length black hair that's wavey and is her one pride an joy. A slim yet strong build from plenty of time running around the indoor track at Rand Corp, hey it's the only exercise she'd get outside the Jump seat. Kosti also has bright blue defiant eyes. Don't mess with the woman, she'll take your ear off.
Strengths: Jumping, running (in general), she's also mean with an elecstick.
Weaknesses: Saying goodbye, it's hard. So's keeping her mouth shut.


Current Goal/Purpose: Make some extra $$ so she can get her family off of Jorant. The place is turning into a shit hole and she doesn't want her family stuck in the middle of a war.
Talents: Jumping, but that's a given. She's also damn good at drinking other's under the table, but that's irrelevant. Fine fine, she's decent at embroidery. But uhh... don't tell anyone, ok?
Inabilities: Kosti is unable to tell a person how she really feels when she loves them. It always comes out wrong.
Fears: Losing her family to the war.
General Personality: Kosti is out going and doesn't take no shit from no one. She's restless and a Jumper to the very core. She lives for the next jump and will take any mission she can get as long as her pilot let's her get away with it. It's an honest miracle she hasn't burned out yet. Most J-Genes wouldn't have made it as long as she's managed to.
Inner Personality: Terrified. Despite being an adrenaline junkie, she's absolutely terrified of losing everything and everyone she holds dear. Kosti's afraid that one day she's going to compromise all she loves for that last streak of bliss in Grimspace.
Secret: She once had a crush on some big Teeny Bopper singer. On a more serious note, she's spying on Rand Corp for a Border Rebel.


General History: Konstanjca was born on a backwater border planet to Ryll and Mercy Radke, two settlers to the recently terraformed Jorant. Konstanjca, Kosti for short, is the eldest of seven children ranging from 20 to 8. Aside from owning a farm, Ryll was also a miner for the local Ore company (coincidentally a subsidiary of Rand Corp).

Life wasn't anything grand growing up, pretty much typical for a girl being raised on a farm. You learned to do your chores and fix the bots when they started to go a little haywire. Life didn't start to get interesting until Kosti turned fourteen and the unrest started to work it's way in. Supply drops were becoming fewer and fewer to their planet and import prices were starting to climb. From the sounds of it war was starting to wage which meant poor times for all Border Planets. Especially recently terraformed ones that weren't entirely self-sufficient yet.

While the Axis Wars waged on in other parts of the galaxy, Jorant began to suffer even more greatly. It was a miracle that the planet even manage to survive to the end of the war with it's population intact and only half feral. At 19 Rand Corp began to reveal some of what they'd been working on quietly during the war and began seeking out J-Gene candidates. Kosti was snatched up in one of the first batches of those to be trained and exceeded expectations. Three years later she is one of the top Jumpers for the company, one of the longest lived for the matter and has a bad track record when it comes to keeping a pilot. Usually pilot/jumper teams stay together until the end. Kosti's been through four.

Present Life: Currently doing Jump missions for Randmir Corporation and trying to find a pilot that fits her flair.

Special Historic Notes:
Color'd interested...

Question: You want me to bring back one of the older characters? Or start new?
It is COMPLETELY up to you! :) Do whatever you would like!
Watch this space for the pilot Mikula Broz.
Suppose I'm bringing back an old character then, with a few tweaks.


Character Name: Keith Tyne
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Birthplace/World: Survo City, Malykirat 5 (Border Planet)
Occupation/School/Grade: Former Field Medic, Paramedic/Medtech with Randmir Corp.


General Appearance: Stands at about 5'10"

Strengths: Quick reflexes and reaction time, athletic build, skilled with unarmed combat,
Weaknesses: Keith is no powerhouse in raw strength. Only average skill with firearms


Current Goal/Purpose: Gaining more knowledge about the universe and sharpening his medical skills. Least that is what he says, and it is partially true. He is doing the job for the money to send aid the border colonies, and using his connections on the inside to further aid border planets.
Talents: Sharp mind, medical knowledge, skilled diplomat/liar (meaning he can run a really good bluff).
Inabilities: He is not a doctor or surgeon, he does not operate on people. He has only preformed one emergency operation which was during the war and that was because there were no other options. He will not willingly kill unarmed soldiers or civilians.
Fears: Being "spaced" (I.E. sucked into the vacuum of space), large bodies of water
General Personality: Keith has been known to be an eccentric oddity most of his life. He is not impressed by positions of power or wealth. Some have called him and a bastard and others owe their lives to him. Sometimes he refers to jumpers and their pilots with less than complementary words which can (and has) win him the animosity of both. Keith can take a very pessimistic view on life and the universe referring to himself as a "realistic pessimist".
Inner Personality: Above all Keith is a healer and will do his best to help those in need no matter what side they are on. To his few friends he is loyal and will tease them as such. To enemies he can be extremely bitter. If you find him smiling at you and you don't know why then he may know something you don't.
Secret: None of his friends in Randmir Corp know what he does with most of the money that he earns and Keith doesn't let on to where it goes and neither does many of his former friends in the military. There is a large betting pool that goes to the first one to figure out from Keith where the money actually goes. He also carries a few mementos from his days in the military, including some decorations that he carries in his gear when he moves from one place to another.


General History: Keith in his former military days was considered the good luck charm of his unit. Hence the nickname "Lucky" though only his old comrades refer to him as such. Through many of the conflicts that spanned the universe, Keith came through unscathed (at least physically) or was close to, including many around him. After his discharge Keith worked delivering aid to border planets. In order to assist the efforts of others doing the same Keith took up an offer from the Randmir Corporation.

Present Life:
Keith is a paramedic/medtech working for the Randmir Corporation. He has worked on space stations, space ships, and planetary bodies from one end of the galaxy to the other. Reasserting the idea of him being a good luck charm was the incident in which a technical failure of a beacon nearly left the ship he was on stranded in Zero Black.

Special Historic Notes:
Keith survived a "crack-up" of a transport descending through the atmosphere of Hakim in the Yasunari system.
On the planet Sujeta where medics were the favored targets he managed to avoid being seriously injured.
Sounds good! I'd like a wee bit more history, but that's out of personal preference and not a requirement if you don't want to.

Just FYI beacons aren't really technical, more ethereal? They're kind of like pinpoints on a star map that need to be interpreted on a certain level at a radio/psychic-visual length instead. Way weird, I know. So a failure to achieve re-phase or a mis-jump where the ship wound up no where near the right beacon(area of space) would be at the fault of the jumper who either misinterpreted the beacon because they were an idiot/improperly trained or burned out(ie: is now a vegetable, nobody is home anymore) in the middle of a jump leaving their pilot to try and drop them back into civilization and not zero black completely blind. (Which incidentally could really work in favor of him not liking us Jumpers and Pilots much.)