Grim-derp. THE RETINUE

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  1. So! If the grim derpness of the 41st millennium is up your alley I am looking to do a play on it!

    My primary idea is an inquisitor and his interrogator doing terrible terrible things in the name of the corpse emperor. We could do any of the branches of the inquisition or blur the lines as often happens.

    So! There will probably be a bit of doubling happening in this, be it being multiple primary characters or playing the minors. I do expect you to be able to help move along the plot, feel free to discuss with me any ideas you may have. I would prefer you be over 18 just due to the guaranteed r rated nature of the sheer amount of copious violence that will happen. Also I dont expect a romance but if you'd like to pursue one I'd request it be straight.

    Feel free to post here or message me!

    +Thought of the day, idle hands are the warp's work. Make those hands busy with roleplaying in the Emperor's name+
  2. No one? You make the Throne of Terra weak with your lack of interest!
  3. Idleness leads to heresy.

    There's such a lack of good 40k or even futuristic in general RPs going on this site.. Fire me a PM and we can hammer out some details.

    Or rip them from your mind in the Emperor's name..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.