Grim Denial [Alternate History Anime Style Open World]

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  1. This RP takes place in Europe around the 1800s with magic and magical races like Salamanders, Neko, clockwork robots, and stuff like that. I want this to have a slight satire undertone, but use that as you wish. I will be adding a map after things happen so feel free to make up places in your bio

    Your CS doesn't need to be big just include a name, age, race, and appearance which can be a picture (preferably anime)

    The plot is open put any suggestions in OOC like this (example). Right now I'm thinking a war is breaking out and the enlightenment age is sort of happening so play with that.

    Name: Flora
    Age: 23
    Race: 1/4 Dryad 3/4 German

    Flore walked through the roads of Hamburg. She could here the huge regiments of forces are marched through the streets which quite scared her. War was a scary thing to most, you wouldn't want to be drafted for some pitiful cause. The thought of a new empire rising in the west scared some people, but couldn't deny that fact that some people that a coalition of nations was necessary.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.