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Long ago, creatures that are considered legends today used to walk the earth. Revered, feared, loathed, loved...


These majestic beings were each unique, highly intelligent, and progressing in technology that would strike awe and inspiration in the few humans they decided to let into their cities. They were a civilization on it's own, rich in culture, and strong. Unconquerable.

Every thing changed in an event called The coming, the day when the wrym, the gryphon's ancient enemy from before the birth of Mankind, rose up from the elements with which they had been chained into imprisonment and waged a war so violent that it threatened to envelope everything in it's fury.

For almost a century, this proceeded. Mankind, a young race then, dwindled to near non-Resistance.

A lone Sorcerer, a Gryphon by the name of Thalsender, Fell in love with a young human maiden, who posessed the gift of the seer. Her name was Utelanine. Wise beyond their years, Both realized that neither one of the great races had any intention of searching for peace, and had grown relentless in their brutality.

The only remnant of their existence remained with Utelanine. The talon of Thalsender. Before his sacrifice, he'd given it to her, blessing it with a strong enchantment. A resurrection totem.

If a gryphon was needed, she would only have to draw her blood with the talon, and let it fall upon their grave. Yet, she was warned that it could do the same for a wrym if care were not taken.

Using the ancient ritual that had been used to bind the Wrymkin deep within the earth, he bade her to use her blood and his bones to cast both of the great races into a deep sleep, making them one with the elements. Their cities, their art, their technology, all of it was swallowed into the earth.

She wore it close to her heart, until her dieing day. Honoring her wish, the talon was passed down to the oldest child to be protected for generations, and even when the truth of it's origins became folklore, it was guarded as a precious family heirloom. It was a family treasure.

And then one day, it was lost.

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