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  1. Jack Chandler (open)

    Name: Jack Chandler
    Age: 25
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 209 lbs

    (kinda looks like Alex Smith)

    Position: Quarterback
    Team: New England Patriots
    Tenure: 3rd year (Selected in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft 2012)
    Alma Mater: Louisiana State University
    Hometown: Chico, California
    1x SEC OPOY
    4x Weekly MVP
    1x SEC Championship
    Heisman Trophy Finalist
    3x CIF Championship
    1x CCS PoTY

    Julia Lee (open)


    Name: Julia Lee
    Age: 20
    Birthday: August 27th
    Race: Korean-American
    Height: 5'0''
    Weight: 107lbs
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
    University: USC
    Past: Joined the NFL at age 18, the youngest professional cheerleader in the league. But her passions aren't so limited. Raised in a family of laughter and fun, she was always encouraged to follow her dreams--except where football was concerned. Being a girl, she could only cheer and watch from the sidelines and hope that one day she would get a shot at having an influence in the game.
    Personality: Light, bubbly and cheery, though she is fierce when angry and knows how to inspire players.
    Degree: BA in Sports Med and Psychology

    "After a devastating injury to quarterback Tom Brady in Week 4 of the preseason; Bill Belichick has named third year quarterback Jack Chandler as starting quarterback for the the Patriots in their against the Buffalo Bills on September 13th at Gillette Stadium. Now tell me, Matt, what do you think will happen with the Patriots?"

    "Well, we haven't really seen Chandler in action at all. But his performances in LSU will give fans of the Patriots hope, as this guy lead his team to an SEC Championship his Senior year! Problem is, this is the NFL now, and he hasn't really played that many snaps! This isn't really something you can predict, Tom!"


    Gillette Stadium
    Foxborough, MA
    Game Day
    September 13th, 2015

    Jack and the rest of the New England Patriots stood in the hallway leading out to the field to greet their many fans and get out to play some football. This was Jack's first game as a starter in the NFL regular season, and quite frankly he was a bit nervous, as this was a much larger crowd than he had ever faced. He stood near his fellow teammates, WR Julian Edelman and TE Rob Gronkowski. This was right after their pre-game huddle, where one of the defensive linemen pumped up the team by shouting words of inspiration and words that brought on feelings of aggression. Soon enough, came their cue to charge out onto the field and play in their first game of the 2015-2016 NFL season. Jack couldn't help but to smile as he felt the energy of the crowd directly on the field. Very few things could match feelings like this. As the crowd roared on - eventually the stampede of football players dispersed for the opening kick off.

    The captains of the team this year, which were TE Rob Gronkowski (replacing Tom Brady), OL Dan Connolly, DT Vince Wilfork, LB Jerod Mayo, FS/CB Devin McCourty, and ST/WR Matthew Slater all stood in the center against Buffalo's captains, where Buffalo picked tails. The coin flipped heads, and New England unanimously decided elected to receive the ball in the first half. A few moments later or so, Buffalo's kicking team was set to kick off. It was Buffalo's kicking team standing in front of New England's receiving team, with WR Danny Amendola set back to return. Buffalo's kicker, Dan Carpenter ran towards the football, before kicking it down the field. Amendola tracked the ball, anticipating where it was going to land. He eventually went back into the endzone, where he caught it and kneeled for a touchback, and an instant 20 yards.

    The crowd roared as the offense came on the field. With the offense came Jack, who was jogging onto the field. As he was jogging, he heard the coach call the play. As the coach concluded the play-call, he repeated it to his team in the huddle, where they knew exactly how to run it. The offense was a well oiled machine with Tom Brady, however he just hoped he could replicate the same thing with these people. The offense came out in the singleback formation, with only the running back behind him. He saw how the defense came out in a 3-4 formation, but there were linebackers ready to blitz and overwhelm the offensive line. He then stepped up to the center and told the offensive line, "Easy, easy, easy!" This ordered them to pinch in and protect the insides of the offensive line as Jack tried to find an open receiver. He squatted down, putting his hands underneath his center and yelled "Blue 80! Set, hut!" The center snapped the ball to him, watching as his receivers ran their routes. Unfortunately, the pocket had collapsed underneath the defense's pressure and Jack pretty much had to scramble.

    He rolled out to the left, dodging a DT trying to sack him. He looked for any open receiver but he couldn't see any, the pressure was a lot. He rolled back to try to get a better view but was forced to juke and dodge another defensive lineman instead. Ultimately, he was forced to run forwards and try to get some yards. It was something he was known for in his college days, and it felt natural to him as he was maneuvering through any open pocket. He saw a hole and ran through it, before he saw a linebacker coming towards him and sliding to avoid a big hit. He gained 4 yards as a result of the play. It was 2nd and 6 now on New England's 24. The offensive coordinator called another play, this time something that wouldn't fail as fast. They came out in the pistol formation, where Jack spied the defense in front of him. He went up to his offensive line, pointing at number 50 on the defense. "Fifty mike! Fifty mike! Ohio, ohio!" He yelled, before stepping back to his original position.

    "Blue 80...." He said, watching his receiver in motion, "Ready set hut!" He yelled, snapping the ball and dropping back a few yards. He saw that Julian Edelman had already hit the diagonal on his post route towards the middle, and threw the football like a bullet towards him. It was an easy completion, and Edelman got away for another 27 yards before getting tackled by a free safety. It was a gain of 32 yards, and now they were on Buffalo's 46. The head coach fed them another play, and like clockwork he ran it. Coming out in the shotgun, he made his pre-snap adjustments before having the ball snapped. He eyed Rob Gronkowski running a streak, realizing he was beating his coverage. He lobbed the ball towards him, going quite a distance at a rather slow speed so that he could gain quite the bit of yardage. He completed the pass somehow, and Big Gronk went at it for another 5 before being dragged down by both safeties. It was a 27 yard gain, and now they were on the 19 yard line. The offensive coordinator called the play this time, recognizing the coverage and calling a play that would get them quite the bit of yardage to get a touchdown.

    Singleback again, seeing as this was a Cover 3 he made Rob Gronkowski deviate from his original route and audibled it to a dig route, knowing that he could beat the coverage underneath. The ball was snapped, and another pass to Gronk was completed, gaining only five yards however as he was immediately brought down. Another play was called, and like clockwork Jack completed the pass to Brandon LaFell for only a four yard gain. 3rd and 1, this could either be a scoring play, or just a play that ended up in a field goal. Jack didn't really like leaving it to the kicker, but the play next was a different one. Once again, singleback, and as the ball was snapped he handed it off to the halfback who pounded through his hole in the offensive line and converted for a first down. First and goal on Buffalo's 9 yard line. This was it, touchdown town. The offensive coordinator called a play that Jack didn't really agree with, and decided to go with another play. He audibled the entire play into a Slants route, and made his offensive line be aggressive to hold off the defensive line.

    The ball was snapped, and immediately Edelman and LaFell were running in the endzone, just waiting for the ball to be thrown to them. He found a hole in the coverage in which Edelman was free, and exploited it, throwing yet another bullet into a rather risky area. It was completed - for a touchdown. The entire stadium roared as they realized their new quarterback lead to a rather quick and smooth drive for a touchdown. The team was busy congratulating Edelman on his reception while Jack smiled and walked off to the sideline. "Touchdown baby!" He said, holding up his index fingers in the air as he celebrated.
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  2. The roar of the crowds was the music to her soul, the rush of adrenaline she needed and the balm that made the sting of her career hurt less. The swish of pom-poms rustled together and she said the cheers as they came to mind, memorized along with the body movements that accompanied them, all while keeping her eyes on the screens so she could watch the big plays without turning her back to the devoted fans. Julia's job of choice was beyond this pack of women with no interest in the game for which they cheered, but the job of reality was stuck among them, posing for raunchy calendars and running out onto the turf in heels and clothing that could barely be considered as such. She enjoyed cheering and no one could convince her otherwise, but it was not where her heart resided and knowing that her gender caused the rift between her dream job and her actual job brought more sleepless nights than she cared to count.

    Still, she cheered. And she would until she retired, or so she thought.

    "You ignored my play call," came the cruel barks of the offensive coordinator directed at the second-string replacement, coming from just behind her. "Why the hell'd you do that? You don't get that sort of privilege."

    She stayed silent.

    "Hey, I'm talkin' to you." Julia heard a hard hand grip the shoulder pads of a uniform, which she assumed to be Chandler's. "You listen to what I say, got it kid? I'm not gonna lose this season because some NFL rookie wants a shot at glory. You're not Brady. You can't do it. Get your head out of your ass and follow my--"

    "Stop it, would you?!" Julia could hardly believe what she was hearing, and her hot temper was having none of it. She broke formation, much to the crowd and her teammate's despair, and came face-to-face, or as close as she could get at her height, with the offensive coach who was so far out of the rulebook she nearly slammed it in his face. "Being a quarterback is all about making decisions, you can't punish him for doing his job after you made a shit call anyway."

    "I don't need a woman telling me how to coach!" he shouted to her, clearly offended.

    "I don't need a jerk to put my quarterback down, either."


    "No, you listen." Julia put her hands on her hips and took a step closer. "Coaching isn't about reminding players of who they're not, don't be like that. Winning isn't about comparing him to Brady, it's--"

    "Get back to your damn job!"

    Then came the shove, and Julia felt her back hit the turf.

    The crowd erupted.
  3. Jack took a seat next to RB Steven Ridley, and smiled as Ridley congratulated him on that amazing drive. The offense was happy with the drive he put together, even though certain members of the offense didn't really get any action. However, they scored and now they were up 7-0. He was happy as can be, knowing that he was responsible for putting points on the board for his team. Belichick was even happy that Jack took the initiative and made his own plays. However, not everyone on the team was happy with what he pulled off. Jack grabbed a cup of Gatoarde and sipped from it before he heard a voice calling him out from behind.

    "Your play call? You were calling that play against a Cover 4! That's asking for an incompletion or an interception right there!" He retorted, "I put points on the board didn't I?" He said, gesturing at the 7 points he scored. Jack got up to face his offensive coordinator, who gripped his pads rather roughly. "Like I said before, I followed all your plays except for that one! And guess what that one lead to? A first down, you know what that lead to? A touchdown." He said, as the OC rambled on about Tom Brady and how he wasn't going to be like him, "I don't know what the fuck you've been watching, but I just did it!" He said, getting up in his face. At this point, a majority of the team was onlooking the confrontation instead of the defense on the field.

    Jack looked like he was going to pop a vein or something, if someone didn't stop him something badly would've happened and that was very bad for the image of the Patriots as a whole. He wanted to walk away, but he had a feeling the OC wasn't going to have any of it. Before Jack could get another word in, a cheerleader came out of nowhere and intervened in the confrontation. That was the unlikeliest of teammates to intervene, but he was going to take it anyway. He looked at the little lady, feeling other members of the offense come up to Jack. The confrontation had now become something that was straight out of a movie of some sort.

    The confrontation was escalating to a level that was going to quickly get out of hand, and something had to be done to stop it. Jack wasn't in the position to do so, however, and Belichick was busy calling plays for the defense. Before Jack figured out something, the cheerleader was pushed to the ground and the entire offense rushed in to separate the OC and the cheerleader to avoid any other damage. That push caused whistles to be blown and flags to be thrown as Belichick looked back to see what was going on, only to see two members of the offensive line holding back the OC and a bunch of other team officials making sure the cheerleader was okay.

    The referee stepped on the field, getting ready to call a penalty against New England. "Personal foul, unnecessary roughness against a team official, defense! 15 yard penalty will be assessed, and the offending member will be ejected from the game! Automatic first down, Buffalo." Belichick groaned audibly, as that meant that the 3rd and 9 that the defense was holding them to was put to waste. Belichick didn't know what he was going to do, but once the offense came up, he would have to take over completely. That penalty really did kill them, because two downs later Buffalo scored a touchdown and now it was tied 7-7.

    Jack grabbed his helmet and hung it down low as he watched the kickoff to Amendola, where he ran to the 30 yard line before he was pounded down by a bunch of Buffalo Bills. Jack put on his helmet and jogged onto the field, his frustration fueling him to put together an even better drive to disprove all the nay-sayers.
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