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    To whom it may concern,

    Do you feel as if you've reached a dead end in life? As if your actions seem meaningless in the grand scheme of purpose. Such that you cannot be your self; but rather, a broken image defined by the expectations of society. Has the debt of your education left you in the gutters? Or perhaps were you unable to rise into the top percentile deemed necessary by your industry? Are you still in school, or not, feeling lost with no sense for the direction you are destined to walk? Or have you found success at the cost of your happiness and fulfillment in life?

    Let us ask you this.
    If you were given the opportunity to fix that which has passed; an opportunity to change the faults that leave you helpless and stranded. Would you remain a cog of society? An individual who has forsaken his or her sense of individuality and flair. Or would you become a deviant who threatens the balance of that which society finds comfortable.

    Ask yourself. Are you satisfied with who you have become--by choice or not?
    If the answer is no, then let us, here, at GRID Industries become the ones to redefine your path.
    Formed for the people, by the people. Our goal is to help you acheive a place in society fit for yourself.

    A new beginning is but an application away.

    Miyuki Shizuka, CEO of GRID Industries.


    Hello everyone!

    If your still reading thus far, then I hope your interest is still in my favour. Since the above letter is a bit vague as to role-play expectations, here are a few spoilers of what's the come. I'd say the overall general feel is a sci-fi fantasy; however, individual arcs may be experienced as modern, historical, etc. There are powers for your characters to gain, as well as combat, but the biggest thing will be solving a puzzle-like mystery that comes with your employment in GRID.

    I don't want to say too much about the role-play up front, lest I accidentally spoil things; however, feel free to ask any questions that you might have. If I can answer them, I most definitely will.

    In the mean time, feel free to comment your interest and hang out. Looking forward to meeting my potential cast!
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  2. yehhhh boi
  3. Good to see ya again, Illin.
    Got some good content in store with this one.

    For everyone else, more info towards the rp's structure will come tomorrow.
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  4. I am interested, but I have to wonder what post length you're looking for. Posting levels mean different things for different people, and I'm not sure about what you're looking for with 'adept' :)
  5. Hello, thanks for your interest.
    Honestly, I am comfortable with a fair breadth of post lengths. I am used to having people who write elder scrolls and people who right a couple paragraphs.
    As a baseline expectation, I want enough to make a quality post. Generally, that comes to be about a few paragraphs in most situations.
    The absolute no-no is just a few sentences though.
  6. Considering the posting speed group rps usually have, I think I can keep up with that n.n I'll stay tuned.
  7. Sounds good.
    From experience, my rp's tend to pace at about 2-3 day posts or faster if people are up for it.
  8. *peeks in. A little interested. At present I am a little busy, but by next week things should free up a bit.
  9. Awesome. This looks like enough potential interest. Sign ups and info will go up later in the day.
  10. Sign-ups are in progress!
    Six slots remain!
  11. Heyo, Tsu!!! (It's Athena ;O) I'd be interested! I'll check out signouts when I'm free~
  12. Heey. Cool stuff.
    You'll recognize a charater and theme, but its all original story.
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