Greyhaven City

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  1. Some Basic Rules to Go By;
    - No godmoding. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
    - Write something others can respond to.
    - Before jumping in with a reply, write a paragraph or more describing your character's personality, power, background, appearance (can be a picture)
    - This is a roleplay about the daily life in a city called Greyhaven, where people with superpowers are normal and accepted. Conflicts do happen though.

    Here we go.

    Lena Reinhart - Lena is a young woman of age 18; she has curly black hair streaked with artificial blonde and has a pair of sharp gray eyes. She is small and has skin nearly devoid of color. Her cheeks get blotchy when she is embarrassed. She is chatty and naturally curious about others, but rarely talks about herself. She is strong tempered and it takes a lot to make her experience strong feelings.
    Her power is hypnosis by eye contact and transmitting thoughts through telepathy. She has had this power since age 13, having discovered it when she was pleading with her mother to let her get her ears pierced.
    She is of mixed European descent, and has moved around quite a bit. Aside from her power, she's a pretty normal "weird girl" type.


    The streets of Greyhaven were bustling with people. Lena pushed her way through the crowds and walked towards her favorite cafe, Arcane. She smiled gently as she pushed open the door and was greeted by the rich smell of food and coffee. She had brought her notepad for doodling and writing- she was here to sit by the window and people watch.
  2. Nate Harrison- Nate is a 17 year old teenager that has midnight black hair that reaches his shoulder. He also has sapphire blue eyes and is quite tall, skinny and has a skull piercing in his left ear. This teenager's superpower is invisibility and the power to put people to sleep by eye contact, obviously he can control these powers. Nate is a very quiet teenager who is also extremely sarcastic He is quite shy and tends to stay away from strangers, only talking to them when he absolutely must. For 8 years Nate had been living with his mother, Alyssa, but one day on a holiday Alyssa met Jason Harrison. 6 months later the two lovers ended up getting married, very happy about their decision. Nate however, was not happy at all about it.

    The 17 year old sat on a chair next to the window in the cafe known as Arcane. Nate placed his dark grey laptop on the small table in front of him. He then opened up an empty page on Microsoft Word before typing out a paragraph. After a while, he noticed a female teenager enter the cafe holding a notepad. Taking a small bite from the chocolate cupcake, the black haired teen looked out the window as he tried to think up an idea for his next paragraph. Once he thought of an idea, he typed up the next paragraph.
  3. Yugo Vermillion- Yugo is a 19 year old boy with black silver hair. he got a red eye on his right and blue ones on the other. also he is quite tall and skinny not forget to mention is the cross scar on his forehead is his trademark. Yugo's superpower is Time Controlling although he can only control it for a mere 60 second flat. and one hidden power that he swear never to use again in his lifetime. Yugo once had a family but everyone has been killed except for his Twin sister Yuna. no one know who or how they kill his family and no one tell Yugo where Yuna Right now make him trigger his superpower ability to run amok. up until now he traveling across the nation to find the clue about his little sister and dead parent
    The boy arrived at the gate of A major city, Greyhaven after 6 day traveling by foot. he spotted one of the guard and ask him "excuse me is this Greyhaven?"

    "you are right. this is Greyhaven city. what can i help young man?" the guard ask back to him. but his very instinct told him don't too close to the guard. "ah i come from outskirt. i don't know this area very well" after a few step back he answered the guard.

    "then you also a superhuman eh?" his eyebrow began to moving up. not a good sign he thinks. one...two....Run. after a good three counting in his head he began to run into the city.

    "hey wait!" the guard began to chase. this city like a maze to Yugo which is a newcomer, and after a full hour he successfully evaded the guard. "hah...hah..what wrong is that guard? how did he know i am a superhuman? nevermind that i must find someplace to rest" after some good time walking he arrived at some cafe. his stomach began to scream but he didn't have any money left today. "maybe i can get a leftover inside" then he touched the door handle and entering the cafe.
  4. Nate looked over at the door again to see a 19 year old teenager that had silver hair. That was all he could see from where he was sitting. Getting up, he grabbed the empty packet thingy that his cupcake was in before walking over to the bin, dropping it in then returning to his seat. Turning off his computer, he put it back in the bag, slung the bag across his shoulders then exited the cafe. Once in his apartment, he put the bag down, picked up another before shoving a hoodie on and pulling up the hood. Putting the grey rucksack on his shoulder, Nate left his apartment before making his way down an ally way where he got a spray can out of the bag and begun spraying on a building wall.
  5. "can i have a meal for free?" the first word he said make the waiter open her eyes open. "excuse me?" she said. "i said can i have a meal for free?" with a smile he repeated his word. "what did you think is this place huh? this is a cafe, not a goddamn Charity!" with angry face she shouted at the silver haired boy. "calm down, calm down. okay i leave no need to shouted like that. but can i have a glass of water?" once more he turned to the waiter ask for a glass of water "Get out. or i will call the guard" with her hand at the phone handle she tried to call the guard.
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