Grey times after school

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  1. tumblr_mg3o2jMAdL1r6ke0po1_1280.jpg ((This is what he looks like, but without the mask, and pardon the OOC, I needed to explain that))

    The winter had started not long ago, in junior high school this wasn't any news and it only meant that everyone would get to wear heavier clothing,
    the city would be covered in snow and the teachers would be a little more annoying, School, however was always the same, it was like a picture
    of black and white that didn't change no matter how much time passed, the same girls would chat over the same boring topics, who slept with whom,
    whom was more popular than whom, who was better looking, the nerd, the sexy guy, the stupid queer, etcetera, the classrooms were all filled with
    teenagers who had dirty dishes [SIZE=2]instead of minds of minds[SIZE=2], or just boring [SIZE=2]beings with nothing to say, teachers who could only scream, [SIZE=2]it was all grey.

    In one of the clas[SIZE=2]srooms in part[SIZE=2]icular, [SIZE=2]a third year class[SIZE=2], one of those about to graduate, [/SIZE][/SIZE]a teacher tried to call the attention o[SIZE=2]f it's students, calling on
    them loudly, until finally they quieted [SIZE=2]down, he made[SIZE=2] [/SIZE]someone step trough the doorway,[SIZE=2] a young man, around 15 years o[SIZE=2]f age probably, he [SIZE=2]had white
    hair and pale yellow eyes[SIZE=2], almost white ones. He was wearing a jumpe[SIZE=2]r and a black shirt, and [SIZE=2]glasses as well, they had a black armor but it wasn't
    very noticeable en[SIZE=2]ough as to mock hi[SIZE=2]m over them, h[SIZE=2]owever his e[SIZE=2]xpression was everything but common, he see[SIZE=2]med sad, [SIZE=2]or [SIZE=2]tired somehow, like
    he [SIZE=2]truly did not want to be there.

    -Everyone [SIZE=2]quiet down! - The te[SIZE=2]ache[SIZE=2]r scolded them, -We have a new student coming in for the rest of the year and I sure as hell hope you treat him well,
    alright guys? - he continued - He [SIZE=2]got [SIZE=2]transferred[/SIZE] here because of [SIZE=2]his family so I HOPE you help him keep up with what we're on in the class[SIZE=2], ALRIGHT?[SIZE=2]-
    [SIZE=2] He turned to look at the young man for a moment -Would you like to introduce [SIZE=2]yours[SIZE=2]elf? - [SIZE=2]he asked, but [SIZE=2]he simply shook his head looking down, which
    on[SIZE=2]ly cause[SIZE=2]d most girls in class to laugh out loud, he didn't seem the least affected by this. -[SIZE=2]Alright then, then go take your seat over the window please.

    The young man walked by everyone, he didn't look at anybo[SIZE=2]die[SIZE=2]'s eyes, he didn't say a single word [SIZE=2]or made a sound, he just went st[SIZE=2]raight to sit down on
    his[SIZE=2] [/SIZE]seat, looking out the window immediately whi[SIZE=2]le the teache[SIZE=2]r began the [SIZE=2]class.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  2. Riley tapped his pencil on his note book a few times, almost deaf to the soft, rhythmic beat he was making. He snapped out of it when the new kid passed him by, and they young boy, like a few others, turned to watch him pass. Riley didn't give the kid much thought after that. The rest of the class slowly resumed their chattering. Today was a study period, so Riley slowly doodled a cat in the margins of his book. Eventually the bell rang, and Riley looked up. He gathered his supplies, as many of the other kids were doing, and glanced back at the new kid. "Hey." he says, shuffling over to him. "I'm Riley." He held out his hand, waiting for the boy to take it. "I was wondering if you wanted some help catching up on some of the older lessons?"
  3. The young man remained absolutely quiet and glanced slowly at his hand without even motioning a sign nor an intention of taking it,
    he stood up taking his backpack and walked past him silently, his eyes cold as ice, his movements swift like a cat's, the girls in the seat
    in front of Riley's began laughing "What is it girl? The boy you like rejected you?" they mocked Riley, and suddenly, the young man
    just stopped walking, turning to look at them coldly and parted his lips, his voice deep and sharp as a blade.

    "At least he doesn't act like a brainless whore" he hissed, the girls gasped and grew silent, and so did the rest of the class, and without
    anything else to say, he walked away, next class was chemistry after lunch, and he certainly didn't like having to choose a partner for the
  4. Riley blinked in shock, then cast the girls a confused, angry look. "Uh, what the heck?" he said, "I just wanted to help him catch up." He shook his head. "Whatever. I don't have time for you guys." Riley headed to the cafeteria and stood in line to get something to eat. After a bit of pondering, he settled on a thick looking sandwich and a water bottle, and headed back out to look for a place to sit. It was too cold during this time of year, which meant people wouldn't go outside, and had to cram themselves into the caff with everyone else. Riley tried to find a place to sit and sighed. Maybe if he bundled up, he could sit on the school's front steps.
  5. That strange guy wasn't anywhere to be seen, he wasn't in the cafeteria earlier and he wasn't inside the building, but suddenly something burning hot
    let itself be felt on Riley's head, a can of something really, really hot, probably a can of coffee, it was him, that new student who then took it away and
    signaled Riley to follow him, not a single word said while he walked to the backyard to the school, who knows where.

    After a while he had already taken the whole turn around the school, and in the backyard there was an stairway to the rooftop, he went inside the small
    room that led to the staircase, and inside it, blocking the path to the stairs there was a desk, he placed his can there and closed the door behind Riley, his
    deep dark voice letting itself be heard again finally "It's warm in here, the cafeteria is horrible"
  6. [​IMG] (9(Thats him))

    Riley grinned when he saw the new kid, and opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it confusedly as he followed the boy. Riley didn't say anything as they walked, wondering where on earth they were going. He stepped cautiously into the room and glanced around.

    "It's warm in here, the cafeteria is horrible," the boy said. Riley gave a nervous smile and a small nod. "yeah, sometimes. It's better when the weather is warm, though. Not as many people stay inside."
  7. He maintained himself quiet for a while while he took a seat on the floor and opened his can, drinking from it calmly, then glanced over at him
    with an uninterested look for a moment before looking over at his jacket "Cool jacket" he said, and then looked back at his can, clearly either he
    had just ignored his comment or he just had nothing to say at all, he then looked over at one of the walls noticing something, some scribble made
    drawing with an umbrella and two names under it, he remained expressionless and looked over at his can again "Are you eating that" he signaled
    Riley's sandwich.
  8. "Cool Jacket."

    "Uh-thanks," Riley said, blinking down at his garb. He didn't really think it was very special: he'd gotten it off a bargain rack at the local thrift store. It had been ungodly cheap, and Riley snatched it up, rarely parting with it since. Money was a little tight right now: he didn't really have the option of being choose-y.

    "Are you eating that?"
    The boy pointed at Riley's sanwhich. "No," was Riley's automatic answer, but in the pit of his stomach, he'd wished he'd said yes. He liked cafeteria food, and he didn't have anything else packed. Whatever. He'd make one when he got home. "You can have it," Riley said, dropping it into the other boy's hands. Riley sat nearby and took a sip of water. "So, Uh, what's your name?"
  9. He remained quiet and took a bite out of the sandwich, signaled that he was too busy to respond, and he continued avoiding the
    question for the next ten minutes the sandwich lasted, but the last piece, big enough for one bite, he gave it back "You can have that"
    he mumbled, then looked at the floor once more "I'm Liam" he mumbled, like he truly did not actually want to say it.

    "You better not get close to me tough" he mumbled again snatching the bottle of water from Riley "I was hungry so I just... Just don't
    talk to me ever again" after taking a sip of the bottle of water, he rose to his feet and walked away, opening the door the moment
    the bell that sung telling them that recess was over, he walked out of the room and back to the building, getting lost in the crowd,
    they had chemistry next, and he didn't like that one bit.
  10. Riley blinked. "HEY!" He didn't even realize Liam had swiped the bottle from him. Riley frowned, and popped the last bit of the sandwich into his mouth, chewing aggressively. Had He just been used for food? That guys was weird. Riley picked up his things and trudged to his next class. He didn't even want to think about that Liam kid. That was pretty weird and rude. All Riley had wanted to do was chat a little, maybe help the kid get caught up in his work. And now he had lost his sandwich AND water. What a jerk. Riley stormed into the next class before the tardy bell rang, and plopped down in his seat.
  11. Time suddenly stopped, Liam turned to look to his right very slowly, the little light coming from the window to his left blinded him a little
    but there was no mistake at all, he had been assigned the seat by the side of that Riley person he had just stolen the lunch from, he
    swallowed dry and looked away, but his eye and hair color were too obvious to be ignored, so when the girls and most guys noticed
    they began mocking and laughing loudly, however Liam didn't even bulge, he was fully ignoring them, but he truly did not like being
    near this kid.

    He looked at the teacher when she walked in and gave her a begging look, like that of a pup's, she neared their seas and placed her hips
    and looked straightforward at Liam, he didn't say anything "What, you prffer to sit with the girls?" this shocked Liam, so he only looked away
    angrily and shook his head angrily. "Okay, then be okay with it, you'll be chemistry partners for the rest of the year, you better live with it boy"
    she walked away and began her class, Liam got out one of his notebooks and the class's book, but simply left them there, closed, he was
    feeling too frustrated to concentrate for two seconds.
  12. Riley blinked up at the teacher, surprised that she was in front of his desk, and did a double take at the kid sitting next to him. "You!" Riley cringed as the teacher cleared her throat, and the boy ducked his head. He glared at his notebook for a while, sulking. There was no way he was gonna help that guy out. Riley was determined to ignore him for the rest of the class. Riley tried his best, scribbling notes down furiously.
  13. At first it was obvious Liam was not happy as well, but after a moment something weird happened, right before the boring class ended,
    he rose to his feet all of a sudden and ran off the classroom covering his mouth like he was trying to hold back from vomiting, the girls
    laughed and the teacher yelled so he'd come back but it was useless, he ran so fast he looked like an Olympic runaway, he was far gone by
    the time the teacher reacted, and clearly (and directly) instructed (more like ordered) Riley to go after him and come back, after all, he was
    his chemistry companion so she had the idea that maybe he'd be able to bring back the other student.

    "So when's the wedding?" one of the guys laughed out loud.
  14. Riley rolled his eyes, and headed to the bathroom. That was probably where Liam went. He pushed the door open. "Liam?" He called carefully. "You in here? You okay?" He waited a few moments before saying something else. "Look...sorry If I upset you or something, but you have to admit, you were acting like a jerk before, too! I mean, first you ignore me and take my lunch, and then you kinda just ran off..." Riley sighed. "Whatever. I guess you're not here. But if you are, I just want to let you know I'm sorry, and I'm not mad." Riley was quiet for a little longer before heading out.
  15. However, by the time he was walking out of the place, someone grabbed the hood of his jacket and pulled him back inside, slamming the
    door shut closed and locking it. It was Liam, and he looked weird "It's not your fault" he hissed "Tell the teacher I'm going to the nurse's"
    he asked, before unlocking the door "Leave my things in my locker please" he said, giving Riley the key to his locker and walked away, almost
    running away from him, he had a red stain on his shirt, probably someone had beaten him ...or...
  16. Riley blinked in confusion. That kid sure was strange. But, it would probably be best to just do as he asked. He could always see him later. 'Oh! W-wait! You didn't tell me your locker..." It was too late; Liam was gone. Riley sighed. He had a key, but he didn't know which locker was Liam's. He shrugged, and headed towards his own locker. He'd just keep Liam's things there for now, and give them back tomorrow. Riley stuffed Liam's key in his pocket before setting the other boy's things into his locker carefully. Riley returned to class, and alerted the teacher of what happened. She nodded and sent him back to his desk. Riley managed to catch up on what he missed with the help of a quiet, polite black haired girl. They chatter for a while during the work period, and soon Riley set off to his last class of the day.

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  17. The next day Liam was waiting in front of Riley's locker, he had his hood on since it was cold, and was breathing warm onto
    his hands while closing his eyes in a tranquil manner, from away he looked like he was in a better mood than before, at least
    he didn't look like he wanted anything but his stuff-
  18. Riley walked up slowly to his locker. "Good morning" He said carefully. "So, uh, how are you feeling? You looked pretty banged up yesterday. Are you alright?" Riley shifted a little uncomfortably before blinking. "Oh, uh, you didn't tell me where your locker was."
  19. He remained silent for a moment before he took his cellphone out and began typing on it, then showed it to the youngster
    with a blank face, no emotions in it "My throat's sore, but I'm fine. Sorry I didn't tell you about my locker but thanks for not
    just dropping my things." he then put it back it back on his pocket and laid his back on the locker to the left of Riley's, but
    then came into scene the owner of the locker, a tall guy who just bluntly pushed Liam out of the way in a way that he'd fall
    to the ground, and everybody laughed, however Liam only rose back up, dusted his jacket and went to stand on the other
    side of Riley's locker, his expression completely unmoved.
  20. Riley gave an irritated glare at the other male, and muttered something unintelligible about being a jerk. "You okay?" he asked Liam. "Sorry about your throat." He opened his locker and handed Liam's things back to the other boy. "If you want, you can keep your stuff here. I don't really mind; I take most of my books home anyway."